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6 Best Solutions to iPhone No Sound

Many iPhone users have found that their iPhones don't produce sound. If you are one of them, this guide will be very helpful, as it contains the 6 best solutions to the iPhone no sound issue.


Aden Frey

5 Solutions to iPhone Black Screen of Death

To solve iPhone black of death issue, you can simply follow the easy solutions here and start trying until your iPhone gets back to normal.


Aden Frey

Is the iPad Screen Flickering? Try 6 Ways

Does your iPad screen flicker on and off? Don't worry. Here are 6 efficient tips to repair it.


Aden Frey

How Do I Get My iPhone out of Boot Loop?

In this guide, you can get to know 4 solutions to fix your iPhone stuck in reboot loop issue with ease.


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Real Detailed Solutions to iPhone Battery Draining Fast

The iPhone battery draining fast issue is one of the most common iPhone issues. Many users have tried numerous guides on the Internet to fix the problem, but we can provide you with real detailed solutions that are actually effective.


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How to Get Rid of iTunes Error 9006

What to do if you run into iTunes error 9006 while using iTunes to restore or update iTunes? No worries. It is not a knotty issue. Here are 6 helpful methods to help you get rid of it.


Aden Frey

6 Tips to Resolve iTunes Error -50

Still bothered by iTunes error -50(50) and cannot sync your Apple devices to the computer? Try the 6 most effective methods to fix the problem.


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5 Inventive Ideas to Handle Skype Not Working

Here are 5 creative solutions to Skype not working on iPhone. If this happens to you, try these methods to work it out.


Aden Frey

5 Tips to Fix Facebook App Crashing on iDevices

In the huge fan base of Facebook, some users of Apple devices complain that their Facebook apps crash sometimes or all the time. This article aims to address the Facebook crashing issue as quickly as possible.


Aden Frey

6 Solutions to Fix iPod Frozen

iPod users may sometimes find that their iPod is frozen and unresponsive to all commands. What should we do to this problem? Here are the 6 most effective solutions to iPod frozen issues for different iPod models.


Aden Frey

5 Solutions to iPhone Stuck on Update Bar

As iPhone users, we have all updated our iPhones before. iPhone gets stuck on different stages of the update process, and this article focus on resolving the iPhone stuck on update bar issue.


Aden Frey

Quick Solutions to iPhone Won’t Download Apps

Your iPhone won’t download apps from the App store? Take it easy. Hare are 5 workable measures that you can take to address the problem.


Aden Frey

Fix iPhone Displays the Low-Battery Image and Is Unresponsive

There are many iPhone charging problems, and one of the most bothering ones is the iPhone displays the low-battery image and is unresponsive problem. This article is going to introduce how to solve it.


Aden Frey

Best 7 Solutions to iPhone Taking Forever to Charge

Have you found that your iPhone is taking forever to charge? If so, these 7 effective solutions here can help you solve the iPhone taking forever to charge problems.


Aden Frey

Easily Fix Netflix Not Working on Apple TV

If you run into the problem of Netflix not working on Apple TV, then to you, this is the right place where you will learn the top 8 solutions to it.


Aden Frey

iPhone Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi? Here Are Solutions

iPhone cannot connect to WiFi? Here are 7 methods for you to solve the problem. You don't have to try them all. You just need to choose one way that suits your iPhone issue. Hopefully, it is useful to you.


Aden Frey

Quickly Work out iTunes Error 54

What is iTunes error 54? Is there any way to fix it? If you fall into such trouble and you are confused about this, the article will be of service to you.


Aden Frey

5 Solutions to Fix an iPhone Stuck on Loading Screen

Is your iPhone stuck on loading screen after factory reset, software update, iPhone restoration, etc.? Check the listed 5 solutions in this post now.


Aden Frey

iPhone Bluetooth Not Working on iOS 13? Fixed!

As the Bluetooth devices become better and better, iPhone users relies heavily on them now. A number of iPhone users find the iPhone Bluetooth Not Working. Therefore, we have concluded the best methods to solve this problem


Aden Frey

Best 6 Methods to Resolve iTunes Error 0xE800015

When trying to update, restore or update your iPhone with iTunes, you might see the notification of error 0xE800015, indicating that iTunes fails to recognize your iPhone. To help those who run into this problem, we have concluded the 6 most efficient ways to get rid of error 0xE800015.


Aden Frey