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Quickly Work out iTunes Error 54

What is iTunes error 54? Is there any way to fix it? If you fall into such trouble and you are confused about this, the article will be of service to you.


Aden Frey

5 Solutions to Fix an iPhone Stuck on Loading Screen

Is your iPhone stuck on loading screen after factory reset, software update, iPhone restoration, etc.? Check the listed 5 solutions in this post now.


Aden Frey

iPhone Bluetooth Not Working on iOS 13? Fixed!

As the Bluetooth devices become better and better, iPhone users relies heavily on them now. A number of iPhone users find the iPhone Bluetooth Not Working. Therefore, we have concluded the best methods to solve this problem


Aden Frey

Best 6 Methods to Resolve iTunes Error 0xE800015

When trying to update, restore or update your iPhone with iTunes, you might see the notification of error 0xE800015, indicating that iTunes fails to recognize your iPhone. To help those who run into this problem, we have concluded the 6 most efficient ways to get rid of error 0xE800015.


Aden Frey

Top Solutions to Face ID Not Working on iPhone X or 11

iPhone X or 11 are equipped the cool Face ID function. However, Face ID not working problem is commonly reported by iPhone users. Therefore, our team has concluded the most effective solutions to this problem to help those bothered iPhone users.


Aden Frey

Is the iPad Screen Flickering? Try 6 Ways

Does your iPad screen flicker on and off? Don't worry. Here are 6 efficient tips to repair it.


Aden Frey

Why Is My iPad Screen Frozen? Any Solutions?

Are there any solutions to the iPad screen frozen problem? If that's what you think, then you can not miss the article, which details 4 methods to save you from the trouble.


Aden Frey

How to Fix Snapchat Keeps Crashing

Snapchat is one of the most popular social platform in the world. However, some users may find Snapchat keeps crashing on their iPhones. If you are one of them and confused about what to do, here are the 5 most effective ways to get rid of the Snapchat crashes.


Aden Frey

Troubleshoot "Unable to Activate Face ID on This iPhone"

This article discusses what to do if you get a notification of "Unable to activate Face ID on this iPhone". If you are struggling with such a problem, you can have a quick reading.


Aden Frey

5 Solutions to iPad Won't Update

Though most iPad users have updated to the latest iPad OS, some users may find their iPad not update for unknown reasons. To help those in need, we provide 5 effiecitive and easy solutions to this problem.


Aden Frey

How to Resolve iTunes Error 14

It is reported by an increasingly number of Apple device users that iTunes error 14 appears when they try to restore or update their device with iTunes, If you are bothered with the same problem, find the best solutions here.


Aden Frey

Doable Solutions to Hotmail Not Working on iPhone

Hotmail not working on iPhone must place you in an annoying situation. To save you from the trouble, 5 practicable methods are put forward in this post.


Aden Frey

iPad Keeps Restarting Itself? Solved!

Have you ever found that your iPad keeps restarting and nothing can stop it? If so, you can check here to see the causes and the matching solutions.


Aden Frey

2 Methods to Restore iPhone without iTunes

Sometimes we don't want to or simply cannot restore iPhone with iTunes, posting this question: how to restore iPhone without iTunes? Here we have concluded the best two solutions for you.


Aden Frey

5 Ways to Troubleshoot iPhone Screen Flickering

Is iPhone screen flickering at random? To settle this matter, this article puts forward 5 workable methods. Read on to learn more.


Aden Frey

Why Is "Approve This iPhone" Stuck? How to Fix

Is your iPhone stuck on "Approve This iPhone"? No worries. You are not alone. To get all of you out of such trouble, this tutorial talks about 3 decent solutions to it.


Aden Frey

What to Do While iPhone Auto Lock Not Working

The issue of iPhone Auto-Lock not working must trouble you a lot. If you are still thrown in this trouble, you can come to read this piece, from which you will learn 6 effective solutions.


Aden Frey

iPhone Stuck on "Hello" Screen? Here Are Fixes

iPhone stuck on "Hello" screen? How to get rid of this trouble? If you have no clue, this article is right for you, from which you can acquire 5 trustworthy solutions to it.


Aden Frey

How Can I Fix Bitmoji Not Working on iPhone

When you find the issue of Bitmoji not working on your iPhone, no worries. Here, 5 advisable solutions are elaborated in this article. If necessary, please come in and read it.


Aden Frey

Why iPhone Screen Dimmed? Any Solutions?

Why is iPhone screen dimmed? How to easily address the problem? If you have yet to know why and how, please take some time to read this article, for which you can learn 6 solutions.


Aden Frey