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iOS System Recovery

Fix stuck on Apple logo, white screen, black screen with spinning wheel, boot loop, etc. without data loss.

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Are you facing the iPhone stuck on setting up Apple ID issue? No worries. This tutorial will be a full guide for you. It will talk about why the issue occurs and how to fix it.

Wanting to put iPhone into recovery mode without using buttons? Well, the tutorial will be a full guide about the best way to put iPhone in recovery mode without home button and other information of iPhone recovery mode.

Your iPhone notification can't work normally? No worries. In this tutorial, there are 11 solutions for the WhatsApp notification not working issue.

iTunes shows error 1611 and can't restore your iPhone? No worries. In this tutorial, there are 7 solutions for iTunes error code 1611.

Your iPhone dropped and won't turn on? Don't panic. Here, this tutorial will talk about how to fix the iPhone dropped and won't turn on issue.

Your iPhone camera can't focus properly? And wondering how to fix the error? No worries. This tutorial will talk about why won't iPhone camera focus and how to fix the issue.

Are you looking for effective ways to fix iTunes/iPhone error 17? Here in this post, 7 workable solutions are offered to solve your problem. Come and have a look.

Is iPhone not receiving picture messages? Don't worry. 6 highly effective solutions are proposed in this article to fix the issue easily and quickly.

iPhone error 2005 could be a very frustrating experience when restoring or updating iPhone via iTunes. To address the issue entirely, 7 methods are provided in this article for your reference.

Are you looking for effective ways to fix iMessage not showing names on iPhone? 7 workable methods are fully introduced in this article. Come and have a look.

If you are facing iPhone stuck on the update requested, this tutorial is the right place for you. Here, the top seven fixes are described.

If you are facing iPhone 7 frozen, it is feasible for you to read this tutorial which talks about the real solutions to iPhone 7 frozen.

Safari cannot connect to server on your iPhone? Read this tutorial to simply get out of this trouble with 9 methods.

Have you been bothered by iPhone keeps deleting messages issue for a long time? Take it easy now. You can use any tips and solutions here to help yourself.

Some users reported that the iPhone WiFi was greyed out and they did not know how to solve it. To this end, this tutorial will describe seven fixes to this issue.

Observe vertical lines on the screen of your iPhone? How to get rid of these lines? Find the 5 solutions to the vertical lines on iPhone screen.

If you are experiencing that iPhone volume keeps going down or up, you can refer to this tutorial. This tutorial will offer eight ways to this issue.

If you are facing iPhone stuck on searching, you do not need to be confused. This tutorial will offer you 9 effective solutitons to get through this trouble.

If your iPhone slide to answer stop working, do not miss this tutorial. In this tutorial, we will offer you top six ways to get through it.

Is your iTunes stuck on preparing iPhone for restore? If so, this tutorial will help you. Top seven ways to fix this issue will be prepared for you.