For security, all iOS devices are well designed with Touch ID, a fingerprint recognition feature, to enables iOS users to unlock iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, authenticate Apple Pay online and make purchases in different Apple stores, such as iTunes Store, iBook Store and App store. With it, only the authorized fingerprint info can be recognized and accessed without problem.

Nevertheless, according to what some iPhone users complained, there are various possible situations where gives no way to complete touch ID verification, including touch id not working after screen replacement, fingerprint cannot be read, touch ID cannot be activated after iOS upgrade, etc. If you are also encounter with similar frustrating trouble, you might as well learn 6 situations here to solve your iPhone Touch ID not working problem.

1. Deleted Fingerprints and Enroll a New One

First of all, you can remove the existing fingerprints from your iPhone and add a new one, which is quite easy to operate and is also regarded as the most straightforward way.
delete add fingerprint

Step 1: Go to "Settings" > "Touch ID & Passcode";

Step 2: Enter your passcode and remove all precious registered fingerprints by pressing each and clicking "Delete Fingerprint";

Step 3: Reboot iPhone and go for "Settings" > "Touch ID & Passcode" again;

Step 4: Enter passcode again if need and then tap on "Add a Fingerprint";

Step 5: Finish enrolling new fingerprints as you did before.

2. Keep Home Button and Hands Clean

Another possibility caused iPhone touch ID recognition issue is dirty and wet Home button. In this case, you can wipe off debris or water spots with a clean cloth. Of course, you should make sure your hands without any sweat. That is to say, keeping hands dry and clean is equally important.

3. Turn Off/On Touch ID

You can manage to disable your touch ID firstly and continue to turn it back on after you restart gadget. See specific steps as below:
turn on off touch id

Step 1: Head to "Settings" > "Touch ID & Passcode" to toggle off iPhone Unlock, App Pay and iTunes & App Store;

Step 2: Get your iPhone restarted;

Step 3: Go to "Settings" > "Touch ID & Passcode" to turn on iPhone Unlock, App Pay and iTunes & App Store again.

4. Cover Home Button Fully

When touch Home button on your iPhone, you are supposed to let your registered finger surface covered and scanned from different angle. Don't tap Home button hastily. Try to touch it completely for a certain time.

5. Reset All Settings on iPhone

A practical and quick way to take your iPhone back to factory settings is to "Erase All Content and Settings". However, it is risky to cause data loss. To do it, you can initially back up all your iPhone data files to iTunes or iCloud. Supposing data loss happens to you unluckily, you can use Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery to get out of trouble.

erase all content and settings iphone

6. Force Restart iPhone

To fix iPhone touch ID not working issue, you can go to force restart your iPhone. Simply, what you have to do is just hold down both Home and Wake/Sleep buttons at the same time for about 15 seconds. Wait until the Apple logo appears on the screen.


Nov. 06, 2018 17:23 pm

Posted by Aden Frey to Troubleshooting

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