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3 Ways to Trim Videos on Windows 10 Losslessly

There are many video cutters to help you trim videos on Windows 10 with high quality. To save your time, we are listing the top 3 ways to cut videos losslessly on Win 10.


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How to Cut and Trim Video Using FFmpeg

Are you one of those looking for a way to trim video using FFmpeg? Keep learning from this article to know a quick guide do it without re-encoding.


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How Does HandBrake Trim Video

Can't find an intuitive way to trim the video in HandBrake? Here, in this article, you can get to learn an easy-understanding guide, which shows you full steps to trim.


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How to Trim Video in PowerPoint

Have you ever trimmed videos in PowerPoint yourself? It is not difficult to trim directly with the commonly-used method, which is described in detail in this article.


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Cut MTS/M2TS File without Re-encoding? Possible!

Have you ever tried cutting MTS and M2TS files to make it shorter? The task can be an easy one as long as you read this post to learn the best MTS video cutter.


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Solved! How to Trim A Vimeo Video

Is there any workable way to cut and trim a Vimeo video without losing its original high quality? Of course, you can get the most optimal solution to make it. Here are 2 different approaches provided for you.


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How to Trim Facebook Video (Live Video Included)

Are you a Facebook fan who likes posting videos? In this article, you can know two ways separately to help trim your Facebook videos and live videos easily.


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Quick Guide to Trim MP3 in VLC for Free

This guide shows you how to use VLC Media Player as a free audio cutter to trim MP3 files for making a ringtone, etc. with no cost.


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Cut Audio from Video with Best Audio Cutter

How can you cut audio from video when there is such an urgent need? This article tells a quick guide on it and also recommends three audio cutters for you to try.


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How to Cut and Split ASF File in Accurate Way

There are always questions about how to split ASF file. In this regard, this article specifically lists two methods to precisely cut.


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Best ISO Splitter to Split ISO into 2 and More

Still worried about not knowing how to split ISO files into two or more pieces? Take some time in this post to learn a one-stop ISO splitter to simplify the task.


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How to Cut Audio in Audacity

Use Audacity to cut your audio files now and don't know how to do it? Actually, it's so easy to do it as long as you refer to the complete steps in this post.


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How to Trim a Song in iMovie on iPhone/Mac

This tutorial shows you clearly how to trim or cut a music file in iMovie on your iPhone or Mac computer. Go head to read it if you need.


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[Top Solution] How to Trim MP4 on Mac Quickly

In this post, you can get to learn an easy way to trim MP4 videos on Mac computer and know three more best-recommended MP4 trimmer for Mac tools.


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How Do You Cut Videos in Movavi Video Editor

Have you ever used Movavi Video Editor to cut videos? This post mainly introduces a step-by-step guide to help you cut any videos into parts with it and its alternative.


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2 Ways to Cut H.264 Videos with H.264 Cutter

Get no way to split or cut your H.264 videos? Learn two methods here to apply decent H.264 video cutters and cut H.264 files in a quick, effortless and professional manner.


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How Can You Trim GoPro Video in Different Ways

Do you want to learn how to cut the required GoPro video clips to get only the desired segment? This post here shows you how to do it with GoPro video cutter and trim-and-share tips.


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RMVB Cutter: How to Cut RMVB Files without Losing Quality

Want to keep 100% original high quality after cut RMVB files? Get to learn the full steps in this post to start cutting RMVB videos with RMVB cutter, Joyoshare Media Cutter.


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Quick Guide: How to Cut a Clip in Final Cut Pro

How can you operate at every step to cut videos in Final Cut Pro? This post introduces a complete instruction to guide you and also shares a Final Cut Pro alternative.


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Extract Audio from MKV in High Quality

How can you extract audio track from MKV file without losing quality? Pay more attention to this article and learn full steps to do it with ease.


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