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Extract Audio from MP4 on Windows and Mac

Want to rip audio from MP4 for special use? It’s extremely easy. Just take a look at this post to learn quick guides on extracting audio from MP4 on Windows and Mac.


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How to Trim/Cut MP4 without Re-encoding

It's important to make a lossless cutting process for your MP4 video if you’d like to trim it to a smaller size or shorter length. Now you can learn how to cut without re-encoding in this post.


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[Tutorial] How to Trim Videos on iPhone

In this tutorial, you can learn to how to trim videos on iPhone and discover an easy-to-use tool to better help you solve the problem.


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[Easy] How to Cut Out Parts of a Video

If you have difficulty in cutting videos, this article will introduce you 2 useful tools and teach you how to get started quickly.


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How to Trim Voice Memos on iPhone and Mac

It’s not a hassle to trim or edit a voice memo on your iPhone or Mac. This post offers quick guides to help you easily do it.


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How to Cut Instagram Video Simply at Home

Uploading and sharing interesting or amazing videos to Instagram is a funny thing you perhaps want to do. Here’s how to cut videos for Instagram in 2 ways.


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[Quick Guide] How to Trim Video without Losing Quality

It's a pretty easy thing for you to trim and shorten a large video on a computer without losing any quality. Just select a video trimmer and then start to do it by following steps here.


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Easiest Way to Cut Out the Middle of a Song

Have no idea to trim and remove the middle part of a song by yourself? Think it simple. Here we will show you how to make it with just some easy steps.


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Can You Trim Videos in QuickTime Player?

Focusing on the best way to cut video files on Mac with QuickTime Player? You will find it is extremely convenient to do it.


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[Solved] How to Split Video into Parts on PC/Mac

This guide shows you how to use Joyoshare Media Cutter to quickly split video file into pieces with no quality loss.


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Easiest Way to Join/Combine/Merge M4V Files on PC/Mac

Go to merge M4V video clips after removing the useless fragments from the target one. Joyoshare Media Cutter is of great help to join M4V files without re-encoding.


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How to Trim Audio Recording in 2 Simple Ways

Want to better manage your audio recordings? How about using these 2 solutions to trim needless sections off? Just have a check here.


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Guide: How to Freely Cut/Trim/Split MP3 Online

In this tutorial, we explain the simple steps to cut MP3 files online with free online MP3 cutter and we also provide an alternative to cut MP3 with ease and no quality loss.


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VLC Video Cutter - How to Cut Video Clips with VLC Media Player

As a best known free video player software, VLC media player is also a smart video cutter that can help you trim any video into small clips for free. From this guide, you'll find the complete guide to cut videos with VLC.


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Quick Guide to Trim MP3 in VLC for Free

This guide shows you how to use VLC Media Player as a free audio cutter to trim MP3 files for making a ringtone, etc. with no cost.


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Best Solution to Split MP3 into Multiple Tracks Losslessly

A powerful MP3 splitter can contribute to split a large MP3 file without quality loss so that you can enjoy your new audio files one by one.


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2 Efficient Ways to Cut Movie into Clips

In this guide, we have introduced two simple yet effective video cutting methods to cut movie clips into parts without any hassle.


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Extract Audio from Video with VLC? Here Is It!

This guide tells you the simple steps to extract audio from video with VLC Media Player. Of course, you can also use its best alternative to achieve the same purpose more easily.


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How to Extract Songs from Thanksgiving Movies and Videos

The post here introduces another effective ways to get Thanksgiving songs by extracting from theme-related movies and videos with the help of Joyoshare Media Cutter. Read on to see how to do it.


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How to Cut YouTube Videos with YouTube Cutter Easily

Wanna to cut videos from YouTube easily? In this article, we will show you two simple methods. One is to trim YouTube videos by using YouTube Cutter online, and the other is to take this easy-to-use video cutting software - Joyoshare Media Cutter.


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