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As an iPhone user, you may have encountered this annoying iPhone stuck on Apple logo problem, like most of us. Your iPhone may get stuck on the Apple logo white screen during an iOS update or other reasons, you cannot get it pass and even by pressing the home button. Don't get despondent anymore, because in this article, we're going to show you how to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo issue efficiently, and you may gain more than that. Now let's move on.

Part 1. The Reasons that Cause Your iPhone Stuck on the Apple Logo

To deal with it, one has to first identify why the iPhone is behaving this way. Generally speaking, iPhone stuck on Apple logo white screen issue is due to the startup process. So, what might have gone wrong in the start-up process? Outlined are some of them. To be precise, apps cannot make an iPhone get stuck in the Apple logo, and this is because the core functionality during the startup process has been affected by:

Updates, Restores and Transferring Data - Updating the iOS version affect the functionality of the firmware hence the iPhone stuck on Apple logo during update issue. Concerning restoring and transferring data, there may be some sort of software corruption in the process, not because of the apps, but something that may interfere with the hardware, causing the iPhone to be stuck on Apple logo.

Jailbreaking - This gives apps on the iPhone, unrestricted access to the iPhone, by-passing the iPhone's security protocols. This, in turn, may lead to apps affecting and interfering with the core functionality, especially during startup, hence the issue.

Hardware Issues - Faulty USB ports and cables may all cause issues, especially when transferring data. Other issues may be due to the iPhone drowning in liquids or getting broken. This may cause an issue during startup as while the firmware is checking the hardware, it will encounter an issue with damaged hardware, leading to the iPhone getting stuck on the Apple logo.

Part 2. Four Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Effectively

Note it is better to take the iPhone to Apple's Technical Support Team to assist with the issue, but before doing so, you may also try the following four quick and easy ways. Some might also be a bit complex.

#1 Restart your iPhone or Hard Reset

If Apple didn't come around to fixing the issue, which is quite a dubious assumption, taking matters into your own hands and restarting your iPhone is a solution. This method is not a guarantee that the iPhone will come back to life, but it worths trying. As for how to restart your iPhone, it depends on the make and model of your iPhone. Here is how:
For all iPhone 6 and former, hold down the power button while pressing the home button, until the iPhone restarts - The Apple logo will have to first disappear then reappear.
On iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, hold down the power button while at the same time pressing the volume down button.
For iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XS (Max), XR, start by pressing the volume up button, then the volume down button and finish by pressing and holding down the side button.
hard reset iphone

#2 Restore iPhone in Recovery Mode

If the Hard-Reset method doesn't work, this method can also be used to get back your iPhone in the right condition, though a little bit complex, it can be done if the right steps are followed. The following is how to enter into and use the recovery mode:
Step 1. Connect your iPhone device to the PC, and then open iTunes app on the desktop. Ensure that your iTunes has been updated to the latest version.
Step 2. Similar to the Hard-Reset, this step depends on the models of your iOS device. For the iPhone 6, later versions or iPad, you may release the home button; For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, you will have to power of the device, then press and hold the side button until the iTunes connect prompt displays on the screen; iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, X, XR and XS, press the volume up button, then the volume down button-all these should be done instantaneously-then conclude by holding down the side button till the iPhone displays the recovery mode screen.
Step 3. At this point, you have got two options, either restore or update the device after putting your iPhone in the recovery mode successfully. Now click the "Restore" button and follow the onscreen instruction to restore your iPhone and resolve iPhone stuck on Apple log problem.
iphone recovery mode

#3 Restore iPhone in DFU Mode

There are a couple of significant differences by using the Recovery Mode and DFU (Default Firmware Update) options to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo issue. As mentioned earlier the firmware is what communicates to the hardware, before the initial launch up of the iPhone. In case there was an issue with the firmware unlike with updates or software causing the issue, the DFU option is better to use, compared to the Recovery Mode fix, mostly suitable for the latter mentioned issue. Next let's see how to restore iPhone in DFU mode:
Step 1. Connect your device to a PC and launch iTunes.
Step 2. Similarly, for iPhone 6s and earlier, hold down both power button and home button for 8 seconds or so, let go of the power button and keep holding down home button until you see a popup message that says, "iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode"; for iPhone 7, 7 Plus, use volume down button to relace the home button and do the same operation; for iPhone 8, X, XR, XS, press and release volume up button quickly and then volume down buttton, then hold the power/slide button until the screen turns black, and then press and hold the volumn down button while holding the side button simultaneously for 5 seconds. Next release the side button and keep holding the volumn download, now you'll see the same popup window
Step 3. At this point, ensure that the screen remains black or dark, without displaying anything. If not, the device hasn't entered DFU mode and you may have to start the whole process all over.
Step 4. Once in the DFU mode, the device should connect to iTunes and a prompt to perform a restore or a complete restore to factory settings will be displayed. Click the "OK" button and then hit the "Restore" option to put your iPhone in the DFU mode.
restore iphone in dfu mode

#4 Repair iPhone with iOS System Recovery

Truly, an iPhone stuck on Apple logo can be repaired back to normal with the help of one iOS system recovery tool, like Joyoshare UltFix. Such a professional iOS repair tool can let you escape from the white Apple worry free. Most importantly, it allows you to quickly enter/exit the recovery mode with only one click without any charge. Want to see how it performs? Let's have a close look now.

Step 1. Simply launch Joyoshare UltFix iOS System Recovery on desktop and then get iPhone plugged into computer. After iPhone is connected and detected successfully, you can click on "Start" button to continue.
Step 2. Go to select "Standard Mode" to repair iPhone stuck on Apple logo without data loss. Afterward, press on "Next" button and go forward to set iPhone into the recovery mode or DFU mode as instructed.
Step 3. When your iPhone is in recovery/DFU mode, you can confirm the device info, including device model, iOS version, etc. and get down to downloading and verifying the firmware package patiently.
Step 4. It will take a while to complete the whole downloading and verification process. After that, tap on "Repair" button at the right bottom to let Joyoshare UltFix fixes iPhone back to normal in a secure manner.
joyoshare ultfix ios system recovery win

Part 3. How to Recover Data Lost Due to Your iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

If your iPhone is stuck on Apple logo and consequently your data is risky to be lost. At this moment, using a third-party data recovery tool is an effective method, and it is competent to get back data lost on damaged or stuck on Apple logo iPhones. One of the best and highly suggested software is Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery.

This is fast, highly reliable and is easy-to-use iOS data recovery utility. You can recover data lost from catastrophic scenarios such as stuck on Apple logo, water damage, a broken screendevice or even a stolen one, etc. It also supports to recover lost iPhone text messages, contacts, call history, notes, photos, videos, WhatsApp messages, Viber and Kik data, and other numerous files. Another good thing is that this data recovery software can recover data lost from iDevice without backup or iTunes and iCloud backup files.

Next let's see how to use Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery to recover lost data due to your iPhone stuck on Apple logo issue.

recover iphone data with joyoshare