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Fix iPhone Wireless Charging Not Working

iphone wireless charge not working

The cool cutting-edge feature of wireless charge on iPhone 8 and later iPhones might fail to function properly sometimes. Bothered by the iPhone wireless charge not working issue, users will find that their iPhone cannot be charged when being placed on the wireless charger. Although you can still use the iPhone without the wireless charge feature, it would certainly be better if the problem can be resolved. To help you regain the convenience of wireless charge, we have listed the 5 best solutions to this problem.

1. Force Restart to Fix the Wireless Charge Feature

When you found that the wireless charge feature is not working on your iPhone, the first quick fix you can carry out is force rebooting this iPhone. A hard reboot is a simple and efficient fix to the wireless charge problems caused by software bugs. How to hard reboot your iPhone? Press and quickly release the Volume up button and then the Volume down button. Hold the Side button until the logo appears.

hard reboot iphone 8 or later

2. Check If the Wireless Charger Is Functioning and Used Properly

When the wireless charger is not functioning normally or not used properly, it is natural that the phone cannot be charged wirelessly. There are several steps to ensure the charger is functioning and used properly.

Step 1: Place the iPhone in the right position in the charger so that it can recognize your phone any problem.

Step 2: Plug the charger to the wall outlet. Some users may mistakenly presume that the charger is just like a power bank, and they can use it without plugging it to the outlets. Besides, sockets other than the wall outlet might fail to transmit the electricity to the charger sometimes.

Step 3: If the charger is broken or unqualified, it cannot charge the phone. The quickest way to test if the charger is working is taking it to the Apple outlets nearby, where you can test the models there on the charger. If all the model phones cannot be charged either, you might want to buy a new charger.

check charger

3. Remove the Phone Case

iPhone is a fragile and expensive machine, and it is understandable that a lot of iPhone uses would use phone cases to protect it. However, when charging the iPhone wirelessly, a case that is too thick or made of super-dense materials is very likely to influence the connection between the phone and the charger. Therefore, it is recommended to charge the iPhone without the phone case. If you have to keep the phone case, please buy one that is not too thick, because an over-thick case would protect your iPhone from not only damages but also the wireless charger.

remove iphone case

4. Update the iPhone iOS

The iPhone wireless charging feature was initially implemented in an update. Besides, an update might solve some software bugs. Therefore, you might only need to update your iPhone to get the wireless charge working. To update iPhone, go to "Settings" > "General" > "Software Update", then tap "Download and Install" if there is an update available. In fact, it would be better to update iPhone from the computer.

update ios

5. Fix Wireless Charging Not Working on iPhone Without Data Loss

The failure of the wireless charge may result from some system bugs or errors that prevent the phone from being charged wirelessly. Fortunately, Joyoshare UltFix can help you get rid of them easily. This powerful software is designed to fix over 30 iOS issues on almost all versions of iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV. The most useful part of it is that it can fix the iOS issues without damaging your data.

In addition, if you don't know how to put your iPhone into the recovery mode or DFU mode, Joyoshare UltFix is capable of putting your iPhone into the recovery mode with one-click. Actually, no matter what problems you are facing, the software can resolve them in just a few minutes.

Key Features of Joyoshare UltFix iOS System Recovery:

Support iOS 13 and almost all Apple devices

Fix iPhone wireless charging not working without data loss

Put your iDevice into the recovery mode with one free click

Two modes to deal with different problems flexibly

joyoshare ultfix ios system recovery

Step 1: First, install the program on your computer and launch it. The software will tell you to connect your phone to it. Wait until your computer recognizes your iPhone, and click on the "Enter Recovery Mode" button to let your iPhone enter into the recovery mode. Press the "Start" button to proceed.

Step 2: Select the "Standard Mode" to solve the wireless charge feature without data loss, then press the "Next" button. To make a clarification, the "Advanced Mode" is designed to solve more serious problems at the cost of all your data.

choose standard mode

Step 3: Some basic info of your device will be shown on the screen. Confirm that all is correct and press the "Download" button to download the matching firmware package. By the time the firmware is downloaded, hit the "Repair" button to initiate the repairing process. A few minutes later, you will be able to charge your iPhone with the wireless charger without any problem.

repair iphone wireless charge not working


We hope that these 5 solutions can help you solve the iPhone wireless charge not working problem. Normally, we would suggest you go to the Apple outlets if the problem cannot be solved on your own. However, since the wireless charging is not a critical problem, it would be less time-consuming and more economic if you just charge the phone with cables for the time being, and go to the Apple outlets when there are some other critical problems appear on your iPhone (though we hope that the troubles will never bother you).

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