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How to Crop Video in Mac Quickly and Easily

How can you quickly and readily crop a video on Mac? This article guides you with full steps to crop video in your Mac computer and shares three Mac video croppers to let you choose.


Justin Price

Easy Steps: How to Rotate Video in Final Cut Pro

Is it a bit complicated for you to rotate a video in Final Cut Pro? Keep reading this article to learn the full instruction of operating Final Cut Pro video rotation.


Josh White

Quick Guide to Rotate MOV File on Windows and Mac

Is there a way you know to rotate an MOV file to the desired degree? This post lists two common-used methods for you to rotate MOV video easily on Windows and Mac.


Justin Price

[Easy] How to Increase Volume in Audacity

Refer to the steps in this article to learn how to easily increase audio volume in Audacity and Audacity alternative.


Justin Price

Use Video Volume Booster to Increase Video Volume

Want to know how easy it is to increase the volume for a video? Start to learn from this post to make video sound volume louder and also know more about 4 recommended video volume boosters.


Justin Price

Easiest Solution to Rotate and Flip Video

Can you rotate or flip your video to any degree, whether horizontal or vertical? Here’s a quick guide that shows you how to do it, which also additionally recommends you some good video rotator and flipper tools.


Justin Price

Rotate QuickTime Video on Mac/PC with Ease

How can you rotate a video directly with QuickTime Player or simply using a QuickTime alternative? This post comes here to show complete steps to rotate QuickTime video now.


Justin Price

Rotate Video on Facebook with 2 Ways

Do you have a demand to rotate your video on Facebook? What should you do to make it separately before and after upload? Take a look at this post now.


Josh White

Add Watermark to YouTube Videos with YouTube Watermark Maker

Would you like to create a branding watermark for your YouTube videos? Learn how to do it officially on YouTube and professionally on Joyoshare Media Cutter.


Justin Price

How to Add Logo to Video Offline and Online

Have you added a logo for a personal created video? In this post, you can be guided with 2 best ways to add logo offline and online without sparing much effort.


Justin Price

How to Crop a Video in QuickTime on Mac

Crop a video with QuickTime on a Mac computer? Here’re the full steps you can take to do this job and you can also learn an alternative solution to crop video if you want an easier way.


Justin Price

How to Edit MOV Files with Ease

Would you like to edit your MOV videos without breaking a sweat? Take the recommended easy-to-operate video editor in this post to make the edit in a professional and effortless manner now.


Justin Price

How to Crop an MP4 Video Professionally

Is there a way for you to crop an MP4 video easily and professionally? Read about a quick guide and learn 2 handpicked MP4 video croppers in this post now.


Justin Price

[Solved] How to Edit a Vlog

This article introduces what is vlog and the best way to edit your own vlog with the most powerful editor.


Justin Price

Guide: How to Edit Videos for YouTube

If you are searching for a way to edit videos for YouTube, this guide will be your best option.


Justin Price

How to Edit Videos on Windows

Editing videos on Windows will not be a problem if you can find professional tool. Come in and you will obtain the software best suitable for you and get started quickly.


Justin Price

How to Add Subtitles to MP4 in Easiest Way

Do you know how to add subtitles to MP4 file? Actually, it is not difficult as you imagine as long as you learn the full guide in this post.


Justin Price

Online Subtitle Adder: Add Subtitles to Video Online Easily

In this article, you can get to know an online subtitle adding tool, Kapwing, and learn step-by-step guide on how to use it. Meanwhile, an offline solution is offered for reference as well.


Justin Price

How to Add Subtitles to Video Step by Step

Adding subtitle files to video is also one of the ways to make video closer to user needs and let video content easier to understand. Come and learn how to make video more user-friendly here.


Justin Price

Guide: How to Crop and Trim Video with Ease

To crop and trim video easily, Joyoshare Media Cutter is introduced here to help you crop useless regions from original video file and trim a large video into small ones.


Justin Price