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How to Merge Video Files with Different Formats

Thinking of you are planing to make a video highlights for some speicial activities, but the videos are separated and formatted as different formats. How can you join them into one collection? Read this article and learn how to merge mutliple videos with different formats with Joyoshare.


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How to Cut Video into Multiple Segments with Lossless Quality

There are some advertisements in most online downloaded videos. It's boring and useless. But with Joyoshare Video Converter, you can disgard any video part you don't like and leave the useful segments with lossless quality.


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How to Change Video Screen Vertically or Horizontally

Want to make some changes to your recorded videos? Joyoshare Video Converter will help you turn the video vertically or horizontally like a magic.


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How to Change Your Video Aspect Ratio from 4:3 to 16:9

16:9 aspect ratio is the most popular video size. However, we would get some videos with 4:3 aspect ratio sometimes, which is not so perfect to view on the TV or mobile devices. In this article, we will talk you through how to change the video aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9.


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How to Add Personalized Watermark to Your Home-made Videos

Do you want to add some personalized watermark to your recorded videos?Joyoshare Video Converter will allow you add text watermark or image watermark to any kinds of videos.


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How to Add External Subtitles to Videos

If you lost the subtitles for your videos or want to add subtitles as other different languages, then Joyoshare Video Converter is the correct choice to add external subtitle file to the video.


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Rotate Video on Windows 10? Solved!

Without Movie Maker how would you rotate a video in Windows 10? Don’t worry! We have recommended 3 best methods to solve this issue with ease.


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Optimal Solution to Edit MP4 on Computer

Here is the right place that you can get to learn how to edit your MP4 videos on Windows/Mac operating system in a professional way.


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How to Rotate a Video on PC/Mac

Have you ever captured a video with your smartphone and only to find that you cannot view it properly? Don’t worry! Here we will teach you how to rotate a video and save it permanently.


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Best Way to Rotate MP4 Videos Easily

Is there anybody can help me rotate an MP4 video file 90 degree right side? No worry! The guide here will help you out.


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Crop a Video to Eliminate Unwanted Area

A detailed guide is shown here, intending to lead you to crop unnecessary area from designated video files so that you can enjoy it with better visual experience.


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Add Watermark to Video? Come Here

Adding a personal-designed watermark can make the video created by you unique, which at the same time can extremely protect your own right. You even don't need to worry about people using your shared video without permission.


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How to Add Special Video Effects

A complete instruction on applying video effect to imported video file in this post can show you clear steps and let you create stylized video without hassle.


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Rotate Video in Premiere with Ease? Solved!

How to rotate a video in Premiere? The guide here will give you a simple step-by-step explanation on the way of rotating or flipping videos in Premiere easily and quickly.


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How to Add Background Music to Video

If you’d like to add background music to your video file, you should have a close look at this post, aiming at helping you create such a unique video effortlessly.


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Watermark Video Online? Here We Go

By referring this post, you will be glad to know how to add customized watermark for your own video files online and offline in high quality.


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2 Methods to Edit MP3 Files with Ease

If you wanna to edit MP3 songs or other audio files, you need an MP3 editor online tool or offline audio editing software. In this article, 2 simple methods have been introduced to edit MP3 music files in a few clicks only.


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How to Simply Add Border to Video

A handy video border maker, like Joyoshare Media Cutter, can do you a favor to create a frame for your video file with few clicks.


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Hot Guide: Crop Video with VLC

Good news is that you can get a satisfying solution to crop video files in different way, including using the hottest tool, VLC Media Cutter, and applying the reliable program, Joyoshare Media Cutter.


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Best Solution to Rotate a Video on Mac

So you accidently made a video but it turned out to be in the wrong direction. No worry. This article will give you a good solution to help you rotate your video in the blink of an eye.


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