WhatsApp is one of those apps that almost everyone all around the world uses, including iPad and iPhone users. It has made communicating with dear ones a lot easier, be it through text messages, voice messages, sharing pictures or other attachments, voice calls and video calls. However, chances are that just like many others you too are experiencing the problem of WhatsApp temporarily unavailable iPhone or iPad and there can be many reasons behind the same. But what should you do in such a situation, how do you fix the problem? If these are the questions now running in your mind then continue reading and discover some helpful tips.

1. Restart Your iPhone

The problem of WhatsApp not loading on new iPhone or even on your old one maybe just because of some bug and a simple thing like restarting your phone can possibly help solve this issue. If you are using iPhone X and later, then you need to follow these steps:

restart iphone

Step 1: Press both the iPhone side buttons and Volume Down or Up buttons. Keep holding these two buttons until you see a slider and then drag this slider and your phone will be shut down.;

Step 2: Once your iPhone X is off, press and keep holding on your phone's side button until you can see the Apple logo.

If you are using iPhone 8 or below, or an iPad then follow these steps:

Step 1: Press the top or side button until the slider is visible. Drag this slider and your gadget will be turned off;

Step 2: Once it is off, press and keep holding the top or side button until you notice the Apple logo.

Your WhatsApp application should likely work properly on your iPhone or iPad now.

2. Close out of the App

WhatsApp crashing iPhone can be a result of the app itself malfunctioning. At times, by just closing out of WhatsApp and then reopening it can help solve little issues. What you need to do is:

relaunch safari

Step 1: Double click on the Home button and the app switcher will open. This will display all the apps you are using on your device. You just need to swipe WhatsApp up and off on your screen;

Step 2: When the logo does not appear on your app switcher anymore you can be sure the app is closed;

Step 3: Reopen WhatsApp and try using it again.

3. Look for Any Updates

App developers regularly offer updates to help remove glitches or bugs and to add more interesting features. Your WhatsApp crashing iPhone can be a result of you using an outdated version of this app. You need to look for an update and to do so:

Step 1: Tap on the App Store and then select the Updates tab that you will find at the bottom of your screen;

Step 2: If you see there is an update available then tap on the blue Update button that is present towards the right. You may also choose to update all the apps you are currently using at a go by selecting Update All.

4. Try Changing Network

One of the reasons behind WhatsApp not working on iPad can be a bad network connection. In such a situation, you simply need to switch between your mobile and WiFi internet. To do so you need to:

change network

Step 1: Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to reach the Control Center;

Step 2: Select the WiFi icon and disable it and enable your Cellular icon.

5. Forget WiFi Network and Reconnect

Yet another thing that you can give a try is to forget WiFi network and then reconnect it to your iPad or iPhone. When you connect your iPhone to your WiFi network for the first time some information gets stored in your iPhone concerning how to connect to that particular network again.

If there is some problem with this process then you may not be able to connect to that network and thus will not be able to use WhatsApp either. If you forget the network and then reconnect it will be equivalent to connecting for the first time and things should start working perfectly now.