Quick Fixes for iPhone Unable to Share Photos Error

iphone unable to share photos error

Have you ever been in this situation where iPhone says "There was an error while preparing to share. Please try again later" when you make an attempt at sharing photos on it? This is a frequent error message while sharing photos, which generally signifies your iPhone unable to share photos. Beyond all doubt, the problem is tiresome but definitely not tough. For the sake of fast problem resolution, the following brings forward 6 simple methods.

Part 1. Check the Network Connection on iPhone

Before proceeding any further, it is suggested that you check the network connection to troubleshoot iPhone unable to share photos error. You know, it is a high possibility that the inactive network contributes to such an issue.

How to troubleshoot it by checking network connection? You only need to connect the iPhone with another stable Wi-Fi network to see whether the problem remains or not. If not, you are so lucky. You work yourself out of trouble with an effortless way.

Part 2. Check If Low Power Mode Is Enabled

Through the test, it is found that the matter of iPhone unable to share photos occurs when it is set to low power mode. The easiest solution in this situation is to check if the "Low Power Mode" is enabled on the iPhone. How to check it? Please head to "Settings" - choose "Battery" - "Low Power Mode". If it is really enabled, click to turn it off.

turn off low power mode

Part 3. Force Restart the iPhone

It is no exaggeration to say that force restarting is a panacea for all minor iOS issues. Whenever people meet unknown problems on their iDevice, the first thought that comes to mind is restarting or force restarting the device. Indeed, most of the time this operation is efficient. Suppose you still face with the iPhone unable to share photos error after experiencing the above methods, try to force restart your iPhone to get the issues addressed.

force restart iphone

Part 4. Sign out of iCloud Account

In a case that you share photos by means of iCloud on the iPhone, then the optimal solution to iPhone unable to share photos error is signing out of the iCloud account and then signing back in. For this, you need to open "Settings" - click your iCloud account - choose "Sign Out". You are recommended to restart the iPhone prior to re-signing in. After that, remember to check if the problem has been gone.

sign out of icloud account

Part 5. Disable/Re-enable iCloud Photos Library

Toggling off and toggling back on "iCloud Photos Library" is also one of the workable solutions to the matter of unable to share photos iPhone. This manner is a quick fix for some unknown bugs that stop your iPhone from sharing photos.

How to do it? First, go to "Settings" - then to "Photos & Camera" - touch "iCloud Photos Library" to toggle it off. In likewise, before toggling it back on, it is better to restart the iPhone.

turn off/on icloud photo library

Part 6. Work with Joyoshare UltFix

Should none of the above solutions can work, chances that the system glitches are blamed for iPhone unable to share photos error. In this case, the best fix is to make the use of a smart and specialized iOS system recovery tool - Joyoshare UltFix. It is directed at resolving lots of system issues on almost all iOS devices and Apple TVs. Although it is not totally free, it provides a free service that gets any compatible device out of/into recovery mode with one click.

In order to improve the success rate of problem-solving, it carries two repair modes - standard mode and advanced mode. With standard mode, some of common problems like iPhone not sharing photos, iPhone activation error, iPhone boot loop, etc can be quickly settled without involving any risk to lose data. With advanced mode, any tough iOS system failures could be easily resolved. Even if you forget iPhone passcode, you also access the iPhone with the help of its advanced mode.

Key Features of Joyoshare UltFix iOS System Recovery:

Not only applicable to Windows but also Mac

Two repair modes for the varying degrees of problems

Compatible with clearly all iOS device models and iOS 13

Make any supported device enter/exit recovery mode for free

joyoshare ultfix ios system recovery

The Step-by-step approach to fix iPhone unable to share photos with Joyoshare UltFix on Windows 10:

Step 1: Before connecting the iPhone to the computer, please install and launch Joyoshare UltFix. After the program shows a successful connection, tap on "Start" to take the next step;

connect iphone to joyoshare ultfix

Step 2: Now, you are required to choose a repair mode. As explained above, only in standard mode can your iPhone data not be lost. Thus, you are recommended to choose standard mode for fixing your iPhone issue;

choose standard mode for the repair process

Step 3: Afterward, click your iPhone model to get into a window where you need to boot your device into recovery mode based on the given instructions. In case of failure of entering recovery mode, click the link to switch to DFU mode;

put iphone into recovery mode

Step 4: When iPhone enters recovery/DFU mode, all basic info of the iPhone will be recognized and displayed on this window. The thing to do is confirming all of them correct. Next, touch "Download" to download and verify the latest firmware package;

download and verify the firmware package

Step 5: After the firmware package is verified successfully, hit on "Repair" to unzip it. Once finished, the program will start repair your iPhone not sharing photos error.

fix iphone unable to share photos error


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