Fix Apple ID Grayed Out in 2023 [iOS 16 Supported]

Being applied on iPhone, iPad, Mac and other Apple devices as an authentication method, the importance of Apple ID is self-evident. However, the occurrence of Apple ID grayed out issue hinders our normal use, making it inaccessible to buy and free download apps from online store, or experience services such as iCloud, Apple Music, FaceTime, iMessages, etc. This serious Appel ID error deserves urgent attention and should be solved immediately. If you are facing it and have no ideas, just check out solutions here and try things you can do to fix it soon.

apple id grayed out

Part 1. Why Is Apple ID Grayed Out?

Undoubtedly, the first thing we likely do when Apple ID grayed out on iPhone, iPad or other devices is analyze what goes wrong. After the investigation of various aspects, we enumerate the following possible reasons:

● Apple ID service is down and unavailable
● Something wrong with Internet connection
● The content and privacy restrictions are enabled
● Your device is supervised
● iCloud is restoring apps from your backup

Part 2. Basic Ways to Fix Apple ID Grayed Out

Way 1. Check Apple System Status

To verify if the Apple ID service is temporarily unavailable, you can navigate to Apple System Status page, find Apple ID in the list, and check whether it's green. If it indicates green, you can use Apple ID service without problem on your device. If not, then you have to wait until Apple officially fixes this error.

check apple system status

Way 2. Disable iOS Restrictions

The problem of Apple ID grayed out sometimes is closely related to Content & Privacy Restrictions on your device. What you need to do is grant your iPhone/iPad/Mac the ability to change accounts. Here are operations you can follow:

disable restrictions
  • Step 1: Open Settings on your Apple device;
  • Step 2: Choose "Screen Time" and go on after "Screen Time Passcode" being asked;
  • Step 3: Tap on "Content & Privacy Restrictions";
  • Step 4: Scroll down to click on "Account Changes" and enable "Allow" option.

Way 3. Turn Off Screen Time

Even though you disable restrictions in Screen Time, your grayed out Apple ID doesn't function normally as before. In this case, you are suggested to furtherly turn off Screen Time feature on your Apple device. Here is the guide you can check out:

turn off screen time
  • Step 1: Go for "Settings" on iOS device;
  • Step 2: Enter "Screen Time";
  • Step 3: Find and press "Turn Off Screen Time" at the bottom of the screen;
  • Step 4: Type in Screen Time Passcode to confirm and turn off this function successfully.

Way 4. Check for Software Update

Software update is another workaround you can try when Apple ID is grayed out. You can perform it on your device by heading to "Settings" → "General" → "Software Update". Install software available there and restart your device to see if Apple ID shows as usual.

check for software update

Way 5. Check Internet Connection

Test if your Internet connection has problem. You are able to turn on Airplane Mode and then turn off it after a while; switch to a stronger Wi-Fi or restart your router; or reset network settings on your device and re-join to a Wi-Fi connection. After all attempts, go to check how your Apple ID appears.

Way 6. Reset All Setting

It's possible to reset all settings on your iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices if Apple ID keeps displaying in gray. There are just few simple steps to do and we show them below:

reset all settings
  • Step 1: Open "Settings" and click on "General";
  • Step 2: Go ahead to "Transfer or Reset iPhone" and choose "Reset";
  • Step 3: Select "Reset All Settings" and enter passcode to remove them.

Way 7. Delete Profile

If your device is controlled and supervised by others, a configuration profile will be installed. It usually set some mobile use limits and restricts certain features. But luckily, you can verify this and remove the file.

delete profile
  • Step 1: Check "General" on your "Settings";
  • Step 2: Open "Profile" to see if restrictions are set;
  • Step 3: Click "Delete Profile" and "Delete" to remove it.

Part 3. Remove Apple ID to Fix Apple ID Grayed Out

As we all know, removing Apple ID from our devices is complex and hard, especially for those who have no software operation skills. Here, a professional iOS unlocker called Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker can get you out of such trouble. It's adopted with advanced unlocking technology and can be applied to various scenarios, like forgotten Apple ID, Apple ID locked, Apple ID disabled, Apple ID grayed out, etc. Additionally, its good compatibility even ideally supports different models of iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Key Features of Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker
joyoshare iphone unlocker
  • Fix Apple ID grayed out, Apple ID disabled and more possible issues
  • Support nearly all iOS devices and iOS versions
  • Unlock Screen Time passcode and remove MDM with no data loss
  • Remove screen locks, including digital password, Touch ID and Face ID
  • Step 1 Connect iDevice to computer

    Download and install the latest version of Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker on your computer. Simply launch it, choose "Unlock Apple ID" from the main interface, and click on "Start".

    connect idevice to joyoshare ipasscode unlocker
  • Step 2 Check device settings

    If "Find My" feature is turned off, you can directly remove Apple ID. If not, you will be required to confirm whether screen lock and Two-Factor Authentication are enabled.

    confirm idevice status
  • Step 3 Remove Apple ID without password

    Check your device information and correct if there is something wrong. Then click on the "Download" button to download firmware package and afterwards begin unlocking Apple ID.

    unlock apple id

Part 4. Conclusion

As you can see, there are up to 8 best ways you can try to fix Apple ID grayed out. Just get started with basic solutions such as check Apple System Status Page, disable restriction and turn off Screen Time. If none of them works, then give the advanced method a shot. Aside from removing Apple ID, this iPhone unlocker, Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker, can perfectly bypass MDM and unlock Screen Time passcode without causing data loss. All features it offers are practical and helps manage your device professionally.


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