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How to Fix iPhone Purple Screen [Effective]

Q: "Greetings! I have an issue related to my iPhone 13; its screen went purple and then turned off. I have tried to restart it, but it got stuck. Now I cannot use my iPhone. Help me out with valuable fixes to solve the iPhone purple screen issue."

More and more users, especially who are using iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and iPhone 11, have reported a purple screen display on iPhone. This apparently hampers the device usage, making it foggy-liking to hardly see what is showing. To get the screen back to normal status and operate iPhone as usual without distraction, you might as well learn the reasons behind the issue and try fixes to solve it handily.

iphone purple screen

Why Is My iPhone Screen Purple?

This problem may be because your iPhone isn't connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection, a software issue is blocking App Store from launching, or App Store services are unavailable. To determine the actual cause of your iPhone's issue, here are some possibilities:

  • Software-related error: the most typical error comes from iOS update.
  • Falling from a high place: your iPhone has dropped to a hard interface.
  • Wet or moisture touch: the device has water-damaged and the inside of the device is wet.
  • Hardware issue: there is a problem with your iPhone hardware, like a disconnected flex cable.

Way 1: Adjust iPhone Screen Color

A common reason for the iPhone's purple screen can be any software glitch. Sometimes, the color adjustment can be accidentally changed, so the best useful thing is to adjust the screen color. To adjust the color tint of your iPhone screen:

iphone color filters
Step 1: Open "Settings" on your iPhone. Tap on "Accessibility".
Step 2: Tap on "Display & Text Size".
Step 3: Choose "Color Filters" from the list.
Step 4: Tap on "Color Tint". Move the HUE slider left or right with your finger to adjust the tint as you need. This will bring back the normal color tint of your iPhone screen. If your iPhone screen still remains purple, try to restart your iPhone.

Way 2: Restart iPhone

There is another way to solve this issue without many steps, which is restarting your iPhone device. In fact, restarting can recover a lot of problems on your various devices, including mobile phone, computer, iPad, iPod, and many more. To assist you restart iPhone, we provide detailed steps below.

restart iphone
Step 1: Hold and press the "Volume Up" and "Power" buttons until you see a slider bar on your screen. Move the power off button to turn off iPhone.
Step 2: Now, hit and hold the "Power button" until Apple logo appears on your screen.

Way 3: Update iOS

Another solution for solving the iPhone screen turning purple issue is to update your iPhone. Mostly the software is auto-updated and runs automatically, but you can check whether any software update is available. If yes, you should run that to solve the issues. After the following steps, your iOS device will be updated to the latest version.

ios update
Step 1: Open "Settings".
Step 2: Scroll down and hit on "General".
Step 3: Click on the "Software Update" from the list.
Step 4: Click "Download and Install" if any update is available. The update will start. You should wait for the process to complete.

Way 4: Backup iPhone

After the update and restart, if the issue remains the same, you have to try backing up your iOS device via iTunes or iCloud. Check if the problem with iPhone purple screen is resolved. If not, try the next fix of iOS system recovery.

iphone back up
For backup via iTunes: Open iTunes and connect the device to your computer. If your device asks for your passcode. Provide the passcode or press on "Trust This Computer" on iPhone and confirm the backup by clicking "Back Up Now" on iTunes.
For backup via iCloud: Open "Settings". Tap on "iCloud". Then select "iCloud Backup".

Way 5: Factory Reset iPhone

After trying all possible solutions, now it's time to reset your iPhone so that any software-related issue can be solved. Resetting your iPhone will erase all your data, both software and hardware.

factory reset iphone
Step 1: Open the "Settings". Tap on "General" from the list of options.
Step 2: Tap on "Transfer or Reset iPhone".
Step 3: Click on "Reset All Content and Settings.
Step 4: Enter your Apple ID password and confirm to erase all your data.

Way 6: Use Joyoshare iOS System Recovery

The optimal workaround to software issues like iPhone screen went purple is Joyoshare UltFix iOS System Recovery. This tool can solve 150+ iOS-related problems without losing any data. It can ensure a high success rate and works well for all devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Aside from system repair, it has stunning ability to upgrade and downgrade iOS, reset device, and quickly enter & exit recovery mode.

Key Features of Joyoshare iOS System Recovery
joyoshare ultfix
  • Secure and easy to use with intuitive interface
  • Fix any screen issue like pink lines, blue, green, yellow, red screen
  • Ensure data lossless repair and high success rate
  • Fix 150+ iOS issues on iPhone, iPad and iPod
  • One click to enter/exit Recovery Mode for free

Step 1 Connect iPhone to the computer

Connect your iPhone that has a purple screen to the computer and open Joyoshare UltFix program. In the main interface, you can click on "iOS System Repair" and then "Start".

plug iphone into computer

Step 2 Choose standard repair mode

Two repair modes will appear, including Standard Repair (with no data loss) and Advanced Repair (erase all data). Here to fix purple screen on iPhone, we can simply click Standard Repair and go on.

enter standard repair interface

Step 3 Download the firmware package

Confirm your iOS device information that appears on the screen of your computer and click on Download. Wait until the firmware package downloading process gets over.

download and verify the correspoding firmware package

Step 4 Repair iPhone screen in purple

Click on the option of "Repair". Soon the repair process will start, and your iOS device will be fixed with Joyoshare UltFix. Now check your iPhone and see whether the screen can appear as normal.

fix iphone purple screen

Way 7: Contact Apple Support to Fix Hardware Issues

You have tried all possible solutions for the iPhone screen turning purple issue. But if the problem is still present, you have to contact Apple Support to fix your iPhone. Because maybe your iPhone is facing any hardware issues.

apple support


The users of iPhone 13 are complaining to have an iPhone purple screen. They are not aware of why this issue appears and how to cope with this situation. So, to make them aware, this article has provided reasons and seven best solutions. Try the given fixes and resolve the issue of iPhone screen and then turning off.

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