Top Solutions to Fix White Lines on iPhone Screen

You may see white lines on iPhone screen and might not know the reason behind it. But instead of getting panicked, it is suggested to find the right solution to fix this issue before it gets worst. When this issue occurs, the first thought that comes to your mind is that what is the reason behind this? Can it be fixed, or will my phone be dead?

white line on iphone screen

To get the answer to all your questions, you can consult a technician or learn about the methods that can be used for fixing this issue. No doubt, there are many solutions available in the market proposed by the technicians so that the people could solve the minor problems with their smart devices themselves. These methods are easy and can be followed without needing to consult a technician or professional every time.

Part 1. What Causes White Lines on iPhone Screen

There are several reasons that can cause white lines on your iPhone screen. Some of them are very easy to detect, but some are difficult. Here are some of the reasons behind the white lines appearing on your screen:

Issue of Flex Cables: When the flex cables of your iPhone are not connected correctly, they result in causing white lines on your screen. In other words, the bad connection is the reason behind this issue.

Electro Static Discharge: The electro-static discharge can also result in causing white lines on your iPhone screen as it results in damaging the internal functions of the phone.

Broken Screen: A broken screen is a significant cause behind the white lines appearing on your iPhone screen. The screen can be broken when it falls on the ground or any other hard surface, which damages the screen, and as a result, a white line appears.

iPhone Dropped In Water: The white lines on the iPhone screen can also be caused when you drop your phone in the water. No doubt, the water damages the internal functions of the phone, especially its screen, which is one of the sensitive parts of the iPhone.

Loose LCD Cable Connection: You may notice iPhone screen white lines when the LCD cable connection is loose. The reason behind this happening is that you may have replaced your iPhone's front, but the new screen does not have the Apple cushion pads installed in it. As a result, the cable connection does not remain like the original one.

Part 2. Best Method to Fix the Issue without Data Loss

There are different methods proposed by the experts to solve the issue of white lines appearing on the screen, but the best way to fix this issue is using Joyoshare UltFix. Below is the detail of this tool.

Fix 1. Joyoshare UltFix

Joyoshare UltFix is considered the best tool to fix the issue of white lines because it has been specially designed for fixing iOS-related issues. As we know, these lines may also occur when there is an issue with the iOS of the iPhone. So, using this tool not only fixes this issue but also protects your data from getting lost. Follow the steps mentioned below to use Joyoshare UltFix to solve this issue:

Step 1Download, Install and Run the Program

Install Joyoshare UltFix software on your Mac or Windows computer and launch it. Plug in your iPhone with the computer with the help of a USB cable. Click on Enter Recovery Mode to proceed.

connect iphone to computer

Step 2Select Repair Mode

Click on Start to start the process. Select Standard Mode or Advanced Mode and Click on the Next button.

set standard mode

Step 3Download and Verify Firmware Package

Click on Download to start downloading the firmware package related to your iPhone.

download compatible firmware package

Step 4Start to Fix White Lines on iPhone Screen

Press the Repair button. After clicking on the repair button, the program will start fixing the white lines that appeared on your iPhone screen.

fix iphone whatsapp not sending messages

Part 3. Common Ways to Fix the Issue

When you see white lines on your iPhone's screen, the first question that comes to your mind is how to fix white lines on the iPhone screen. Some of the standard methods have been mentioned below that can be used for fixing this common iPhone issue.

Fix 2. Restart iPhone

The most common solution to the issue of white lines on the iPhone screen is to restart your iPhone immediately. It is because there might be a technical issue that can be solved by restarting your device. Follow these steps to undergo this process if there are white lines on iPhone screen:

restart iphone

Step 1: Press the Power button.

Step 2: Hold the Power button until the Slide to power off bar appears on your screen.

Step 3: Slide the bar to turn it off.

Note: When the Apple logo appears, it means you have restarted the device successfully. Plus, you will also see there are no white lines on the screen.

Fix 3. Put the iPhone into DFU Mode

Putting the iPhone in DFU Mode is considered the most common method to resolve any iPhone-related issue, such as white vertical lines appearing on the screen. It is recommended to save the backup of your data before performing this method. Follow these steps to put the iPhone in DFU mode:

enter dfu mode

Step 1: Switch off your iPhone and connect it with the computer. Check whether Finder or iTunes are running or not.

Step 2: Hold the Side button of your iPhone for three seconds. Then hold the Volume Down button along with the Side button for ten seconds.

Step 3: Release the Side button but not the Volume Down button for the next five seconds.

Step 4: Release the Volume Down button after five seconds.

Note: If your iPhone's screen turns black after releasing the Volume Down button, it means you have put your iPhone into DFU mode. After exiting the DFU mode, you will see there are no white lines on your iPhone screen.

Fix 4. Reset iPhone

The issue of the iPhone white line on screen can be resolved by resetting your iPhone.

reset all settings

Step 1: Go to Settings and select General.

Step 2: Select Reset from the available option.

Step 3: Click on Erase All Content and Settings.

Note: A dialog box will appear that will ask you to enter the Apple ID of your device for using the credentials. You need to confirm resetting your device. Wait for a while and let the data get erased from your iPhone. After resetting, you will notice there are no white lines on your screen.

Fix 5. Restore iPhone via iTunes

Restoring your iPhone via iTunes is a suitable method for fixing the issue of white lines appearing on your iPhone screen. You can follow these steps to restore your iPhone:

restore iphone

Step 1: Launch iTunes in your device.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone with your Mac or Windows computer.

Step 3: In iTunes, touch on your device that is appearing in the upper left corner of the screen.

Step 4: Select Restore Backup from the section of Backups.

Note: You will see your iPhone saying Restore in Progress, and the progress bar will be shown by iTunes. Your iOS will start restarting and when the process is completed, disconnect your iPhone from the computer. You will see there are no more white lines on the screen.

Fix 6. Cycle the Battery

You need to check the cycle count of the battery of your iPhone when there are white lines on your screen. It is because there may be an issue with the battery of the iPhone that is causing vertical white lines.

cycle the battery

Step 1: Select Settings from different icons available on your screen.

Step 2: Select Privacy and then tap on Analytics and Improvements.

Step 3: Select Analytics Data, and a list of log files will appear.

Step 4: Select the file that begins with Log-Aggregated to copy its content.

Step 5: Paste the copied data into the Notes application that is already installed in your iPhone.

Step 6: Select Find in Note and search for BatteryCycleCount.

Note: You will see the cycle count of your iPhone battery. If the full charge capacity of the battery is less than 80%, you need to change the battery.

Fix 7. Put the iPhone Screen Firmly

You may notice iPhone lines on the screen, i.e., vertical white lines on the screen because your screen has been damaged from inside. For this purpose, you may need to replace your iPhone screen with a new one or fix the existing one. Make sure you put the iPhone screen firmly. Follow these steps to fix your iPhone screen:

Step 1: Remove the broken screen from your iPhone.

Step 2: Buy a new screen for your iPhone.

Step 3: Use screen opening toolkit for installing a new screen.

Note: Do not forget to save the backup of your data present in your iPhone before replacing the damaged screen. If your iPhone is still under warranty, you can ask the manufacturer to fix your iPhone screen to get rid of white lines.

Fix 8. Restart in Safe Mode

Restarting your iPhone in safe mode is also a solution to the issue of white lines appearing on your screen.

iphone safe mode

Step 1: Hold your iPhone's Power button for a while.

Step 2: Hold the Volume Down button when the animation starts on your screen.

Note: You need to hold this button until the animation ends on your screen. Then you will see your phone is in Safe Mode.

Step 3: Safe Mode will be written at the bottom of your iPhone screen.

Fix 9. Do Factory Reset

When a white line appears on your screen suddenly, you undoubtedly think why there are white lines on my iPhone screen and how can I get rid of them? All you need to do is factory reset your iPhone.

erase all conten

Step 1: Save the backup of your data on iCloud.

Step 2: Select Settings from the available icons and then select General.

Step 3: Tap Reset from the available options.

Step 4: Tap on Erase All Content and Settings to factory reset your device.

Step 5: Enter your passcode and confirm to erase everything from your iPhone.

Step 6: Touch on Erase for confirmation.

Note: It will take a few minutes to reset your device. After resetting, it will be restarted as new. You can restore your data back from iCloud, where you backed up your data.

Fix 10. Repair the Screen

It would be best if you repair your iPhone screen when it gets damaged due to hitting a hard surface. As a result, white lines appear on your screen.

Step 1: Use Packing Tape and cut a piece of it to place it on the crack.

Step 2: Use Super Glue to seal the small cracks.

Note: You can also replace the screen if you want.

Step 3: Visit a repair shop immediately to get it fixed timely.

Part 4. Conclusion

When you see white lines on the iPhone screen, do not get panicked or worried. It is because it is a common issue that is faced by iPhone users. There are many reasons behind this happening, and similarly, there are many solutions to get rid of these lines in no time.

For your ease, we have listed simple methods to help you resolve this issue yourself instead of visiting a technician to fix it. Make sure you follow all the steps correctly to undergo the process efficiently to achieve desired outcomes.


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