Top 7 Solutions to iPhone Battery Draining Fast

The iPhone battery draining fast issue has always been a major thing that users are not satisfied with iPhone. It is surely disappointing that such an amazing smartphone cannot last long enough. Apart from that, it is not uncommon for users to find that iPhone battery drains faster and faster, or that the battery drains ridiculously fast all of sudden.

Therefore, our team has collected info and conducted actual experiments on how to slow down the battery draining speed. Here we present the best 7 tips to stop iPhone from draining too fast.

1. Turn Off Part of the Location Services to Solve iPhone Battery Drain Fast

It should be made clear at the very beginning that the battery fast drain issue is often caused by apps. Apps will drain the battery for different reasons, and one of the major ones is the location service. Many apps will collect data about your location, and it is true that location services shouldn't be turned off for good. However, most of the apps don't need it. Why would your YouTube or Reddit know your location? Therefore, you might as well turn off the unnecessary location services of some apps.

To turn off the locations service, first go to "Settings" > "Privacy" > "Location Services". You will now see the list of apps that have location services. Turn off those unnecessary ones. You might notice that there are some errors at the rear of some apps. A purple arrow means this app is using your location now. A gray arrow means it has used your location in the last 24 hours, and a purple-outlined arrow means it’s using a geofence.

turn off the location service

2. Monitor Battery Usage to Fix iPhone Battery Draining Fast

You can find the "Battery" option in the "Settings". This option will not give you any direct way to save power, but it does give you some significant info. How to analyze the info? It is normal for some frequently used apps to consume a lot of power, but watch out for those apps that are rarely used but still shows considerable battery usage.

Also, for the frequently used apps that show ridiculously large power usage, you can look into them by scrolling down in the "Settings" menu, finding them and check their status. Chances are they arbitrarily enable some unnecessary features, e.g. location service, that will consume the battery power. You can certainly switch off these features to save power. Except for turning off their unnecessary features and authorizations, deleting those useless apps would be a good choice.

monitor battery usage

3. Check Charging Accessories to Fix iPhone Battery Draining Fast

We recommend you to purchase Made for iPhone cables and adaptors as charging accessories only from the reliable sources, such as the Apple outlets or Apple online shop on Amazon. The reason is that unmatching charging accessories are very likely to cause damages to your battery, making its life becomes shorter and shorter. Too much current coming from the cable can even end up breaking the phone battery. In addition, it's also important to keep a good charging habit. That is, don't charge your phone until the battery is low. There is a widely spread myth about charging a phone, claiming that it's better to charge a phone when the battery runs out. However, that is not the proper way to treat lithium-ion battery. Actually, it is recommended to charge your phone whenever you have the chance, so that it would be kept in a good condition.

iphone charging accessories

4. Turn Off Background App Refresh to Fix iPhone Battery Draining Fast

A great number of iPhone X or 11 users report the battery drain problems have not realized how many apps are operating in the background. Due to the capacity of the latest iPhone, users tend to download too many apps or open too many at the same time. Whether the apps open on their own or not, they will consume your battery. To solve the iPhone X battery drain issue, you can turn off the background app refresh by following the steps below.

turn off background app refresh

Step 1: Open the Settings, scroll down and then tap on the General option.

Step 2: In the General menu, tap the Background App Refresh option.

Step 3: A list of apps will be shown on the screen. Toggle off the Apps that you don't want them to run in the background.

5. Fix iPhone Battery Drain Fast by Turning Off Notifications

Most apps would send you push notifications, but how many do you need? Very few. You will be asked to give permission to the apps to send you alters and notification, which is equal to letting them run in the background and drain your battery. To turn off the unnecessary notifications, go to "Settings" > "Notifications". Here you will see the apps that have the permission to send you alters. Turn off the ones whose notifications you don't need.

turn off notifications

6. Fix iPhone Battery Drain Fast with Joyoshare UltFix

If you find your iPhone battery suddenly drains extremely fast, there is a high probability that it is caused by iOS system errors. To fix the issues one thing for all easily, we recommend using Joyoshare UltFix


It is a system recovery tool that dedicates to fixing 30+ iOS issues on almost all models of iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV. It fully supports iOS 13. The biggest advantage is that it is able to fix the problem without data loss. Problems regarding charging, such as the iPhone stuck on charging screen issue, can be solved without damaging your personal data. In addition, it is able to put your iPhone into the recovery mode with one-click free of charge.

Key Features of Joyoshare UltFix iOS System Recovery

Solve the iPhone battery drain fast issue with no data loss

Compatible with iOS 13 and almost all iDevices

Fix 30+ issues with just a few clicks

Usher your iPhone into the recovery mode for free

joyoshare ultfix ios system recovery

Step 1: Download the software from the links above and run it. Use a USB cord (better be Apple original one) to connect your iPhone with the computer. The phone will be detected, and you can now click on the Enter Recovery Mode button to make your iPhone enter the recovery mode. Then press the Start button to go to the next window.

joyoshare ultfix ios system recovery

Step 2: In the next window of mode selection, click on the Standard mode, so that the iPhone battery drain fast issue can be resolved without data loss. Press the Next button to continue.

click standard mode to repair

Step 3: Examine the basic info of your iPhone on the screen, and correct the wrong parts. When the work is done, tap the Download button, and the software will download the matching firmware for you.

confirm device info

Step 4: Finally, press the Repair button to begin the actual repairing process. It is supposed to finish several minutes later, and you will find that the battery drains a lot slower than before.

fix iphone battery draining fast

7. Ask Apple Support to Check the iPhone Battery Draining Fast Issue

In the most extreme situation, the last 6 solutions wouldn't work for you, and the final fix is to repair or just replace the battery. However, replacing the battery by yourself is likely to cause some other problems, not to mention it is not secure due to the chemicals in the battery. That's why we write "ask Apple Support" in the title. The only correct way to do this is to bring your iPhone to the Apple outlets, where the technicians there can replace the battery for you.

resort to apple support


The iPhone battery drain fast problem bothers a huge number of iPhone users, and we are intended to help all of you. In this article, we addressed the frequently asked questions - "why does my iPhone battery die so fast" and "how to save my battery life". We hope that these tips are useful, and we suggest you treat your iPhone battery in the right way mentioned in this article before it runs into problems.


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