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How to Record Video to USB Flash Drive

Can you record a video and save it to USB flash drive? What solutions will you apply to achieve it? In this post, we offer different ways to help you record video to USB disk handily.


Aden Frey

Record TeamSpeak in 4 All-round Ways on Computer

This article is written to introduce you 4 widely-used audio recorders to help you record TeamSpeak chats in a few simple steps in hope that it could help you save your conversations with your friends.


Aden Frey

How to Record Discord Audio - A Complete Guide [2020]

This is an instructional article about how to record Discord audio in up to 12 various ways easily and quickly, hoping that they could be useful for every user.


Aden Frey

How to Record WebEx Meeting | 3 Ways

This post attentively shares 3 different yet efficient ways for both individuals and enterprises to record WebEx meeting in a flexible manner. Wanna know what they are? Just check out now.


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How to Record Diablo 3 Gameplay? 2 Fixes Here Now

Do you want to know how to record Diablo 3 gameplay? This article will show you how to do that using 2 tools - one is OBS, and the other is the best Joyoshare Screen Recorder.


Aden Frey

How to Record Gameplay on Mac for Online Sharing

If you would like to know how to record gameplay on Mac, you can refer to this article, which will show you how to do that using paid and free tools with ease.


Aden Frey

Record WeChat Video Call on Smartphones and Computer

Usually have WeChat video calls with your friends or families? If you’d like to record them, check this article to get started on iPhone, Android, PC and Mac.


Aden Frey

How to Record GoToMeeting Webinar

If you don't want to miss any points when attend a conference, you can take advantage of solutions in this post to capture the whole meeting process for future reference.


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How to Save a Google Slides Presentation as a Video

Saving a presentation as a video could make it more appealing. This article will show you how to save a Google Slides presentation as a video by using a screen recorder and Microsoft PowerPoint respectively.


Aden Frey

Record Skype Meeting? Start from Here!

Have you looked for a way to record Skype meetings like everyone else? In this article, let’s show you how to record a Skype meeting using different ways.


Aden Frey

Record Disney Plus on Tablet and Desktop

Everybody loves Disney movies. And now we can use Disney Plus to watch them. But how to download and record Disney Plus videos? This article will show you how to do that on desktop and tablet.


Aden Frey

How to Record FaceTime in High Quality on Apple Devices

FaceTime helps people connect with their friends and families. So this article will show you how to record FaceTime video calls on iPhone, iPad, and Mac so that you could save some important conversations.


Aden Frey

How to Record World of Tanks for Replay

As a game lover, you must often play World of Tanks, right? This article brings you three ways to record WOT games with built-in, desktop, and online tools.


Aden Frey

Record Tango Video Calls on Different Devices

If you would like to record Tango video calls so that you could keep and share those precious conversations, you could refer to this article. It will show you how to record on Android, iOS, and your computer easily.


Aden Frey

How to Record Microsoft Teams Meeting

Is recording a meeting in Microsoft Teams what you are looking for? This post is going to show you how to make it and alternatively tells a third-party screen recorder.


Aden Frey

How to Record Chatroulette without Time Limit

That'’s a problem for users on Chatroulette to record chat videos. If you want, learn from this article about how to recording with no time limit easily.


Aden Frey

4 Tips to Record PS3 Gameplay That Work

Here we are showing you 4 perfect solutions on how to record PS3 gameplay easily and quickly. Learn it so that it could be easier for you to save and share exciting game videos with your friends.


Aden Frey

How to Screen Record on Surface Pro

How can you screen record on a Surface Pro with high quality? Check this article now to learn three best solutions, including built-in tool, simple recorder, and freeware.


Aden Frey

How to Record Gameplay on Steam: 4 Methods to Try

To record your gameplay on Steam, you can totally rely on this article. It introduces 4 comprehensive solutions on how to record Steam gameplay in Windows, Mac, and iPhone with far greater ease.


Aden Frey

All-inclusive Process on How to Record Wii Gameplay

To enable you to record your Wii gameplay with far less effort, this article will show you various comprehensives ways which fit Windows, Mac, and Linux system respectively.


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