[Troubleshooting] 8 Tips to Fix iPhone Keeps Crashing

iPhone has revolutionized mobile market and changed the way people look at phones like never before. They are fast, reliable and come with amazing features and thoughtful improvements. However, some common problem users often complain are iPhone crashing frequently, iPhone freezing at regular intervals, apps that don't respond, etc.

A worn-out battery could be a reason for the iPhone to crash intermittently. Additionally, apps that are outdated, and phones with overloaded data can also lead to frequent crashes. To solve the issues of your iPhone keeps crashing and freezing, this article shares some of the best and proven fixes as below.

Solution 1: Restart iPhone

Well, this is a no brainer and probably the simplest of all the solutions. If you iPhone keeps crashing or freezing, the first thing you ought to do is simply restart the phone.

slide to power off iphone

Step 1: Press and hold the power bottom on the top right corner of the iPhone;

Step 2: Slide the arrow on the screen to power off the device;

Step 3: Wait for 10 seconds and turn the device on by long pressing the same power button again.

Solution 2: Reset All Settings

If restarting the device doesn't work, then the next solution could be resetting all the settings of your iPhone. While this might not an ideal solution, this is something you could try if you are sure there is no other known issue with your phone. One good thing about this method is it leaves your data untouched while all the settings are rolled back to default ones.

reset all settings

Step 1: Open "Settings" on iPhone;

Step 2: Select "General" and then click "Reset";

Step 3: Click on "Reset All Settings" and confirm by entering your passcode.

Solution 3: Clear Apps in the Background

One seemingly simple but often overlooked solution is clearing all the apps that are running in the background. Some unresponsive apps could also lead to your iPhone frequently crashing or freezing. We often access so many apps one after the other and then let them just be there while we jump on to another. A better alternative would be to close the apps that are not being used. It's also practical to iPad/iPhone apps crashing on iOS 12/11. Follow the below steps to clear the unnecessary apps from the background.

close app

Step 1: Press the "Home" button twice;

Step 2: Hold the app that you want to close;

Step 3: Slide the app upwards away from the screen for it to close.

Solution 4: Update iPhone Software

Your iPhone could also be crashing or freezing because of an obsolete and out of date iOS version. Apple often releases updates to existing apps which might not be supported on an older iOS. The result is these apps trying to run on older iOS will lead to the phone freezing frequently. So the obvious solution is to update the iOS to a latest version. Below are the steps to update the iOS.

ios software update

Step 1: Select "Settings" and tap on "General" option;

Step 2: Press "Software Update" and "Install Now" to make iOS update.

Solution 5: Repair with iOS System Recovery

If the above things do not work, the best possible solution to fix a crashing iPhone could be to repair the phone with iOS system recovery. This is a very effective method to fix many iPhone issues. All you need is to get an iOS repair tool connected to your iPhone and fix iPhone issue with ease.

We really liked Joyoshare Ultfix iOS System Recovery. It can repair 30+ iOS system issues, such as iPhone activation error, iPhone stuck in boot loop, iPad frozen, iPhone won't update, black screen, iPhone no service, etc. Plus, the most important feature we noticed is that these issues can be fixed without any data loss. This program, is also superb to use with free one-click enter and exit recovery mode. There is no problem to work for all iPhone models and iOS versions.

joyoshare ultfix ios system recovery win

Solution 6: Restore iPhone with iTunes

Another recommended option is to use iTunes to restore your crashing iPhone. However, this method will wipe out all your iPhone data and settings, and at the same time install iPhone with new software to fix the system. Follow the below steps to restore iPhone new:

restore iphone itunes

Step 1: Connect iPhone to iTunes;

Step 2: Click iPhone device icon and go to "Summary";

Step 3: Press the button of "Restore iPhone" to start the process.

Solution 7: Installing a System Monitor

There are various apps and system monitors out there which you can use to keep a tab of your device's performance from time to time. These system monitors do a pretty decent job in giving information about your iPhone's performance, battery performance, memory usage, cache, give crash reports, etc. An app like this will help you to check your device's health and spot any red flags that may lead to crashing and freezing. There are many system monitors available in the app store. Just go to app store, search for the system monitor and install one that has good user ratings.

Solution 8: Contact Apple Support Centre

The last recommended solution would be to contact Apple support centre if none of the above mentioned methods worked and your iPhone continues to crash or freeze. We mentioned this as the last one because most of the issues can be resolved by employing any of the above methods and you don't have to go through the pain of explaining the issues and following the instructions given by someone over the phone. However, Apple has a fantastic support system for the customers and they should be able to help you with every possible solution for the device challenges you are facing.


To sum up, iPhones are excellent devices that deliver optimal performance. However, if certain things are not taken care of, like closing the apps when not using, keeping the iOS up to date, not keeping a check on the device performance, etc. may lead to problems like iPhone keeps crashing. Follow the solution path we suggested here to fix most of these issues without challenges. You can also apply an iOS system recovery to all possible iOS issues you are facing, which is powerful and professional enough to fit for different needs.


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