fix iphone proximity sensor issue

Q:"iPhone proximity sensor should work ideally when I answer the phone. But as I pick up the talk, my iPhone screen would sleep. However, after updating to iOS 11.3, the proximity sensor remains on no matter whether I get a phone call. If I hover my hand over the proximity sensor while using an application, the screen will turn black. Does anyone face this problem?" - Japarinam from Apple Community

This issue sounds very rare, but it does happen. You must have heard of the proximity sensor. Maybe you don't understand exactly proximity sensor and its function. What is proximity sensor? Briefly speaking, iPhone proximity sensor is used to detect your face or ear near the screen and let your iPhone display screen sleep while making a call. This feature is so significant that it can protect the iPhone from accidentally touching when you phone someone. In addition, it is able to save iPhone battery life.

So, what if iPhone proximity sensor not working? If you are facing this problem, you can attempt the 5 workarounds stated below to get through it.