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How Can You Recover iPhone Data after Virus Attack

Is it possible for you to find and restore lost data from iPhone after virus attack? Keep learning three ways here in this post to recover iPhone data after virus from iDevice, iCloud and iTunes backups.


Felicia Austin

How to Recover Contacts from Broken iPhone (iOS 12 Supported)

How can you get your deleted contacts off a broken iPhone? In this article, 4 best ways are introduced to guide you recover broken iPhone contacts from iDevice, iCloud and iTunes backups.


Felicia Austin

Best 4 Solutions to Import Contacts from iPhone to Mac

How can you import contacts from your iPhone to Mac computer to better manage all data? This post shows complete guides to do it with iCloud, AirDrop and iPhone contacts recovery.


Felicia Austin

How to Recover Deleted Viber Photos on iPhone

Get important photos lost or deleted from Viber on iPhone? Learn how to recover these Viber pictures from iPhone with/without backups and also keep in mind to backing up Viber data regularly.


Felicia Austin

Recover Deleted Kik Photos/Pictures from iPhone (iOS 12.4 Included)

Would you like to recover Kik photos lost or deleted from iPhone? In this article, 3 ways are out there, intending to help you retrieve from iPhone, iTunes or iCloud backups.


Felicia Austin

4 Ways to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages

Can you get back deleted Instagram direct messages or have you ever done this? This article will introduce 4 solutions to help recover deleted Instagram messages with full instructions.


Felicia Austin

Recover Deleted Screenshots on iPhone in 4 Ways

What to do when some useful screenshots have been deleted from iPhone and you want to get them back? Read this post to learn 4 solutions step by step no matter there is a backup or not.


Felicia Austin

Is It Possible to Recover Deleted Instagram Photos from iPhone

Are there no ways to find your favorite deleted Instagram photos on iPhone? Pay your attention to this article to learn at least 4 solutions.


Felicia Austin

Recover Data from Lost/Stolen iPhone with Backup

Did you get in terrible situation to unfortunately lost your iPhone but have no way to recover data for urgent usage? If so, you should not miss the in-depth guide to recover data from lost iPhone.


Felicia Austin

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Photos from iPhone Easily

Here are 5 ways available for you to recover deleted Facebook photos on iPhone. Now you can read the article carefully to learn all of them and choose the best suitable method.


Felicia Austin

How to Easily Recover Notes from iPhone Backup

Any iPhone users who are confused about retrieving iPhone notes with iPhone backup can have a close look at this post to get some tips and detailed guides.


Felicia Austin

Can You Extract WhatsApp Messages from iCloud

Are you clear about practical solutions to extract and recover your iPhone WhatsApp messages from iCloud backup? Just go started to learn in this post now.


Felicia Austin

How to Get Voice Memos off iPhone without iTunes

Have you ever thought how you can transfer or download voice memos from your iPhone to computer without iTunes? This post efficiently tells what you can do here.


Felicia Austin

3 Ways to Recover Trimmed Video on iPhone Easily

Carelessly trimmed an original video without saving it as a new file on your iPhone? It’s time for you to recover a trimmed video with these three ways.


Felicia Austin

Recover Trimmed Voice Memos from iPhone (iOS 12 Included)

Have you trimmed a voice memo but deleted the original one? This post here can guide you to quickly recover these trimmed voice memos from your iPhone by using iTunes and iCloud backups.


Felicia Austin

How to Recover SMS from iTunes Backup

There are 2 solutions listed in the post for you to recover deleted SMS from iPhone via iTunes backup. Learn what they are and start data recovery now.


Felicia Austin

How to Recover Data from Bricked iPhone After Repair

A bricked iPhone gives no access for you to use iPhone normally as before. Fix it with four solutions here in this post so that you can possibly recover data from the bricked iPhone.


Felicia Austin

Recover Deleted iMessages without Backup? Easy!

Lost some important iMessages from iPhone and horribly found no backup? This article offers a best solution to get them back easily with a high success rate.


Felicia Austin

How to Retrieve Deleted Voicemail on iPhone Easily

It's hassle-free to recover deleted iPhone voicemail in the way you like: recover from voicemail support, iPhone, iTunes or iCloud backup as per your own situation.


Felicia Austin

How to Save Audio Messages Sent/Received with iPhone

Is it possible to save audio messages from iPhone on Voice Memos app? Now this post is here going to share two ways to help you save any sent and received audio messages for better backup.


Felicia Austin