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How to Recover Deleted App Data on iPhone/iPad

Are you still upset about how to recover deleted app data from an iPhone or iPad? If so, you are supposed to do according to these easy methods introduced in this post.


Felicia Austin

iPhone Notes Disappeared? 5 Ways to Troubleshoot

Is there a strange situation where your iPhone notes have disappeared for no reason? This post here tells you 5 tips and tricks to fix the issue and recover notes handily.


Felicia Austin

Recover Deleted Videos from iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max

How can you recover deleted videos from iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max? Get to learn from here to know full steps to recover with or without backups.


Felicia Austin

5 Ways to Recover Deleted Videos from iPhone XS (Max)

Are there any workable ways you can try to find and recover deleted videos from iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max? Sure, in this post, learn how to recover with 5 solutions.


Felicia Austin

How to Undo on iPhone Notes in iOS 13

Have you ever deleted something needed in note when editing? This article tells you how to Undo on iPhone Notes application with different ways easily.


Felicia Austin

How to Restore iPhone from iCloud Without Resetting

This post introduces 2 simple methods to restore data from iCloud backup without resetting device as a new iPhone, so that you won't lose your data again.


Felicia Austin

[Fixed] Recover Voice Memos from iCloud Effectively

This article mainly introduces 2 methods to recover lost or deleted voice memos from iCloud easily and efficiently. Read on to see what they are.


Felicia Austin

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone XS (Max)

This article lists 4 ways here for you to recover deleted WhatsApp messages from iPhone XS/XS Max with or without backups.


Felicia Austin

6 Ways to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone XS/XS Max

Can you recover deleted text messages on iPhone XS/XS Max? This post here is going to show both basic and professional ways so that you can restore based on actual needs.


Felicia Austin

Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone 11/11 Pro (Max)

Are you freaking out about your lost and missing contacts? Relax and learn in this post on how to recover deleted contacts from iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max.


Felicia Austin

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone 11 (Pro)

What's available for you to do once your text messages get deleted on iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro? This article shows 3 possible solutions to help recover handily.


Felicia Austin

Recover Deleted Voice Memos from iPhone 8/8 Plus

Did you suddenly find your important voice memos saved on iPhone 8/8 Plus deleted? Draw support from this post to learn both free solutions and advanced method to recover.


Felicia Austin

Tips to Recover Deleted Notes from iPhone XR 2020

Here’re 4 solutions always used by others to recover deleted and lost notes from iPhone XR, including recovery from Notes app, the device itself, iTunes and iCloud backups.


Felicia Austin

Recover Deleted iFile Photos on iPhone? Here!

Is there any further chance to recover the deleted photos on iPhone from iFile? This article is going to tell you two best methods to find iFile photos quickly.


Felicia Austin

How to Fix Contacts Disappeared from iPhone

iPhone contacts disappeared suddenly can be one of the common issues. This can be fixed in this post with 5 best solutions.


Felicia Austin

How Can You Fix iPhone Messages Disappeared

Do your iPhone messages get disappear out of blue? Don’t panic. Learn in this post to take four solutions into effect and fix soon with ease.


Felicia Austin

Can I Recover Deleted Files from iPad

How can the deleted files on iPad be recovered? This article outlines three solutions for you to recover iPad files with or without backups, even from the iOS 13 device.


Felicia Austin

3 Tips to Download Contacts from iCloud

Whether you're simply trying to download contacts from iCloud or trying to retrieve lost contacts, the three methods outlined in this article can help you.


Felicia Austin

Does iCloud Backup Deleted Text Messages? Learn It

Does your iCloud have the ability to back up deleted text messages? In this article, you can get to know it and learn free way to view text messages on iCloud backup.


Felicia Austin

How to Recover KeepSafe Deleted Photos on iPhone

Is it depressing for you when the photos on KeepSafe are deleted and never found again on iPhone? This post has come to the rescue here.


Felicia Austin