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How to Fix iPhone Overheating Problem Following 10 Simple Tips

Owning an iPhone is certainly a big deal. We love flaunting our phone, we accessorize it the best way possible, love all the apps that we can use with it, and take the best possible care of it. Even then there are some issues that iPhone users may face and one of the most troubling ones is when the phone starts getting hot. Not only can this make it difficult for you to use your phone but can even end up damaging your precious iPhone. Do not worry as there are some tips to fix iPhone overheating issue but before we discover them, let us get to know why is your phone getting hot in the first place.

Part 1: Why Is My iPhone Overheating?

Basically, there are two main reasons behind your iPhone getting overheated – external and internal.

Your iPhone has been created to work between the temperatures 0 and 35 degrees centigrade. Now, if you live in a place where the temperature usually falls within this range then the external factor is not likely to affect your phone much. However, if you live in a place where the climate gets very hot and humid, more so during summers, then this can cause overheating.

There also can be internal issues that you need to be aware of. Your phone is quite like a mini computer that you are carrying in your handbag or pocket. There are ways that a laptop or a desktop can be cooled down, like by the fan that is strapped on top of the processor, however, when it comes to cooling down your phone, this can indeed be a challenge. We only, in fact, increase the trouble, or so to say end up heating our phone further by adding more and more apps and using them on a daily basis. Yes, we do things that heat up our phone way too much but then there are also ways we can fix this problem and that is exactly what we are going to learn now.

Part 2: How to Fix iPhone Overheating Issue?

Now you know the reason why your iPhone is overheating, and in the following we'll present you with 10 helpful tips to resolve this frustrating problem. Read on to see what they are.

  • #1 Shut your phone down

    The first thing that you should do when you see your phone is getting hot is to shut it down. Press and hold the power button until you notice the slide to power off. Slide it from left to right, wait for about a minute and now press the same button for about a few seconds to turn the phone on again.

    turn off your iPhone
  • #2 Check if your phone is up to date

    The next thing that you need to do to handle the overheating issue is to install all the latest updates on your phone. You may have observed that Apple often releases updates and many of them have fixes that can help solve the overheating issue. So, do not forget to update your phone regularly. Also, make sure the applications like Safari, navigation apps, location services, and maps are turned off when not in use.

  • #3 Try not to keep your phone in a high-temperature environment

    As already mentioned, external factors can overheat your phone so you must try to avoid putting your precious phone in places where the temperature can be high like in direct sunlight, car dashboard, or in your car when it is parked directly under the sun. If your phone already has got affected by the heat then bring to it to a cooler place first, let it cool down naturally, and only then start using it.

    not put iphone in hot place
  • #4 Do not play games for too long

    Your iPhone is your best friend and one of the things that keep you glued to it is the many interesting games that you can play. No matter how attractive this is it must be avoided as playing games for longer duration overuses the battery and CPU of your phone, thus turning them hot. If you want your phone to stay cool then hold yourself from playing graphic-intensive games for too long at a go.

  • #5 Take out the cover

    Okay, you are fashion conscious, trendy, and not only do you love dressing in the best way but your phone as well. However, you iPhone perhaps is not too happy with this idea and thus may turn hot. No matter how bad this may sound if you want to cool down your hot phone and want to try and prevent it from getting heated up again, get rid of the cover for good.

  • #6 Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

    Check if the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your phone are on. If yes, it can be the reason why your phone is turning hot. Such features keep hunting for Bluetooth device or Wi-Fi services around, and if you turn them off when not in use then you will be able to prevent your phone from turning ho again.

  • #7 Charge your phone the right way

    Yet another way to prevent your gadget from overheating again will be to use the charger, adapter, and cable that come with your iPhone itself. If at all you have to use a third-party charger, adapter or cable make sure those are approved by Apple. Also, do not use your iPhone when it is charging and if your phone has already got overheated then wait for it to cool down and only then charge it.

    iphone charger
  • #8 Close background apps

    If you run too many apps together that causes high CPU usage and heats up your iPhone. So, it is important to close an app after you have finished using it. One thing to remember here is that when you return to your home screen it does not mean you have closed the app. It keeps on running in the background. What you need to do is press the Home button twice and the App Switcher will appear, which shows those apps that are running on your phone. Simply swipe the apps up to the top of your phone's screen and close them.

  • #9 Reset all settings

    Yet another great way to fix iPhone overheating problem will be to 'Reset All Settings' on your phone. This will not delete any saved data like texts, emails, photos, music, videos, etc., but just removes personal preferences for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, General, Privacy, Brightness, Sound, Notifications, and Wallpaper.

  • #10 Turn off background refresh

    Background refresh refreshes the installed apps automatically in the background. If your phone has overheated, it will be best to stop background refresh for unimportant applications. At least do so until the overheating problem of your phone is solved. It will, in fact, be best to quit all apps and wait for your iPhone to cool down.

Part 3: To Conclude

Now your query, how to cool down a hot iPhone surely has been answered. Though overheating of your iPhone is a big problem yet another issue can be losing important data. Since you store lots of important data on your device if you lose them in scenarios like accidental deletion, upgrade failure or system crash it can make you feel devastated. Do not worry, as we have a solution for this problem as well.

Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery is your best rescue in such situations as it can help you restore any lost/deleted data like SMS, contacts, calendar, pictures, etc. Recovering data using Joyoshare is super quick and super easy so now you have nothing at all to worry about. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy using you much-priced possession, your dear iPhone.

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