iphone error -1

Unknown errors like iPhone restore error (-1), iPhone error 9, iPhone error 4013/4005, etc. occur frequently when connecting to iTunes to restore or update iPhone. Many reasons contribute to this problem, such as out-of-date iTunes version, hardware faults with the computer, iPhone software failures or something else. If you can perceive where the problem lies, directly choose the right remedy from the following. If not, you might need to take a moment to try all the methods below until the iPhone error is rectified.

Part 1. Update iTunes to the Newest Version

The outdated version of iTunes is one of the most common factors contributing to iPhone restore/update error (-1). Its caused incompatibility will result in the failure of restoring or updating iPhone. Therefore, you are advised to bypass iPhone error -1 by updating iTunes. Steps are to do it are uncomplicated. Below gives a quick guide.

Update iTunes on Windows: Run iTunes - click on "Help" on the top menu bar - tap on "Check for Updates". After iTunes is updated, try restoring or updating your iPhone again. Barring accidents, there should be no iPhone error emerging.

update itunes on windows

Update iTunes on Mac: Open iTunes - choose "iTunes" on the top bar - press on "Check for Updates". Once done, have another try of restoring or updating your iPhone with iTunes.

update itunes on mac

Note: If your Mac computer is running macOS Catalina, you can skip this part. On it, updating or restoring iPhone is by using "Finder". So, it is unnecessary to update.

Part 2. Try the Other Computer

Trying to update or restore iPhone on another computer is also a feasible solution to iPhone error -1. Certain unknown software or hardware issues on the computer negatively impact the regular work of iTunes, which could lead to this error code when updating or restoring the iPhone. When updating iTunes takes no effect, you might as well have a shot at this way. Quite a few users rectify the same iPhone error by such a simple action.

try another computer

Part 3. Disconnect Other USB Devices from Computer

The iPhone error -1 problem may stem from conflicts between the iPhone connected to your computer and other USB devices attached to it. There are times when the confusion of data will be faced if you plug multiple devices to the computer simultaneously. Hence, a proposal to you is unplugging all devices connected to the computer - cleaning the USB port - connecting the iPhone to the computer with an original USB - rebooting the computer - running iTunes and having one more try to restore or update your iPhone.

Part 4. Turn off Anti-virus Software on Computer

Another workable method to deal with iPhone restore error (-1) is to disable anti-virus software or firewall while updating or restoring with iTunes. That's a very definite possibility that computer firewall or security software blocks iTunes from communicating with the iPhone, thereby bringing about this error code. The easiest solution in this case is uninstalling all anti-virus software and disabling firewall for the time being and then try iTunes to restore or update the iPhone again.

turn off antivirus software

Part 5. Losslessly Fix iPhone Restore Error (-1) via Joyoshare UltFix

All the above-stated methods cut no ice with the issue of iPhone restore error (-1)? So then, nine times out of ten it is your iPhone system failures that give rise to such an error when attempting to restore or update it with iTunes. Confronted with this situation, adopting an advanced iOS system recovery software like Joyoshare UltFix is an optimal approach.

How so? Above all, it is a technical iOS repair tool with two repairing modes not simply to settle general issues including various iPhone/iTunes errors without compromising any data loss, but also to address tight problems with no difficulty. Moreover, its broad compatibility enables it to work well with all iOS device models (iOS 13 included) and Apple TVs. Also worth noting is that Joyoshare UltFix gives you an option to make your iPhone enter/exit recovery mode for no fee.