Q:"Recently, my iPhone touch screen becomes unresponsive. With it, my iPhone is totally unusable. I have tried to restart but it doesn't seem to work. I don't know why it happens. It is certain that my iPhone doesn't smash on the ground lately. Would you give me some effortless methods to get through this problem? Thank you sincerely!" - Ethel from Irony Forum

Actually, almost all iPhone users will suffer from this problem: the touch screen of iPhone is not responding. No matter how hard you work, the screen of iPhone will not react to any finger touch. At this moment, you will be aware that the iPhone is completely out of work and can't be used at all. Surely, there are all sorts of reasons behind iPhone touch screen not working issue. Whether you figure out the cause or not, you don't need to get as vexed and worried as in most cases. To solve it as quickly as possible, here we will show you 5 superb solutions.