How to Fix iPhone Emergency Alerts Not Working

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To connect with this world, you need to enable this emergency alerts on your iPhone. You should take immediate action if you find iPhone emergency alerts not working. To enable these alerts in your iOS environment, you'll receive notifications regarding the extreme weather conditions, pandemic situations, missing child report nearby your locality, emergency government news, etc. You can stay connected to your surrounding amidst your busy work schedule using this alert option. There is a need to activate this feature on your iPhone to explore exciting facts around you. Now let's check ways in this review together.

How to Enable Emergency Alerts on iPhone?

In general, by default, the emergency alerts on the iPhone will be active and only in a few exceptional cases, there are chances to be turned off for no reason. When you figure out emergency alerts on iPhone not working, quickly enable it by following the below steps.

emergency alerts turn on

Step 1: Unlock your iPhone gadget and go to the 'Settings' icon on your iPhone;

Step 2: Pull down the screen and search for 'Notifications' option from the displayed list;

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom and beneath the 'Notification Style' you can find a list of options below 'Government Alerts' title;

Step 4: Enable all the alerts there namely 'Amber Alerts, Emergency Alerts and Public Safety Alerts'.

#1 Reset Settings on iPhone

It is a wise way to reset your iPhone settings to resolve the emergency alerts on iPhone not working issue. You must tap the Settings icon in your iPhone and then proceed to 'General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings' to complete the procedure. You need to enter the passcode to finish this procedure successfully.

reset all settings

#2 Restart iPhone

By default, if you want to fix any iOS issues, reboot the iPhone before trying other methods. If you are making use of iPhone X and above models, then you must press the 'Power and any Volume button' until the slider appears. For older iPhone models it is enough if you press the 'Power' button until the slider appears on the screen to turn off the device. Next, wait for some time and then turn on the gadget.

restart iphone

#3 Turn 'On' and 'Off' the Airplane Mode

In your iPhone go to the 'Settings' and toggle the 'Airplane Mode' option 'On'. Then, wait for some time and turn it 'Off'. It's actually anther way possible to solve emergency alerts not working on iPhone.

turn on off airplane mode

#4 Update iOS Version

Most iOS fixes automatically if you update your iPhone with the latest iOS version. To upgrade your iPhone, go to 'Settings'->'General'-> 'Software Update'. Automatically it looks for any latest iOS update and if it is available, then the download starts immediately. Install the update and restart your device to save the changes in your iPhone.

ios software update

#5 Recover iOS System on iPhone without Data Loss

If you take a closer look at the digital market you will come across a wide range of programs to handle the iOS issues. Joyoshare UltFix is an ultimate tool to resolve any sort of iPhone problems in no time. It is an excellent tool to get back your Apple devices back to its normal functioning without any data loss. Also, a free option is there to easily exit recovery mode for you. Just learn its mind-blowing features below.

Incredible Features of Joyoshare iOS System Recovery:

  • Excellent and user-friendly interface to quickly fix even the complex problems on iPhone
  • Easily reach out for the desired controls to trigger the desired procedure
  • Free way to not only exit but also enter recovery mode in one click
  • Resolve more than 30 types of iPhone problems effectively and losslessly
  • Support a huge array of iOS versions and device models

Step 1 Install repair tool and connect iPhone

Visit the official website of Joyoshare and search for utility program to reach out for this tool. Download and run Joyoshare UltFix program based on your OS requirement. Connect your iPhone using an effective USB cable (ensure you select a reliable cable because this connection plays a vital role in the successful completion of the repair process). In the home screen, hit the 'Start' button.
connect iphone to joyoshare program

Step 2 Choose 'Standard Mode'

If you want the repair process to take place without any data loss, then go for the 'Standard Mode'. This action will automatically take you to the recovery mode. You can also step into the recovery mode through a manual process. Open 'Standard Mode'->'Next'-> attach iOS gadget-> Choose device model-> traverse through the wizard to enter the recovery or DFU recovery mode.
choose standard mode
'Advanced Mode' option can resolve any complex issues in iPhone. However, this module involves data loss during the repair process. You must be proactive to create a backup for later restoration on any virtual source.

Step 3 Have firmware downloaded

The program triggers a firmware to download into your system. You must hit the 'Download' button to start the download process. Wait for a few minutes to complete this firmware package download.
download firmware package

Step 4 Start the repair procedure

In the next screen, hit the 'Repair' button to start fixing iPhone emergency alerts not working. Joyoshare UltFix will unzip the firmware package and repair the iOS gadget effectively. Soon after the repair process, it displays a screen with a 'Done' button. Press that option and disconnect your gadget from the system. Allow your device to reboot to save the changes.
repair iphone emergency alerts not working
While following the above procedure you need to ensure that the connected USB cable between the system and gadget is firm throughout the procedure. Check for its reliable connection now and then for the successful repair process. Ensure the iPhone gadget has enough charge to complete the entire steps without any interruptions. A few minutes shut down of your iPhone completely ruins the entire repair procedure with Joyoshare UltFix.


Therefore, it is high time to take immediate actions when your iPhone emergency alerts not working. You can try out the above-discussed possible ways to sort out this issue in no time. If you follow the given instructions properly, generally a solution can work for you. If not, you can try some other ways you learn or ask Apple support team for diagnose and repair. Note that, it's usually a software-linked problem rather than a hardware one. Besides, Joyoshare UltFix iOS system recovery here can help to fix iPhone message Repeat Alerts not working and more common issues losslessly.


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