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How can I crop a video file on Windows 10? In the post here, you can get 5 solutions to resolve your issue and learn some FAQs easily.

With no way to crop YouTube videos effectively? In this article, what we show are different solutions to crop your videos from YouTube online and offline.

How can you crop a video in VLC and save it locally without problem? In this article, you can get to learn a complete guide to crop video using VLC on Windows 10 and Mac.

This article makes a list of the 5 best video cropping apps to show how to crop a video on Android phone easily and quickly.

In order to help to crop Xvid video files with ease, there are 2 useful and easy-to-use Xvid croppers introduced in this article.

Want to crop black bars off video without any watermark left? Get solutions from this article, which lists 4 watermark-free video croppers to crop video without official watermark attached offline and online.

This comprehensive guide presents how to crop video in Windows Movie Maker. Given that Windows Movie Maker is just available for Windows operating system, we share a simple and powerful alternative - Joyoshare Media Cutter to crop a video without any limitations.

This guide recommends the best desktop GIF cropper and 5 free online GIF cropping tools to crop GIF to highlight what you want to present. Read on it and know how to do if necessary.

Want to get rid of HandBrake's automatic cropping function and crop the video manually according to your needs? The guide here is just helpful.

Final Cut Pro works to remove unwanted content from your video with its cropping tool. Still don't know how to operate? Just get started to learn in this post.

With this informative guide, not only is how to crop video using VirtualDub not nothing difficult for you but also a comprehensive alternative to VirtualDub - Joyoshare Media Cutter is exposed to you.

This tutorial is aimed at how to crop video in Avidemux and in Avidemux alternative - Joyoshare Media Cutter. Choose what best suits you to work with.

How to crop video using FFmpeg? For this question, this post states a full guide on how FFmpeg crop video and mentions an easy alternative way.

To crop MPEG video, this tutorial respectively discusses an offline method to make it happen losslessly and an online method to get it done freely.

This article looks at how to crop FLV file with a professional FLV cropper - Joyoshare Media Cutter. If you have such a requirement, it can give you a leg up.

Are you still worrying about what you don't want in your WMV videos? In this post, lossless and online tools will be introduced to help you effortlessly crop and remove content.

How to crop the MOV file but still keep high quality once it is exported? In this article, 5 easy-to-operate tools will introduced to help you crop MOV file.

How can you make it a light-hearted thing to crop AVI video files on your own? Let's check two solutions in this article to crop AVI in high quality and freely.

Is it possible to crop the MKV file on your own without damaging quality? This 2020 newest guide will show you how to crop video to 16:9, 4:3, etc. easily.

What's the most convenient and straightforward way to crop videos on iPhone? Surely, you can apply the default iMovie and Photos apps to do that.