[8 Useful Solutions] Fix iPhone Stuck in Boot Loop

iPhone keeps restarting is a common problem for most iPhone models. This problem has been there, but more people have been reporting the problem since the release of iOS 15. When it happens, your iPhone will get stuck in a boot loop and keeps rebooting itself over and over. If you are facing a similar issue, then you don't have to be worried because we have come up with 8 different working and safe solutions to it.

fix iphone stuck in boot loop

Part 1. Why Is My iPhone Stuck in a Boot Loop?

"Why my iPhone keeps restarting?" might be the first question you would ask upon meeting this issue. It is important that you understand the causes, and we have listed the main ones below:

Interruption of Update and Factory Reset: When the iPhone got interrupted while updating and factory resetting, it is very likely to fall into a boot loop.

Battery Problem: Bad connection to the battery could be a viable cause for the boot loop. This can happen without you knowing. Maybe you dropped your phone or you sat on it, or maybe just mishandled it. It could even be that your phone battery is damaged.

Jailbreaking iPhone: Your iPhone could break down if you try to jailbreak and fail to complete the process. Even when you successfully completed the jailbreak process, the iPhone can still fall into a boot loop, resulting from malware caught in the process.

Part 2. How to Fix iPhone 13/12 mini/11/SE/XR/7/6 Stuck in Boot Loop?

Video Tutorial: Fix iPhone Stuck in Boot Loop Quickly

Way 1. Use Advanced iOS Repair Tool – Joyoshare UltFix [No Data Loss]

If the above methods fail to solve your iPhone problem, then you need a professional iOS repair tool. Several iOS repairs tools on the internet will help fix your iPhone boot loop problem, but Joyoshare UltFix provides you with options to solve more problems with ease. With Joyoshare you can fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode, fix a boot loop problem, fix iPhone stuck on the Apple logo, and black screen amongst many others with no data loss. With just a few clicks, you can solve most of your iPhone problems using Joyoshare UltFix iOS System Recovery.

Through Joyoshare UltFix, you can solve more than 150 iOS problems not just on your iPhone but also on your iPod and iPad. Joyoshare also allows you to enter recovery mode in just a single click for free. It also allows you to easily bypass iTunes restore, downgrade iOS versions, and others.

Key Features of Joyoshare iOS System Recovery:
joyoshare ultfix
  • Fix iPhone stuck in boot loop with simple steps
  • Compatible with the latest iOS version - iOS 15
  • With a free option to get into or out of Recovery Mode
  • Resolve 150+ errors on all iOS devices like iPad, iPod and iPhone

Here are the quick steps to help you automatically fix your iPhone stuck in reboot loop using Joyoshare UltFix:

  • Step 1Download and installation

    Download Joyoshare UltFix and install it on your computer and then open it. Connect your iPhone to the computer using the lightning cable. Joyoshare will automatically detect your device. Click the Start button to get started.

    run joyoshare ultfix
  • Step 2Choose Repair Mode

    To avoid data loss, chose Standard Mode. Try Advanced Mode if Standard Mode does not work for you.

    select repair mode
  • Step 3Download Proper Firmware Package

    Click the Download button to begin downloading and verifying the firmware.

    download firmware package
  • Step 4Repair iPhone Stuck in Boot Loop

    Click the Repair button once the download is complete. Wait for the process to autocomplete. Your iPhone is back to normal once more.

    fix iphone stuck in boot loop

Way 2. Force Restart iPhone

Force start is probably the easiest and simple approach for breaking your iPhone reboot loop. Reboot operations vary for different iPhones. Thus, we have enclosed a force reboot guide below.

For iPhone 6 or former, you can long-press the Power and Home button on your iPhone simultaneously for about 13 seconds. You will feel your iPhone vibrating, then it will automatically break the boot loop process.

For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, press the Sleep/Wake and Volume Down buttons simultaneously and your device will restart automatically.

For iPhone 8, iPhone X, or later, you need to press the Volume Up button and release it immediately, then press the Volume Down button and release it quickly; next press the Power button until you see the Apple logo.

hard reboot your iphone

Way 3. Reset All Settings

The problem can also be caused by some settings. Resetting the settings will reset your iPhone's settings to their factory defaults, removing the settings that cause it.

To reset all settings on your iPhone: tap on SettingsGeneralTransfer or Reset iPhoneReset All Settings. You won't lose data during this process, but you may have to re-enter your Wi-Fi password.

reset all setting

Way 4. Updating iOS to the Latest Version

Update iOS could fix the bugs or system errors that your iPhone is suffering from. After force rebooting your iPhone, your iPhone should now become normal for the time being. Updating iOS now could prevent the boot loop from happening again, especially when the boot loop is caused by the interruption of the update process.

To update iOS, go to "Settings" → "General" → "Software Update". In this interface, tap on the "Download and Install" button and confirm updating.

update ios to the latest version

Way 5. Restore iPhone with iTunes

I know this is a surprise, but most people do not know that iTunes actually solves the iPhone stuck in reboot loop problem. Even after putting your phone on the Device Firmware Update (DFU) or recovery mode, you can still use iTunes to redeem your phone from the boot loop. Here are the simple steps you can take to fix the boot loop problem on your iPhone:

resotre boot loop iphone with itunes

Step 1: Use your iPhone lightning cable to connect your iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes;

Step 2: iTunes will only take a few seconds to detect a problem with your iPhone. A pop-up message will show on your screen;

Step 3: To resolve this issue, click the Restore button. If you fail to see the pop-up message, you can use Joyoshare UltFix to put your iPhone into recovery mode in one click for free and then restore your iPhone;

Step 4: Allow iTunes to complete the process. Every restore situation takes time depending on the internet and other factors.

Way 6. Enter Recovery Mode

Recovery mode is also used to repair iPhone stuck in boot loop. It must be noted that you will lose your device data when you enter the recovery mode, so make sure that you backup your data before you begin the process. Below are steps on how to enter recovery mode:

Step 1: Please turn off your iPhone. Run iTunes on a computer and use a USB cable to connect your phone. Ensure the iTunes program is not running.

Step 2: Depending on your phone model, follow different buttons combination.

Step 3:
iPhone 8 and later: Hold down the Side button.
iPhone 7 /7Plus: Hold down the Volume Down button.
iPhone 6S series and earlier: Hold down the Home button.

Step 4: Please keep holding those buttons until the iTunes logo appears. It means that your phone is now in Recovery Mode.

Step 5: iTunes will offer you the option to either update or restore the phone. To resolve the problem, click Update.

iphone enter recovery mode

Way 7. Use Volume Up Trick

This method only works for jailbroken iPhones. There are genuine jailbreaks, and sometimes we jailbreak our iPhones to give us access to more features. However, we make mistakes when installing the firmware and end up installing incompatible, outdated, or broken software on the devices. This can sometimes cause a boot loop. Most of the time, force rebooting the iPhone does not work for such a case. The volume up trick is an effective method for solving this issue. Follow this iPhone boot loop fix guide:

Step 1. A time when your iPhone is in the bootup phase;

Step 2. Hold down the Volume Up button;

Step 3. The process above will take you to the lock screen;

Step 4. Run Cydia and uninstall the tweak that must have caused the boot loop;

Step 5. Check if your iPhone is out of the boot loop.

Way 8. Ask Apple Support to Fix Hardware

It cannot be ignored that the iPhone keeps restarting issue can result from hardware issues, especially charging parts or battery. Due to the intricacy of iPhone internal units and components, it would be unwise to check and repair the hardware on your own. The ultimate and safest solution would be resorting to the technicians in the nearby Apple outlets.

ask apple support to fix iphone keeps restarting

Part 3. Conclusion

With all the information we provide, we are sure that you have gained more insights on how to fix iPhone stuck in boot loop issue. The patience you pay in reading our guide will certainly save you a lot of time and effort trying to find the solution yourself.

Joyos UltFix iOS System Recovery can be a cut above other methods. Using it, you will not have to take the risk of losing your data, and can save a lot of time and effort. No matter which solution works for you, we feel sincerely happy that you can get rid of the trouble and thus have a better experience using iPhone.


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