Joyoshare VidiKit (Video Toolkit)

  • Record screen, audio, webcam, gameplay and specific windows
  • Built-in video editor to crop, subtitle, adjust speed, effect, and more
  • One-stop solution to cut, merge, compress, convert, and repair videos
  • Support 240 FPS and 1080p/4K high-resolution video output

Screen Recorder for Students to Capture Online Classes

In recent years, with the severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more students begin to study online by taking e-courses. Like traditional offline education, the teacher will explain each key point, but sometimes the understanding of the content may not be so comprehensive because of the lack of actual face-to-face communication. In this case, a screen recorder for students is urgently needed. If you'd like to own such tool for recording what you learn, then this review can save you much time and give you useful information.

screen recorder for students

1. Joyoshare VidiKit

Joyoshare VidiKit is a desktop-based toolkit that combines different types of multimedia utilities. It has simple yet intuitive interface, and clear layout so that all students can get started quickly without lingering over a long guide. Besides, it has strong applicability and is perfect for recording various video and audio activities, like online lectures, presentations, speeches, video chats, streaming music, movies, etc. It allows to capture everyone's voice from microphone and computer system. To keep something important for later review, it's even possible to take snapshots and trim contents into specific segments.

joyoshare vidiKit

Pricing Plan: $19.95/month, $39.95/year, $55.95/lifetime


Create video with audio in high quality

Record class lecture on Mac and Windows PC handily

Applicable to education, business, entertainment and more fields

With task scheduler to preset recording time

Support customizing resolution to 1080p/4K

No lag and frame drops during recording


Free trial version watermarks video by default

2. FlashBack Pro

FlashBack Pro, also an ideal screen video recorder for students, offers a one-stop solution to record screen, edit video and sharing. It is suitable to make training videos, how-to tutorials, engaging demos, software bug reports, homework presentations and so forth. With the assistance of it, you can record any area on your computer, multiple screens and wanted window. Plus, it's capable of capturing system audios, commentaries, and webcam. To post-process your recordings, make full use of the editing tools to add captions, background music, transitions, highlights and the like. You can easily save your files in MP4, GIF and AVI for uploading on YouTube.

flashback pro screen recorder

Pricing Plan: $49 for 1 PC, $74 for 2 PC (provide academic discount)


Record audio, webcam and multiple screens together

Packed with video editor to refine recorded footages

With sharing to YouTube option


Only support Windows, even not the latest version

3. Screencastify

Here is a well-known Chrome extension that has ability to record desktop, webcam, microphone, and even browser tab. By means of it, students can make video content efficiently without downloading and installation. Additionally, Screencastify is a good platform for online classes, making ideas and thoughts more intuitive via voice, enhancing the interactivity of learning. Though Screencastify claims itself a free screen recorder for students, it comes with annoying 5-minute recording limitation for each video.


Pricing Plan: $49 for individuals and $29 for teachers


Record different objects not just screen

Support full HD resolution

With annotation tools to enhance and refine videos

Output files to MP4, MP3, GIF, YouTube, Google Drive, etc.


Rely on network status

Possibly reveal personal info

4. Debut Video Capture

Debut Video Capture does well in recording. It's powerful to capture computer screen, external devices, streaming video, gameplay, webcam, and audio from speakers/microphone. This screen recorder for students makes a significant contribution to the processing and editing of videos. It permits you to insert unique logo, change video effects, add text captions, make snapshots, replace background, etc. Anyone who'd like to share content to social media can directly upload videos to YouTube, Flickr and Vimeo.

debut screen capture software

Pricing Plan: $35~$99


Mighty enough to record from any source

Capture screen video and students' facecam at the same time

With editing options to adjust and enhance videos


Outdated interface design

5. Bandicam

Bandicam is an option worth considering if you are looking for a screen recorder for online classes for students to create educational videos. It produces files with high resolution up to 3840*2160. Most of all, there is 24-hour unstoppable recording duration, no matter what you're going to capture. Apart from screen, Bandicam offers webcam recorder to handily add your face to ongoing video, along with synced voice from microphone. The real-time drawing function even gives your video more focus, better guiding users to see what you highlight.

bandicam screen recorder

Pricing Plan: $39.95 1-PC license, $59.96 2-PC license


Mix screen, voice and webcam together into recorded files

Provide chroma key and real-time drawing tool

With 4K UHD and 480 FPS video output

Adopt DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan graphics technologies to reduce potential lags


With Windows OS availability only

FAQs about Screen Recording for Students

If you are new to recording and haven't gotten a tool to get started, you may have some questions and confusion. Now, we're here to possibly solve what most of you will ask.

Q1. Is Screencastify free for students?

A: Undoubtedly, Screencastify acts as a good assistant for educators and students to create recordings. You can see the pricing plans in its official website, from where a free version is offered, which however, comes with 5-minute limit for each recording, export and 1 active assignment at a time to collect video submissions from others. Therefore, it's actually not completely free.

Q2. Can I screen record an online class?

A: Sure. You can make it by yourself. Just prepare a screen recorder that you like on your computer, choose a suitable mode for capturing, and preset all options based on your preferences. When your online class begins, you can start recording it and stop at any time as you want.

Q3. How students can record themselves?

A: Make sure whether your chosen screen recorder supports webcam. If it has this option, turn on webcam for further capturing your own face, setup audio properly in advance, and then join your online lessons to start recording yourself into the video.


There is no denying that tactfully using a screen recorder for students can greatly improve the knowledge absorption of online courses. It helps create videos for offline playback and repeated review. It also plays a role in your daily life, such as reporting a sudden computer error, and create highlights collections of your gameplay. If this is just what you want, you might as well check out our above list. Don't worry. What introduce to you, aside from pros and cons, is the pricing, so that you can better make comparison.


Joyoshare VidiKit

Complete video toolkit combines recording, conversion and editing


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