Record Screen with QuickTime Easily and Quickly

When it comes to record desktop activity on computer screen, QuickTime is firstly taken into consideration for most of Mac users. However, for the one who has no rich user experience on Mac, it's unclear to know how to do it. Hence, in this post, we will make a brief introduction about it. Check out the guide to record screen with QuickTime right now.

Part 1. Complete Practice to Record Screen in QuickTime

As a built-in recording tool in Mac, QuickTime can be used directly without installing any third-party software. Here we will show you how to record screen with QuickTime step by step.

  • Step 1 Run QuickTime and create new recording

    quicktime recording

    Launch QuickTime app from Application folder and straightly click "New Screen Recording" option.

  • Step 2 Choose microphone recording options

    quicktime audio

    A pop-up window will be shown in your sight at once. Go forward to hit the drop-down menu to see what you have to change according to your actual requirements. Choose "None" to make a screen recording without sound or choose "Built-in Microphone" to grab both system sound and external audio. Moreover, it's also available to show mouse clicks in recording.

    Note: There is no way you can apply to record system audio only.

  • Step 3 Record screen using QuickTime

    Now you can press the red button and choose a recording type. Hit anywhere only once on your Mac screen to record activity in full screen. Or drag to select a definite portion of the screen and then click "Start Recording" to capture designated place.

Part 2. Professional Way to Record Screen in Joyoshare Screen Recorder

Certainly, it is remarkably handy to use QuickTime to record screen on Mac directly. However, there are some annoying troubles you will meet as well, like the limited supported formats to save destination recording and its inability to record system audio. In this case, a more powerful and comprehensive recording tool is required, such as Joyoshare Screen Recorder for Mac.

This mentioned software can give you liberty to capture any desktop activity, including videos and audios, in lossless quality. Other than that, it is flexible enough to create a recording in full screen or in customized size. Essentially, you have right to grab system audio or microphone sound in switchable mode. Joyoshare Screen Recorder also offers capability to take screenshots, set shortcuts, make scheduled task, highlight cursors, etc. Thanks to its full supports to diverse formats and devices, you can export a finished recording to MP4, M4V, AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, MP3, AAC, M4B, or iPhone X, Xbox 360, PSP, smart TV, etc.


Key Features of Joyoshare Screen Recorder

Allow task-creating and screenshots-taking

Offer ability to specify output format configuration

Capture area in customized size or preset standard ratio

Support a wide variety of output formats and popular devices

Record any Mac screen video and audio activity in high quality

  • Step 1 Launch Joyoshare Screen Recorder on Mac

    Fit out your computer with Joyoshare Screen Recorder for Mac and simply run it on your computer.

    joyoshare recorder ui mac
  • Step 2 Choose capture area

    You should firstly select a recording area in the "Capture Area" section. Click "+" button to adjust the pop-up window in front of your screen. Or tap the drop-down icon to choose a preset systematic ratio, like 320x240, 640x480, 1280x720, full screen, etc.

    select area mac
  • Step 3 Setup audio preferences

    You can see a video icon at the left side of "REC" button and an audio icon at the right. Confirm the recording mode and decide audio preferences. You can record Mac screen with/without system audio or microphone sound in the way you like. To exclude unexpected intervention and noise, you are supposed to open your system audio only but keep the microphone sound disabled.

    recording settings mac
  • Step 4 Record screen with Joyoshare

    There is a gear icon at the lower right corner. Press it to bring up more hidden recording settings, for instance, storage location, output format, recording time, cursor effects, etc. Afterwards, you can go to click the "REC" red button to execute a recording assignment on your Mac. Utilize shortcut to make screenshots or hit the scissors to cut your recording.

    start recording screen
  • Step 5 Save and edit video/audio recording

    Once you click the "Stop" button, Joyoshare Screen Recorder will end its recording process. Then a "History" folder will pop up with all recorded files. You can preview anyone, edit ID3 tag info, change file name, delete useless one, etc. as per your needs.

    preview recordings


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