8 Handy Screen Recorder for Teachers

Due to the covid-19 situation in the world, physical learning has really become impossible, bearing in mind the contagious state of the virus hence the closure of schools across the globe. As an alternative majority of the schools have opted for online classes, and for the online course to be successful, good screen recording software is a must. Are you a teacher who is looking for a screen recording software that record lessons for future reference? Well, worry no more because I have prepared a complete list of 8 best screen recorder for teachers to help create brilliant videos for your students.

screen recorder for teachers

1. Joyoshare VidiKit

Joyoshare VidiKit - Screen Recorder is a robust screen recorder. With this tool, You can record tutorials and PowerPoint to teach your students online. Moreover, it is an all-in-one software program that allows you to record screen without losing quality, add watermark before recording and skip unwanted content during recording.

joyoshare vidiKit


Records tutorials no lag

Can customize your recording area

Allows you to record class lecture, live chats, online video and more



2. Nimbus

Nimbus is a screen recording software that is a web-based app. It is a recording software certified to conduct educational activities and can take screenshots and record videos from your screen. Nimbus also has some features that allow you to make your video attractive and more captivating to the student. With Nimbus, you can also include arrows to make the video even more engaging.



Allows you to share the video directly with your student after recording

It is easy to install and use on your computer

It has a timer that helps you customize your recording countdown

Allows you to record videos from an active program


Nimbus is only applicable to those with chrome books

3. CamStudio

CamStudio is one of the best screen recording software for teachers. It is an open-source program, and it works with Windows. The free screen recording software allows you to record all your screen activities and the audio on your computer. CamStudio also gives you control over the frames rates, video quality, and time-lapse.



Has free screencasting tools

CamStudio has AVI and SWF video outputs that are easily converted for uploads

It allows you to develop demonstrations for all videos

It has codecs included in its software to help in reducing the video size

You can upgrade to use the extra features that are available at a fee


It does not have any editing options

It is only applicable to Windows

4. Screencastify

Screencastify is a simple, lightweight screen recording software for teachers and students. Screencastify is unique because it uses chrome to record, so students need not record everything on their screen. Screencastify is free and offers essential training to students on how to use it and to teachers on how to use the feature to make their videos both engaging and valuable to the students.



It is effortless to use

Offers a free screencasting tool

It has a premium version that requires a fee to activate

Has an exporting option that allows you to move your video to a local disk for easy access


It has a time limit that requires a subscription fee to become unlimited

5. Loom

Loom is the best screen recorder for teachers that generously offers all its premium features for both teachers and students for free. Loom allows the student and teachers to make unlimited numbers of HD recordings about 45 minutes long. Videos created with this software are of high quality due to the features available such as drawing tools, custom recoding dimensions, and cursor highlighting tools that help you shape your video.



Have cloud storage that helps in storing the recordings

Has many features that are available for free

Allows you to share and edit your videos directly from the workspace

Offers a chrome extension for quality recordings

Readily available on phones and computers


The quality of audio varies

6. Zoom

Zoom is another best screen recorder for teachers initially prevalent for holding business meetings and recordings. Lately, this recording software has gained massive popularity among teachers as it is perfect for recording their lectures for the students. Zoom has features that allow you to hold face-to-face online meetings with video, audio, and chats. Zoom lets you record the ongoing class by just tapping on the record button.



It is easy to use

Allows you to share your screen with your student

It has a chat box where students can make their inquiries without halting the class

With zoom, you can choose the background to use


It lacks editing tools

7. Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic is screen recorder for teachers that is hugely accepted by teachers, bloggers, business owners, and other online users around the globe. In education, screencast-O-Matic works excellently in helping teachers build lessons, create demonstrating videos and tutorials for their students. This application software is web-based and desktop-based, and getting started with it is very easy as it does not have any complex features.



Has editing tools that allow you to shape your video through cutting, cropping, and rotating

Has longer recording duration

It has a simple interface that makes it easy to use, save and share videos online


Video captured have a low learning curve

8. Snagit

Folding up the list is the Snagit screen recording software. This software is specially designed to take screenshots, record audio, and display videos on Microsoft OS and Windows OS. Snagit makes it easier for teachers to take images and videos and quickly convert them to educational videos that are very engaging and informative. With Snagit, you will be able to handle the recording of the entire page of your screen.



Allows you to take images while scrolling

Captures the entire screen or the specific portion you want your student to see

Allows you to capture and save video


Has fewer editing tools


There are the top eight screen recorder for teachers. Please remember that each of them will loaded with its respective advantages and disadvantages, and some of them will only be suitable for experienced users. Howere, if you are looking a screen recorder comes with robust screen recording features, then we recommend you select the Joyoshare VidiKit.


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