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Simple Guide: How to Record CSGO on Computer


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is a popular first-person shooter video game that supports multiplayer mode. It was welcomed by the public as soon as it was released in 2012. It is a game that allows two teams to have a competition, so some of you would like to capture gameplay on PC to save or share a wonderful or funny moment with your friends. To help you achieve this aim, below is a guide to show you how to record CSGO in two ways.

1. How to Record CS GO in Free Way - OBS

As one of the most famous screen recorder, OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is free and open-source, which is capable of recording video and audio on PC. It is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. With OBS, you can record CSGO free and share the recordings with your friends or upload them to social media.

You will learn how to use OBS to record CS GO gameplay exactly after reading the below brief guide.

Step 1: Download and install the OBS;

Step 2: Run the program and CS GO;

Step 3: Click "+" icon and you will see a drop-down option. Please select "Display Capture";

Step 4: It will record the screen in full-screen mode when you open the OBS for the first time. So you do not need to adjust it when you capture CS GO on your computer;

Step 5: If you want to grab the audio from the system and your microphone, you can tap the "+" button on the "Source Window" and choose "Audio Output Capture" and "Audio Input Capture";

Step 6: Click the "Start Recording" button to start capturing the game.

2. How to Record CS GO in High-quality Way - Joyoshare Screen Recorder

If the operation of OBS is a bit difficult for you, Joyoshare Screen Recorder may be another good option. It is a screen recorder that can capture all the activities, including audio and video on your Mac or Windows. It is very easy to utilize it to record every moment or clip of your CS GO gameplay.

Besides, you can save your recordings in various formats, such as MP4, WMV, WebM, ASF, 3GP, MKV,FLV, F4V, and so on. Thanks to this function, your recordings are compatible with many devices and platforms, like iPhone XS, Galaxy 8, Motorola Droid, YouTube, Facebook, etc. What's more, you can preview the videos, trim the recordings, grab voice from the system and microphone.

Key Features of Joyoshare Screen Recorder:

Record CS GO in high quality

Save recordings in various formats

Capture audio from game and your microphone

Trim and skip unwanted parts

After leaning the basic features of Joyoshare Screen Recorder, let's see how to recorder CS GO with it easily.

recording settings
  • Step 1Download and Run the Program

    Download Joyoshare Screen Recorder and install it on your PC according to the operating system. After installation, launch the program on your desktop.

    down and run the program
  • Step 2Confirm the Recording Area and Audio

    Select the area by clicking the "+" button. Then you can adjust the recording area by dragging the red frame, inputting value and selecting presetting resolution ratio on the drop-down menu. Regarding the audio setting, you can turn it on or off by clicking the "System Audio" and "Microphone Audio" icons.

    start recording video
  • Step 3Check Further Settings

    If you need to save your recordings in different formats, you can click the "gear" icon and select other formats. Beyond that, you can add watermark on your CS GO gameplay videos to protect your copyright. Also, you can set the start and stop time in advance.

  • Step 4Start Recording CSGO

    When everything is ready, you can click "REC" to start your CS GO gameplay recording. You can skip the unnecessary parts by clicking the "Pause" button and cut the video by tapping the "Scissors" icon during the recording. Once you click the "Stop" button, you will see the "History" window with your recordings. You can rename and trim them personally.

    start recording


In summary, you can solve the problem – how to record CSGO in two ways. Both of OBS and Joyoshare Screen Recorder are good at capturing screen and audio. Therefore, please choose the suitable one according to your requirements. Hope you can record the CSGO gameplay with ease after reading this instruction.


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