How to Record Sea of Thieves with 100% Successful Ways

Q:"I seem to have some troubles with recording my gameplay. Any suggestions? FRAPS and haven't worked." - User from Sea of Thieves

Do you face the same problem with the above user? Are you looking for a screen recorder that can help you record gameplay or other actions on the screen without any mistakes? Here will show you how to record Sea of Thieves using two professional gameplay recorders, then you can upload the video to any social media platforms recorder or merely share it with your friends.

Part 1. What Is Sea of Thieves Gameplay

Before capturing the game, let's see what is Sea of Thieves gameplay. Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure video game created by Rare in 2018. You can play this game on Windows computer and Xbox One. In this game, you are a pirate who needs to fulfill tasks from different trading companies to obtain the final victory. You also can play the game with others as a group. During the game, members of the team need to support each other and throughout the adventures.

Part 2. How to Record Sea of Thieves with Joyoshare Screen Recorder

If you intend to record the game flexibly and easily, Joyoshare Screen Recorder can perfectly meet your needs with its intuitive interface. You can use it to capture gameplay without technical know-how. It can help you record Sea of Thieves, LOL, CSGO, and more other games on a Windows computer without lag. Also, with this software, you can record and save the recordings in various formats, such as 4K video, MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, DV, MPEG, 3GP, WebM, M4V, MKV, etc. Customizing the codec, frame rate, bit rate, resolution, quality of the video is available.

As a professional screen recorder, it is capable of capturing movies, music, online tutorial, live streaming, etc. This tool allows you to capture the audio and video separately. In another word, you can record the gameplay with or without sound. If it is necessary, you can use the program to record the audio from your microphone. It also has a basic editing function to let you trim the recording.

Key Features of Joyoshare Screen Recorder:

Record Sea of Thieve in high quality

Capture all activities on the desktop

Grab audio from the system and microphone

Save video and audio in any format

Support full screen and partial screen recording

  • Step 1Run Joyoshare Sea of Thieves recorder

    Launch Sea of Thieves on your Windows computer. Then run Joyoshare gameplay recorder. There are two recording modes. You are suggested to choose the "Record video and Audio" mode by clicking the camera icon. If you don't want to grab the audio from the game and your microphone, remember to disable the "System audio" and "Microphone audio".

    run joyoshare screen recorder
  • Step 2Confirm further settings

    To customize the recording setting, you need to click the gear icon on the low right corner to bring out more hidden options. Then you are able to choose where to store the recordings. You also can select recording formats, set shortcut keys, and preset a schedule to start and end recording the gameplay. If you are unwilling to show the cursor on the recording video, you can uncheck "Show Cursor".

    confirm preference settings
  • Step 3Adjust the recording area

    After preference settings, you can choose a region to record Sea of Thieves. Click the "Select Area" option to adjust the capture area. You can record the game in full screen by tapping the "Full Screen" option from the drop-down list. If you prefer to crop an area to record the gameplay, you can unlock the ratio and drag the frame.

    adjust capture area
  • Step 4Start to record Sea of Thieves

    If everything is settled, press the "REC" button to begin capturing Sea of Thieves. Once the "REC" button is selected, Joyoshare gameplay recorder will minimize. After that, you will see a 3-second countdown before recording. You can hit on "Pause" to skim the unwanted scenes. Tap on the scissors icon to trim the clips. Hit on the "Stop" button to finish capturing. The "History" tab will appear with the recordings. You can rename the files, preview video, take snapshots, and trim the video.

    start to capture sea of thieves gameplay

Part 3. How to Record Sea of Thieves with FBX Recorder

FBX is a tool that designed to record gameplay with HD quality. You can use it to record ANY gameplays without lag, own to its great FPS. With an excellent editing function, you are allowed to use it to add GIF, and animated stickers, sound effects to the video. It offers you two recording modes to capture Sea of Thieves. The first one is the "Game" mode and the second one is "Fullscreen" mode. The following is a simple guide to teach you how to record Sea of Thieves on PC.

Note: This program only can be run on Windows 7, 8, and 10 with 64 or 32 bit. Its free version has a watermark embedded. The capture area is changeless. It means that you are only allowed to capture the game in full screen.

record sae of thieves with fbx

Step 1: Run Sea of Thieves. Open FBX Recorder on your PC. Click "SETTINGS" and hit on the "CAPTURE" button on the left bar. Then you can choose "Game" mode to get ready for recording Sea of Thieves;

Step 2: The small interface of FBX will show up at the top left corner when the program detects gameplay is being run. At that time, you can hold down "Ctrl + F12" on your keyboard to start recording Sea of Thieves;

Step 3: You can click "RECORDINGS" on the FBX's interface to locate the videos when you finish the recording.


The above shows you how to record Sea of Thieves with two gameplay recorders. Joyoshare Screen Recorder is easy-to-use yet functional. It cannot only capture gameplay but all the actions on the Windows and Mac platforms. FBX specializes in capture gameplay on Windows computers with high quality. To use it, your computer needs to be high-performance or it will have some lags.


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