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Ultimate Solution: How to Record Video on PC

Q:"How do I record a video on my PC?"

For users who are used to working, studying or entertaining on a PC, video recording is one of the indispensable skills. This sometimes unexpectedly makes most of your things easier, such as creating how-to tutorials, sharing online meetings, showing wonderful performances in gameplay, intuitively displaying program errors, etc. As you can see, a large number of users are learning how to record video on PC. In fact, there are many solutions to help you, including both pre-installed PC-based and three-party professional recorders. Just follow up us to explore them in this article.

record video on pc

Part 1. Record Video on PC - Xbox Game Bar

Xbox Game Bar is mainly developed to record a game that's playing on your computer. Sure, non-gaming apps and web browsers can be supported to capture with the help of it. What you should pay more attention to is that it lacks the ability to record your entire desktop and also gives no access to specific programs such as File Manager, Weather. It has strict hardware requirements, especially for the graphics card, on your PC. If what it offers is enough for you, you can check the guide to operate it below:

xbox game bar record video on pc
  • Step 1 Adjust settings

    On your Windows PC, press the "Start" button at bottom left > hit gear-shaped "Settings" > click "Gaming" - "Captures" to set location, background recording, video frame rate, video quality and more.

  • Step 2 Launch Xbox Game Bar

    Get Xbox Game Bar started with Win + G shortcut and click "Yes" if it asks whether you are going to record is a game.

  • Step 3 Record a video on Windows PC

    Use Win + Alt + R or click on the recording button in Xbox Game Bar to initiate a task. Record your prepared video activity on PC screen.

  • Step 4 Stop and save video

    End up the recording with stop button and the recorded video will be saved as MP4 to "Videos" > "Captures" folder.

Part 2. How to Record Video on PC Screen - Camera App

Camera app is inbuilt on your Windows PCs with the capability to record videos and photos. It supports different video quality settings, for instance, 1080p 16:9 30fps, 1440p 4:3 30fps, 720p 16:9 30fps, etc. It's quite simple but has no editing functions. To add effects, trim and more, you may need to furtherly ask Photos on PC for help. Notably, it uses a front or rear camera for basic recording. If you don't have one, connect the webcam ahead of time.

record video on pc with camera app
  • Step 1 Connect webcam to PC (optional)

    For the one whose PC has no built-in webcam, it's necessary to connect one by plugging in USB cable to the computer.

  • Step 2 Open Camera app

    Go to the bottom left corner of your desktop, click on "Type here to search" button and input "Camera" in the search bar to get it launched. By running it, the webcam will be automatically opened or you can give permission to it.

  • Step 3 Configure "Settings"

    Get ready in "Take Video" mode and head to "Settings" button to confirm video quality, location info and more.

  • Step 4 Start to record PC video

    Go back to the main interface and click on the "Take Video" button, which looks like a camera, to begin your video recording process on PC. Stop it as you wish to save the video to "Camera Roll" folder.

Part 3. Record a Video on PC - Joyoshare VidiKit

Joyoshare VidiKit -Screen Recorder is a typical PC video recorder that is friendly to both novices and professionals. The simplicity of its design makes recording a complete hassle-free task. Other than that, the supported types of videos can be various, covering different fields, such as social, education, entertainment, etc. You can effortlessly capture online meetings, gameplay, class lectures, movie and more with preset high resolution. Based on your preference, you can readily show cursor movements, add effect to clicks, insert watermark, take screencasts and grab audio from different sound sources.

Key Features of Joyoshare VidiKit:
joyoshare vidikit video recorder
  • Record video on Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP
  • Guarantee high quality output and parameter customization
  • Support getting audios from available sound sources
  • Capture screen activities without time restriction and watermark
  • With powerful recording options and useful inbuilt tools
  • Step 1 Get Joyoshare VidiKit started on PC

    Download, install and launch this professional video toolkit - Joyoshare VidiKit, on your PC computer. Simply open its "Screen Recorder" and then confirm that you're in "Record video and audio" recording mode. The icon is camera-shaped next to "REC" button.

    open screen recorder on vidikit for pc
  • Step 2 Confirm capture area and recording options

    Lock a definite size under Capture Area to select a recording region. Or you can choose from systematic ratio and adjust on your own. Make sure which sound source you'd like to grab audio from, the system or the microphone. Next, hit the gear-shaped "Options" icon to unfold all accessible functions, such as output format, location, shortcuts, cursor, etc.

    adjust recording settings

    Note: You're able to pick up a desired one under "Format" panel. To configure your recorded videos in advance, it's possible to set resolution, channel, codec, sample rate and frame rate here.

  • Step 3 Record audio and video on PC

    It's time to record video with audio on your PC screen by using Joyoshare VidiKit as long as you have finished setting all options and preparing the activity to record. Just click on the blue "REC" button. The program will start its process and give you 3-second countdown to re-adjust the capture area. When it begins recording, you can trim, pause to skip content and take snapshots.

    record video on pc in vidikit
  • Step 4 Save and manage video(s) on PC

    Once the video on your PC is recorded as you want, you can press the "Stop" button to save it. Joyoshare VidiKit will automatically pop up a "History" Windows to let you preview, trim and rename.

Part 4. How to Record a Video on PC - Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder does well in capturing video on PC screen. It records video, webcam and audio to meet different needs. You can visibly show keystrokes, track mouse, make screencasts and even add drawings in the recording process to highlight whatever important. Now you can put this decent tool into effect to record screen video quickly.

movavi screen recorder

Step 1: Get Movavi Screen Recorder from its official website, complete installation and simply run it on PC;

Step 2: Go to its sidebar to find and press "Preferences", which allows you to choose output location, enable effects and more;

Step 3: Hit "Screen Recording" button to manually draw a capture area. Confirm "System Audio", "Microphone" and "Webcam" one by one;

Step 4: Click on the red circle-shaped icon to record video from your PC screen;

Step 5: "Stop" to save your video file and then you can edit it to remove any unsatisfactory sections.


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