How to Record Microsoft Teams Meeting Easily

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As a classic communication and collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams integrates video conferencing, file storage and work chat. It creates great space for online office, so that we workers are no longer limited to fixed office locations. However, in order not to miss the point, how can we record Microsoft Teams meetings quickly and easily? Let's see which methods are good to consider here.

#1 How Does Microsoft Teams Record Meeting Itself

Microsoft Teams has its built-in recording tool to let you record meetings on the platform for later viewing or sharing with others who cannot participate in the meeting. However, this function is not included in the free plan of Microsoft Teams. If you need it, just follow the steps below:

microsoft teams start recording

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Teams on your computer to start or join a meeting;

Step 2: Tap on the "More options..." button in the meeting controls and choose "Start recording" in the pop-up small window;

Step 3: Similarly, click on the "More options..." button in the meeting controls and hit "Stop recording" option to end the meeting.

Note: Everyone is told that the session is being recorded. This notification will also be posted in the chat history of the meeting. It's important to note that you can't record multiple recordings at the same time. The recording of the meeting will be kept at cloud and every participant has access to it.

#2 How to Record Meeting in Microsoft Teams - Joyoshare Screen Recorder

Joyoshare Screen Recorder is a capable tool that can be fully matched with your Microsoft Teams to complete the recording. It not only captures your meeting screen with high quality, but also grabs the voice from the microphone well during the conference. You can rest assured that this small software will allow you to record any activity without the trouble of duration and watermarks.

  • Record a meeting in Microsoft Teams with sound in optimal output quality
  • Support recording various meetings from Zoom, Lync, WebEx, etc.
  • Capture screen and audio without adding watermark and limiting recording time
  • Flexible setting of recording area and saving format
  • Cut and trim video, manage ID3 tags, schedule task or highlight clicks for recorded meetings
  • Step 1 Download and install the program

    Install the latest version of Joyoshare Screen Recorder to your computer, both trial and full versions are available. Simply start the program and select "Record video and audio" mode, next to the "REC" button.

  • Step 2 Turn on microphone audio and set further

    It is definitely necessary to record the conversation in the meeting. Therefore, don't forget to enable "Microphone Audio" and adjust its corresponding volume bar. The operation is same for system audio. Meanwhile, you're able to unfold the gear "Options" button to preset shortcuts, customize watermark, show clicks, etc.

    open mic audio and confirm settings
  • Step 3 Start to record a meeting on Microsoft Teams

    Now open your Microsoft Teams and join a meeting. Adjust Capture Area to match the meeting window and then click on the rec REC to start recording both screen and voice.

    Cut: Click the scissors-shaped scissor button to manually split the whole meeting into different parts according to the conference arrangement.

    Skip Content: Press on the "Pause" button to skip whatever you don't want in the meeting, like a long discussion.

    Take Snapshots: Use the keys you set to take a screenshot or more in your own way. You can capture important hand-written content on a board.

    record microsoft teams meeting
  • Step 4 Save and edit recorded meeting videos from Teams

    When the meeting is over, you can click the Stop button. Soon, you'll see your output file in the History window, from where you're able to rename, preview and trim.

    save microsoft teams meeting video

#3 FAQs about Microsoft Teams:

If you are using Microsoft Teams, you may also be unfamiliar with its recording capabilities. Here are some frequently-asked questions mentioned by users. You can take a close look.

  • 1 Where are Microsoft Teams recordings stored?

    All meeting recordings are stored in Microsoft Stream cloud storage. When your meeting recording is completed, Microsoft Stream will keep it permanently (unless the recording owner deletes it). However, if the recording is not uploaded to Stream, it will be stored in Teams cloud storage and available for download for 20 days.

  • 2 How to join Microsoft Teams meeting?

    There are many different ways to join a meeting, including join by a link, join from chat, join from calendar, call in, join in a channel and add a room while join. You can check more details here.

  • 3 Who can start or stop a recording?

    To start, you shouldn't be a guest, an anonymous people or an external attendee, have a license of Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3, or E5, and have recording right enabled by an IT admin. To stop, you should be a person from the same organization or a meeting's organizer.


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