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How to Screen Record on Fujitsu Laptop in 2 Easy Ways

Fujitsu laptop is an excellent option for office workers. It blends Japanese engineering techniques and high quality, aiming to fulfill diverse working demands. And thanks to its special design in data security and faster power delivery, you could feel free to cope with their daily tasks with it. Another function commonly used with Fujitsu is to record important meetings or presentations at work. The problem arises when you want to record what you want on Fujitsu. Actually, this could be easily solved and this post elaborates specifically on how to screen record on Fujitsu laptop.

how to screen record on fujitsu laptop

Part 1. Record on Fujitsu Laptop with Joyoshare VidiKit

A great way to capture screen on Fujitsu computer is to use a powerful and multifunctional screen recording tool. Joyoshare VidiKit is worth looking into for its outstanding performance. It is one of the best laptop screen recorders and you could employ it to record video and audio without lag. And you don't have to worry that the recording will be interrupted if the online meeting lasts for long. This useful recorder could catch all your screen activities without time limit. What's more, if you want to record your slides with narration, Joyoshare VidiKit could grab your voice from the microphone with ease. It also offers a schedule recording option. You can set the time duration and get on with other things to improve productivity. After recording, you could turn videos into different formats and share them quickly.

Key Features of Joyoshare VidiKit
joyoshare vidikit screen recorder
  • Record on Fujitsu laptop in 1080p/4K with no lag
  • Capture full screen or partial screen as you wish
  • Catch all types of audios independently and professionally
  • No limit to recording on Chrome, browsers, gameplay, etc.
  • Step 1 Download Joyoshare VidiKit

    You need to get Joyoshare VidiKit running on your Fujitsu computer first. Then open it, and choose Record option in the menu bar. Next, click Screen Recorder.

    interface of screen recorder
  • Step 2 Determine Recording Area and Audio Source

    The new recording window has three parts and you can make full use of these functions. In Capture Area, click + button and select recording area freely. Then you can adjust System Audio and Microphone freely. You could also click the down arrow next to the microphone icon to select different audio resources.

    select capture area
  • Step 3 Customize Settings

    There are more things you can do to enhance your recordings. Click Options in the bottom right and more advanced settings would appear. It has been divided into three parts as well. You can change the format, preset recording time, and highlight cursor easily by clicking the corresponding options.

    change recording settings
  • Step 4 Start Recording on Fujitsu Laptop

    After adjustment, you can start to record anything you want on Fujitsu computer. For example, if you want to record an online lecture, you can open it and click REC button on Joyoshare VidiKit. Then the tool will grab it after three-second countdown. During the recording process, you can take screenshots anytime.

    start recording on fujitsu laptop
  • Step 5 Save Your Recordings

    Click the Stop button, and recordings would be preserved in History. Here, you can preview and rename them. It is also simple to change file locations by clicking Open file location next to your video. Or you could trim videos to skip unwanted content with the Edit button.

    preview recorded videos

Part 2. Record on Fujitsu Laptop with Xbox Game Bar

If you are running Windows 10 or 11, there is another convenient way to capture your screen without downloading any software. Xbox Game Bar is a built-in tool for Windows with many useful features. It works pretty well to record gameplay without interrupting your involvement in games. It's relatively easy to use as long as you keep shortcut keys in mind. Though this tool offers the recording feature and lets you record the screen quickly, it still has some actual limitations. It won't be able to record your whole screen and you can only record up to 30 minutes each time.

xbox game bar recorder
  • Step 1: Press Windows + G keys, and the widget of Game Bar would appear on your screen. Next, click Capture icon to get a recording window.
  • Step 2: Here, you can turn mic on by clicking the microphone icon. Before recording, you could opt for Settings icon to make further adjustments. To start recording on Fujitsu laptop, you can hit Start recording button. During this process, you can take snapshots by clicking Take screenshot button.
  • Step 3: Click Stop recording to end the recording. The videos will be preserved in Show all captures and you can preview them in Gallery window.

Part 3. FAQs about Screen Record on Fujitsu Laptop

We have collected some problems related to the Fujitsu recording issue. Maybe you can get more information here.

Q1. Can I record my own voice while recording on Fujitsu laptops?

A: Yes, it is totally feasible to add your voice to recordings no matter you are using Joyoshare VidiKit or Xbox Game Bar. All you need to do is to turn microphone option on in Settings before recording.

Q2. Can I edit my Fujitsu recording files?

A: Yes, you can post-process your videos easily with screen recorders featuring edit function. Or you can export your videos to specific editing software, which offers more relevant functions.

Q3. What's the best choice for laptop recording?

A: There are many aspects that can be used to measure which recording method is better for laptops. The basic standards include high resolution, simple operation, multiple recording modes, etc. If you have more requirements on compatibility, editing feature, formats, or others, you can check all these carefully before determining the recording method.

Part 4. Conclusion

Recording your PC's screen could bring a lot of convenience to your work. This post introduces two easiest methods on how to screen record on Fujitsu laptop. With Xbox Game Bar, you can capture your screen without downloading any extra software. But if you want to record with no time limit, you can try Joyoshare VidiKit and explore more incredible features.


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