How to Record on Hulu - 4 Ways to Use

Hulu is an outstanding media sharing platform, which is similar to YouTube, Netflix, Facebook and Vimeo. It allows users to enjoy TV shows, online movies, music clips and more recent episodes. Nevertheless, as we all know, Hulu takes strict protective measures to prevent us from downloading videos directly. Immersed in Hulu, you may sometimes inevitably want to record your favorite content on PC in order to watch them offline without limitation, right? Don't worry. Here come four best Hulu video recorders to tell you how to record on Hulu with ease. Let's check them together!

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Part 1. How to Record on Hulu - Joyoshare VidiKit

Joyoshare VidiKit - Screen Recorder is excellent that offers an all-in-one solution to capture streaming movies, TV shows, music videos, etc. from Hulu with no lag. It comes with abundant recording options, which enables you to select output format, choose storage location, preset scheduled recording, show cursor movements and so on. This program also grabs both system and microphone sounds in order to get your specified Hulu videos downloaded in the perfect way. Better yet, not just Hulu videos, you're allowed to record gameplays, online meetings, class lectures, video chats and more on your screen without worrying about the recording video length.

Key Features of Joyoshare VidiKit
joyoshare vidikit
  • Record video with audio from Hulu in high quality
  • Capture audio from system and microphone
  • Output files to desired formats with customized parameters
  • No recording time limit and watermark for a saved Hulu video
  • Possible to schedule recording, trim, take snapshots or skip content
  • Step 1Fire up Screen Recorder in VidiKit

    You are supposed to follow the instructions on your desktop screen to install Joyoshare VidiKit on your PC. Once finished, go straight to click and launch it. You'll have to open its Screen Recorder and make sure that you begin under "Record video and audio" mode.

    run screen recorder in vidikit
  • Step 2Select the recording area

    It is easy for you to see a "+" button located on the top left corner, which is designed to designate the capturing screen size. Simply move the adjustable window and pull on the edges of the frame so that you can find a suitable recording area. Other methods, like choosing a systematic standard size and importing specific numbers, are supportable.

    select capture area for hulu

    Similar to some types of video captures, this screen recorder offers ability to open system audio or microphone sound as you want, which is proved as a practical approach to get rid of unexpected noise and avoid unnecessary intervention during capturing process.

  • Step 3Determine preferences to record Hulu

    Pay more attention to following recording options, knowing what you can set clearly. This screen recorder enables you to customize a special Hulu movie or TV show recording file on the basis of your preference. It allows you to set storage location, choose output format, specify watermark, create a scheduled task, show clicks and more.

    set recording options for hulu video
  • Step 4Begin to record videos from Hulu

    Open a Hulu video that you want to record and click "REC" button to start capturing. You are given 3 seconds to get ready. During recording process, Joyoshare VidiKit is able to take screenshots anytime by making full use of shortcuts, trim video to different segments by taking advantage of "Scissor" icon. Lastly, press "Stop" button to end your recording assignment.

    start to record in hulu
  • Step 5Manage recorded Hulu video

    All completed recorded Hulu movies, TV shows or music videos are saved to "History" folder automatically. According to actual demands, you can preview destination file, rename it, correct ID3 tags information and even trim out unnecessary content.

    preview recorded hulu video

Part 2. How to Record Video from Hulu - Cloud DVR

Cloud DVR is one common way most users will use to record video from Hulu. As its name suggests, it functions to record content on its cloud servers rather than actually capture and save videos to your local folder. For example, once a TV show or a movie airs, it can automatically record it, which indeed can up to 50 hours.

cloud dvr record hulu
  • Step 1: Download to install Hulu Live TV on your mobile phone, Apple TV, or iPad;
  • Step 2: Select whichever movie or TV show you like to record;
  • Step 3: Now go to its description section and press on "+ My Episodes" or "My stuff" to record it when it airs.

Part 3. Record Hulu Video - OBS

The renowned free tool, OBS, is another good option to record on Hulu. Specially, it lets you handily set up unlimited scenes to record. With an intuitive audio mixer, you can manage different audio tracks in your own way. No matter which platform you're running, Windows, Mac or Linux, OBS records videos from Hulu professionally.

obs record hulu video
  • Step 1: Go to Hulu official website and choose a video to play;
  • Step 2: Run OBS and press on "+" under "Sources" section. Name the window and OBS will choose this active Hulu window automatically;
  • Step 3: Set more options to record Hulu video as per your needs;
  • Step 4: Play the target video in Hulu and begin recording with "Start Recording" button;
  • Step 5: Click on Stop option to save and watch it later.

Part 4. Record Hulu Video Free - Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Need a web-based freeware to record your Hulu videos without installing any software? Then Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is an appropriate choice here. It records videos in HD quality and save as MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV or more. Anyway, it requires no skills on recording and is simple to operate independently.

apowersoft free online screen recorder record hulu
  • Step 1: Run Bandicam on your computer and click "Scheduled Recording" icon in the top menu bar;
  • Step 2: Press the "Add" button in the pop-up window to create new screen schedule to the list;
  • Step 3: Now, name the recording, confirm "scheduling one time, daily or weekly", set start time, end time, etc. and hit "OK";
  • Step 4: When the scheduled time arrives, Bandicam will start to record your screen.


All of the above methods are presented in this article with their different advantages. You can choose the best solution according to your actual situation to record Hulu video that's you like. For high-quality one, choose Joyoshare VidiKit. For online one, choose Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder. For a cross-platform one, select OBS. To indirectly save any Hulu videos, Cloud DVR is also worth your consideration.


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