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  • Support 240 FPS and 1080p/4K high-resolution video output

15 Best Screen Recorder for Mac 2024

Have you wondered how you can record any ongoing activity, for example, live streaming video, Google Hangouts conversation, Yahoo Messenger call, remote desktop session, YouTube hot movie, etc, on your Mac screen without sacrificing original quality? There is no need to think it for a long time. Decent screen recording software for Mac is able to make any desktop video and audio to be captured possible. Faced with a large number of screen captures, you may hesitate to pick up one from them to use. After looking through this review to understand top-listed 15 best screen recorder for Mac, you will know which one can hit your preferences completely.

screen recorder for mac

1. Joyoshare VidiKit - $15.95

Equipped with the most top-leading capturing technology, Joyoshare VidiKit for Mac delivers a comprehensive platform to grab any Mac screen video and audio activity in high quality. Amazingly, it supports record video with audio synchronously so that you can turn on both system sound and microphone voice. According to your preference, you have right to customize capture area in flexible way or directly choose a systematic ratio. Furthermore, there are multiple considerate designs, which allow you to use shortcuts, make screenshots anytime, trim video and add effect to cursors.

joyoshare vidikit for mac


Record screen on Mac easily and quickly

Grab video with audio in perfect synchronization

Come with task scheduler to preset recording assignment

Allow screenshots-taking and video-cutting

Support a wide range of formats and devices

Output video in 1080p/4K at up to 240fps


Add watermark to free version

Without professional video editor

2. QuickTime - Free

By default, Mac is well developed with a built-in program called QuickTime. Applying the latest streaming technology, this free screen recorder for Mac can work as an effective movie viewer. It can perform as a handy recording tool to capture Mac screen together with audio efficiently. With a clean and elegant operating interface, QuickTime empowers you to select full screen or a specific area to record. Even though QuickTime comes with limited recording and editing features, it can export video in high quality. One delighting point is that there is no time limitation to have a recording on Mac by getting help from this local support.



Record microphone audio as well as system sound

Capture Mac screen together with audio easily

Produce high-quality video without recording length limitation

Select entire desktop and a specific area to record


Support basic recording and editing demands only

3. ScreenFlow - $129

ScreenFlow is also a brilliant choice to record your Mac screen. This good screen recorder for Mac is capable of capturing full screen, choosing recording region, zooming some video to let users have a professional look. Files from both iTunes and iPhoto libraries can be imported to this smart recording program for later editing. Amazingly, once you flip the video clip in timeline, you can get access to play the same video in reverse. There are also some superior features, like adding animation, publishing subtitles, previewing videos, etc. Without doubt, you can share your recording directly to YouTube, Imgur, Vimeo and more other platforms.



Support recording iPad and iPhone screen as well

Present video in high quality even on retina displays

Offer ability to add text and video animations

Play the same video in reverse by flipping it in timeline


Need to pay for it with high cost

4. Snagit - $49.99

Known as a powerful screen recorder for Mac, Snagit is commonly considered as a full-featured capturing tool. It offers ability to let you have a quick retrieval by storing all your previous recordings at the bottom in a tray. In addition, your captured video will be saved as MPEG-4 format. Magically, if you have short screen recording file, you are allowed to transfer it as an animated GIF format. It gives chance to you to add shadow, blur, reflection or even effect to any video or screenshot. Surely, if you have a need in annotating text, arrow, shapes, etc, to your Mac screen recording, Snagit can make it as well.



Support turning short recording to animated GIF

Equip with professional editing tool

Add annotation to screen recording file freely

Grab system audio and use webcam to record


With only 15 days free trial

Does not offer timeline controls

5. Camtasia - $249.99

Camtasia is a fairly professional screen and audio recorder for Mac. You may wonder why it can stand out from a large range of capturing programs. You can have a Mac recording in full screen or select a specific region to capture. Watch the whole video and you will know where is dissatisfying. It is feasible to remove unpleasing clip and add extra segment. Moreover, you can pay more attention to edit recording orderly. Before you share it to others, you have chance to preview it. One special point is that there is no need for you to separate audio program with your own narration.



Add annotation by using callouts, arrows, lines, shapes, etc.

Make transitions anywhere you want to flow smoothly

Come with exact timeline

Present text and media with animated behavior

Allow cursor effects, voice narration and audio effects


With only 15 days free trial

6. OBS Studio - Free

Being well-designed as an open source to record screen for Mac free of charge, OBS Studio can be used to capture both video and live streaming with ease. To filter unexpected intervention, it fits out itself with a built-in audio mixer. The wonderful feature of OBS Studio is that it takes the aid of your PC's GPU to output high-quality video. It also deserves to mention that there is no restriction on the video length when you have a recording. Briefly, you don't have to worry about passing a designated time. If you would like to playback these recordings later, you can output them in your PC locally.



Record Mac screen without time limitation

Support live streaming recording

Produce videos in MP4 and FLV format

Act as an open freeware truly


Cannot link to an audio file as a main source

With steep learning curve that is unsatisfying to average users

Some audio tracks cannot be grabbed with Replay Buffer

7. Screencast-O-Matic - $1.65

As an excellent screen recorder for Mac, the paid version of Screencast-O-Matic comes with multi functions like taking screen shorts, previewing recordings, customizing recording area, adding texts and graphics and more. The best part of this recording tool is that it allows you to record your webcam and screen simultaneously or separately.



With video editor to enhance your recordings

Save your videos online

Provide the trial version


Need internet access to operate

Free users cannot capture computer system audio

8. Icecream Screen Recorder - Free

Icecream Screen Recorder for Mac is the best recording too, for you to record video and audio and allows you to capture full screen or a specific window as per your need. It can also create schedule recording task and customize your own watermark. What’s more, you have the freedom to highlight your mouse-click animation and use hotkeys during the recording process.

icecream screen recorder


Friendly interface for beginners

Create future recordings without your involvement

Multiple tools are available like video converter and video editor


Without DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan capturing technology

Cannot change background when livestreaming

Only a few screen cropping ration

9. Apowersoft Screen Recorder - $9.95

Compatible with macOS and Windows, Apowersoft Screen Recorder for Mac provides an interesting interface that is equipped with functions like recording webcam and editing recording. After recording, you can preview and share your recordings to YouTube with a few clicks using this screen recorder. You can term it as your best screen recorder to help you record online movies, music, meetings and more.

apowersoft screen recorder


Add annotations like text notes, shapes, arrows and icons


Can record your webcam


Cannot record on the second monitor

Sometimes crash on macOS

Lack of editing options

10. VLC - Free

It is a free, open source and cross-platform multimedia software, enabling you to play and optimize your videos as they are downloading. This free screen recorder for Mac is highly customizable and is expandible via plugins. Besides, you can use it to record online music, gameplays and lectures as you want. You can change the frames per second before you start the recording process according to your need.



Customizable frame per second

Download files from YouTube

Supports a wide range of formats


Can only capture full screen in RAM format

Create enormous sized videos

Cannot use shortcuts

11. Movavi Screen Recorder - $42.95

Movavi Screen Recorder is a appropriate Mac screen recorder for you to capture how-to tutorials, webinars, instructional video, online chats, gaming footages and more. It create high-quality file in full HD or 4K resolution. To cover all possible sources, it even supports webcam and audio recording, so that you can flexibly adjust which source to record as per your actual needs. This software is also competent to draw your videos in real-time, making the content more targeted.

movavi screen recorder


Record sorts of events on Mac

Output videos in high quality

Display mouse and show keystrokes during recording

Draw in real time to add annotations


Put watermark in the free trial version

12. Monosnap - $2.50/mpnth for non-commercial

Monosnap is another screen recorder on Mac for capturing fullscreen, application window and even customized area. Differing from others, it does well in privacy protection, offering options to make pixel perfect screenshots as well as blur sensitive data using annotation tools. It allows you to utilize hotkeys to faciliate your operations. You can additionally highlight whatever you want users to fucus using arrow, shapes, pen, and text.



Support diversed cloud platforms

Save recorded files in videos and GIFs

Allow pixel and blur to protect privacy


Free version comes with 5 minites limit for each video

13. Debut Video Capture - $14.99 for home edition

Give this Mac screen video recorder - Debut Video Capture, a shot if you desire creating recordings on your own. Such excellent tool is versatile and sufficient to capture not only computer screen but also other sources, for instance, webcam, audio, and content from a connected external devices. To output engaging videos, you can take full advantage of its tools to add captions, timestamps, video effects, mouse spotlights, green screen, etc.

debut video capture


Record screen and overlay facecam

Offer annotation tools

Upload videos to social media or burn into DVD


Program freezes occasionally

Slow to process long recording files

Sometimes audio can be out of sync with video

14. Capto -$29.99

Apart from the role of screen video recorder for Mac, Capto acts as screen capture and video editing. Its one-stop solution makes everything available in one program. Specifically, you can record whole screen, partial area, computer audio, and microphone sound at the same time, saving videos at 60 FPS in high quality. Remarkably, its annotating and editing tools gives you more support in post-processing, letting add highlight, arrows, text, cut, blur, and crop. The ready video can be shared to YouTube, Tumblr and Facebook quickly with only one simple click.



Full-ledged software with recording and editing together

Easy sharing option

Allow to adjust video settings like frame rate and compression type


Cannot record 4K video in High Sierra

15. Screenflick - $35

Screenflick functions well as a screen recorder in Mac with multiple options. You can add wanted sources, like screen, microphone voice, system audio and webcamera, into your video, saving in up to 1080p 60 FPS. Similar to others, to explain something more intuitive, you can use drawing tool this software offers and demonstrate key points easily. Before exporting, you are allowed to put watermark/stamp on your videos, or simply add metadata tags to target files.



Customizable frame per second

Download files from YouTube

Supports a wide range of formats


Lack of menu bar item


The above top-listed top 15 best screen recorder for Mac are designed with fascinating characteristics. Taking some recorders as example, Joyoshare VidiKit for Mac can offer colorful recording options and extensive output formats; QuickTime can let you initiate a recording on Mac instantly without any installation; ScreenFlow can provide abundant features to capture screen in special way. No matter which one you love, you should try it in person. If you want to choose a powerful tool, Joyoshare VidiKit is your best option, as it allows you to customize recording area, resolution, quality, frame rate before start recording and use shortcuts during the recording process.


Joyoshare VidiKit

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