Record a PowerPoint Presentation with Audio in 2 Ways

No matter you are in school or office, a PowerPoint presentation is indispensable. People like to demonstrate their opinions by PowerPoint because it can help others understand their speech content more intuitively. However, it is inconvenient to present again if someone you want to share is far from you. In this case, a question like "how to record a PowerPoint presentation with audio to share and store" has given rise to a hot discussion. You will get the answer soon after reading the below article.

1. How to Record PowerPoint with Audio on Joyoshare Screen Recorder

Joyoshare Screen Recorder specializes in recording all activities on the desktop with or without audio, such system sound and microphone sound. Thus, it can record PowerPoint presentation with audio in high quality. Besides, you can adjust the size of the recording area and move it anywhere on the desktop. Also, you can save the recordings in various formats and share your presentation with audio to nearly all devices, such as iPhone, Samsung tablet, and other Android devices.

In addition, to satisfy more users' needs, it is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. Therefore, you can use the application to record desktop on Mac or Windows with simple steps. Moreover, you can set shortcut keys to start the recording. Last but not least, you can add a watermark to prevent your presentation from being reposted or used by others without your permission. If your demonstration is so long, the trim function will be helpful.

Key Features of Joyoshare Screen Recorder:

Output recordings in high quality

Grab voice form system and microphone

Record screen in customized size or full size

Skip the unnecessary part during recording

Hide the cursor if you don't need

  • Step 1 Download Joyoshare Screen Recorder

    It is so easy to download and install the program on your PC. After installation, you can launch the screen recorder by double-click. Then an exquisite and small interface will be displayed.

    interface of joyoshare screen recorder
  • Step 2Set Up the Program before Recording

    There is no doubt you need to open your file on the PowerPoint first. Next, click the "+" icon on the Joyoshare Video Recorder to adjust the recording area. You can customize the area by dragging the red frame or input value next to the "W" and "H". Also, you can select a preset size from the drop-down option. The most important point is that you need to turn on system audio & microphone sound to record PowerPoint presentation with audio. If you need, you can click the gear icon to do further settings, such as add watermark, set shortcut keys, change the output format and more.

    recording settings
  • Step 3Begin to Record Your PowerPoint Presentation

    After setting, please click the "REC" button and start recording. When the button is clicked, the small interface of the screen recorder will disappear and start to count down. You can click the "Pause" button when you need to stop your presentation.

    start recording screen
  • Step 4Manage the Recordings

    Clicking the "History" button, a small window will be popped up. You can see that all the recording files are listed. You can preview, rename and edit them if you want.

    preview recordings

2. How to Record Audio on PowerPoint Directly

It is understandable if you are unwilling to download another screen recording software on your computer, but prefer to use PowerPoint to record screen. As we all know, PowerPoint is a tool to offer users various ways to display information with words, pictures, videos, and more. Recently, to meet more needs, screen recording function has been added. It is quick and easy to operate. However, please keep in mind, comparing with full-featured screen recording software, there are a lot of things that PowerPoint's screen recorder can't do because of some limitations.

powerpoint built-in screen recorder

Step 1: Run the PowerPoint on your desktop;

Step 2: Open the file that you need to present on the program;

Step 3: Find and select the "Insert" option on the top and then click "Screen Recording";

Step 4: The PowerPoint will minimize and a small toolbar will appear on the top of your screen;

Step 5: Drag the frame to select the area to capture your presentation;

Step 6: Click the "Record" button and start recording. Please confirm that your voice is grabbed.


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