How to Record 3DS Gameplay with/without Capture Card


Q:"What's the best/cheapest way to capture 3DS footage?" - Reddit

Developed as a handheld game console by Nintendo, 3DS's ability to display stereoscopic 3D effects must be new and exciting to you. Is it a favorite game to get your attention as well? As we mentioned in the post, you'll probably wonder how to record 3DS gameplay and share it on social media. It doesn't matter if you don't know now. After learning two methods in this article, this is no longer the case.

1. Best Way to Record 3DS Gameplay Using Capture Card

Joyoshare Screen Recorder is a proper choice for perfectly recording game music, grabbing microphone sounds, and capturing high-resolution video from 3DS. With built-in yet simple-to-operate editor, it even cuts out the underperformance of the game, rename it for easy management and change ID3 tag info. Best of all, it offers up to 60 fps to record your gameplay and adjusts resolution, codec, etc. as you wish.

  • Record 3DS gameplay with audio from both system and microphone
  • Specify frame rate, sample rate, resolution, codec and more before recording
  • Customize quality, preset output format and schedule recording task
  • Post-process 3DS gameplay recording by trimming, renaming and editing
  • Step 1Buy and Install a Nitendo 3DS Capture Card

    Purchase a Nitendo 3DS capture card and install it on your 3DS game console (limited to some regions). Also, it's available to send your game console to the company for installation or place an order online to receive later.

  • Step 2Install Viewer Software

    You have to install 3DS viewer software and connect 3DS game console with your computer using a mini USB port.

  • Step 3Run Gameplay Capture Software

    Simply launch your installed Joyoshare Screen Recorder (OBS or XSplit if you like) and designate the source to capture from. It's better to select "Record video and audio" mode, choose capture area and enable system audio/microphone sound one after one. Besides, click the gear setting option to confirm format, related parameters, shortcuts, effects, etc.

    recording settings
  • Step 4Begin to record 3DS gameplay

    Now turn on 3DS, viewer software and press on the red "REC" button to record gameplay on your 3DS after 3-second countdown. During the process, you are able to click "Pause" to skip unnecessary content or press scissor icon to cut it into small sections.

    record 3ds gameplay
  • Step 5Save and edit 3DS gameplay recording

    Once the game is over, you can click on the "Stop" button to save it. Then a History window will pop up to let you play the 3DS video file, change its name, trim unwanted parts or edit ID3 info.

    edit 3ds recording

2. How to Record 3DS Gameplay without a Capture Card

Another method that doesn't require capture card is to use a mobile phone and a clamp to record directly. Yes, it sounds a little ridiculous. But it's fine if you're willing to compromise on quality without paying too much for a capture card.

Step 1: Attach the phone to the fixture you have prepared beforehand and adjust to the best recording position;

Step 2: Open the camera in your mobile phone and further adjust the view angle to full screen;

Step 3: Keep your surroundings quiet without any noise and start to play 3DS game to record;

Step 4: Close camera and save the recording once your gameplay from 3DS comes to end.

3. How to Record Gameplay on Your 3DS with More Tools

It's best if you already have a trust game recorder on your computer. What if you don't have and are struggling to find one? To give you more information, we list some below:

  • Vidmore Screen Recorder

    Vidmore Screen Recorder is good at taking screenshots and capturing 2D/3D games, online games or even flash games on PC. It's equipped with attracting features, such as real-time drawing, video trimming, hotkeys setting, GIF output and mouse effects.

    vidmore screen recorder
  • Bandicam

    As a classic tool for recording games, Bandicam is definitely not to be missed. It captures and produces gameplay video from 3DS with quality output, even save recording in 4K resolution. It's your turn to activate its game recording mode and insert shapes to enhance your file.

  • AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

    AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro can be a nice option to capture 3DS gameplay with. It records in full screen or partial region. Moreover, it just a piece of cake for it to grab audio at the same time and add special watermark to label it.

    acethinker screen grabber pro


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