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How to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos from iPhone 6 Quickly

Q:"I like to clear my photo album from time to time to delete unnecessary pictures. At the same time, I'm also used to removing all the deleted photos in the "Recently Deleted" album together, which sometimes seems like a bad habit. Taking an example, I lately realized that I have deleted an attractive picture carelessly but it has gone from my iPhone 6 permanently. Even though I have both iTunes and iCloud backup, I don't want to directly restore from them, which appears risky. What should I do?" – Catherine

You might have similar feeling that according to what Catherine said, the word, "permanently", makes thing look serious. But that's not the case. It's not a hot potato on the condition that she has not only iTunes but also iCloud backups. Clearly, to help Catherine and more users once and for all, we are going to talking about how to recover permanently deleted photos on iPhone 6. You might as well look through 2 readymade solutions below earnestly.

Powerful iPhone 6 Photo Recovery - Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery

When it comes to photo recovery, Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery is proved to be a professional and functional data retrieval program. It does well in what it performs; assisting you to get permanently deleted photos back from iTunes and iCloud backup with high success rate and absolute safe guarantee. Working as a nice medium, it protects any iPhone data files well. Thus, it is needless to worry about data being damaged, lost or overwritten.

Additionally, whether the photo you deleted is encrypted or not, Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery has ability to find them in dedicated way. For iOS 11 users especially, its feature, converting HEIC to JPG, can play a crucial role. Sure, there are in total of 20+ data files, including photos, can be recovered with ease, like videos, messages, calendars, Safari bookmarks, notes, voicemails, call history, reminders, etc.

Key Features of Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery:

Recover deleted photos from iTunes and iCloud backup

Restore 20+ common and encrypted data from iOS devices directly

Preview and choose files selectively before data recovery

The chosen found photos can be converted from HEIC to JPG effortlessly

joyoshare iphone data recovery win

Part 1. Recover Permanently Deleted Photos from iPhone 6 iTunes Backup

There is no doubt you will easily erase all data files from your iPhone 6 if straightly retrieve photos via iTunes. Nevertheless, taking third-party tool, Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery, can have different result, making no bad effect on existing data. Here's how.

  • Step 1 Run Joyoshare and change mode

    recover from itunes win

    Simply get Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery and go ahead to the top menu bar to change recovery mode from default "Recover from iDevice" to "Recover from iTunes".

  • Step 2 Scan iPhone 6's iTunes backup

    scan itunes backup

    Ensure that you have installed the latest version of iTunes on your computer. Then Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery will automatically detect your local iTunes backup files and show all of them in a list. If you cannot see a previous synced iTunes backup, go to refresh the list by using a "refresh" icon located at the upper right corner or click "+" icon to browse local folder. Choose the most relevant one and hit on the "gear" icon behind it to confirm needed data, after which you can press "Scan" button.

  • Step 3 Retrieve permanently deleted photos from iTunes backup

    recover photos itunes win

    A moment later, the scan process will end and you can see all scanned results be classified in categories. Go forward to "Photos" and "App Photos" to check what you need. Mark the items and tap on "Recover" button at the right bottom to output photos to computer.

Part 2. Retrieve Permanently Deleted Photos from iPhone 6 iCloud Backup

Alternatively, your iPhone 6 will back up your photos periodically when there is a WIFI connection. You can check it on iPhone 6 "Settings" > "iCloud" > "iCloud Backup" to see whether you have enabled this option. If you do it, don't hesitate to get your permanently deleted photos from iCloud backup.

  • Step 1 Open Joyoshare and log in iCloud

    recover from icloud win

    First of all, download and install Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery on computer. Launch it and switch to "Recover from iCloud" recovery mode. You will be required to sign in iCloud account with Apple ID and password. Keep relax; Joyoshare will not record any contents and privacy info.

  • Step 2 Download and scan iCloud backup

    Having accessed your iCloud account successfully, all synced iCloud backup files will be displayed orderly for you to choose. Referring to the details, like device name, backup date, model, etc. to pick up one iCloud backup that likely contains your iPhone 6 permanently deleted photos. Download it and press "gear" icon to select data types for later scan. Hereafter, with a simple click on "Scan" button, Joyoshare will begin to work for you.

    extract icloud backup files
  • Step 3 Recover permanently deleted photos from iCloud backup

    scan result icloud

    It will take a while to finish scanning iCloud backup file. Afterwards, both deleted and existing data from iPhone 6 will be shown at the left column. Go straight to read over them in the way you like. Or you can filter out needless files to save time. To restore the selected items from "Photos" or "App Photos", you just have to click "Recover" button at the right bottom.  


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