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How to Recover Deleted Recent Calls on iPhone Effectively

Recently, when I attempted to store the contact number from the recent calls, I mistakenly operated it with the "delete" option. More than that, the number was so important that I urgently desired to find it back. Shortly after that, I threw myself into searching for an effective solution on the Internet to restore it.

I tried lots of methods and finally got my deleted recent calls back. On the basis of reviews from others and personal experience, I conclude 3 effective ways that are greatly helpful. With the purpose of assisting iOS users who also want to know how to recover deleted recent calls on iPhone, I finally decide to write this article and introduce these solutions. If you are interested in it, you can read this article as well.

recover deleted recent calls on iphone

Part 1. How to Restore Deleted Recent calls on iPhone Selectively

What deeply attracts me is that Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery allows you to freely preview the details of your lost files and only recover what you need. You can carefully check whether your call history is recoverable which can largely save your time and storage space. Apart from call logs, it can retrieve 20+ types of files, covering contacts, notes, messages, voice memos, calendar, photos, and WhatsApp/Kik/Viber messages & Attachments, etc. Not only that, it supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, applying to the newest iPhone 13 series and iOS 15.

Key Features of Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery:
joyoshare iphone data recovery
  • Retrieve iPhone deleted recent calls from iDevice, iTunes and iCloud backup
  • Be capable of finding back both existed and deleted files within 3 steps
  • Free to preview the desired files and only select specified files to recover
  • No data overwriting and no need of restoring your device

Option 1. Recover Deleted Recent Calls from iDevice

  • Step 1 Locate "Recover from iDevice"

    Freely download, install and launch Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery on a PC or Mac. Then connect your iPhone to the computer. Locate the first recovery mode, namely "Recover from iDevice".

    recover from iphone
  • Step 2 Scan Calls from iPhone

    With displayed device information and data types, you can alternatively select only "Call History" or all data and next hit the "Scan" button. The time to complete the scanning process depends on the number of files.

    scan calls from iphone
  • Step 3 Retrieve Deleted Recent Calls from iPhone in a Selective Manner

    Upon its completion, find the "Call History" tab and select the deleted contact number to recover. With the "Recover" button, you can quickly export them to your computer.

    recover recent calls from iphone directly

Option 2. Recover Deleted Recent Calls from iTunes Backup

  • Step 1 Set "Recover from iTunes"

    Set the second recovery mode - "Recover from iTunes". It allows you to recover deleted recent calls from iTunes backup without restoring your device. The premise is that the iTunes backup has these call logs you want to recover.

    recover from itunes
  • Step 2 Choose and Scan iTunes Backup

    Besides backups detected by this tool, you can manually add local iTunes backup files on your computer by hitting the "Add" icon. Select the appropriate iTunes backup and tick "Call History" after clicking on the gear icon. Simply proceed to the next step with the "Scan" button.

    select calls from data list
  • Step 3 Find Back Deleted Recent Calls on iPhone

    This program will display all recoverable call numbers in the iTunes backup. Check them and tick what you want to recover with the "Recover" button.

    recover recent calls from itunes backup

Option 3. Recover Deleted Recent Calls from iCloud Backup

  • Step 1 Choose "Recover from iCloud"

    From the menu bar of the main interface, set the third recovery mode, equally "Recover from iCloud". Then log in to your iCloud account. Likewise, you are allowed to restore only the desired data and granted no data loss.

    recover from icloud
  • Step 2 Scan Data from iCloud Backup

    According to the details of available backups, download the newest backup and click the gear icon to locate only the "Call History" option. Once done, hit the "Scan" button.

    download icloud backup
  • Step 3 Extract Deleted Recent Calls from iCloud Backup

    Preview the call list details. Find the calls you are preparing for restoring. Then click the "Recover" button, and your files will be saved on your computer.

    recover recent calls from icloud backup

Part 2. How to Retrieve Deleted Recent Calls on iPhone Using Official Ways

Way 1. Restore Deleted Recent Calls via iTunes

iTunes, the official way to restore data provided by Apple, is able to easily get the deleted data back as long as there is the newest iTunes backup. But as everyone knows, it must restore an entire backup and will result in overwriting the existed data on your iPhone. Because of it, this method is disapproved by a wide range of iOS users.

recover calls via itunes
  • Step 1: Run the newest version of iTunes, and connect your iPhone to your computer.
  • Step 2: Click on the iPhone icon and find the Summary tab.
  • Step 3: Hit the "Restore Backup" button to restore the iTunes backup.

Way 2. Restore Deleted Recent Calls via iCloud

In addition, you are enabled to straightly retrieve recent calls via iCloud if you have turned on "iCloud Backup" on Settings. This method has no requirement of any third-party software and computers. Nonetheless, it must restore all data and overwrite your iPhone's current data.

restore calls via icloud
  • Step 1: Go to Settings – [Your Name] – iCloud – Storage – Manage Storage to check whether the newest backup is available.
  • Step 2: Then in Settings, find General tab, and then select Erase All Content and Settings.
  • Step 3: Enter Apple ID to make a confirmation. On the Apps & Data screen, tap "Restore from iCloud Backup".

Part 3. Final Words

After reading this article, you are supposed to have no doubts about how to recover deleted recent calls on iPhone. I sincerely hope you can get your data back as well with the help of this article. All in all, I resist the official methods because of the risk of data loss. Contrarily, Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery can not only perfectly soothe my worries but also successfully scan the calls that have been deleted. Of course, the most concerning aspect is that among all iOS data recovery tools, Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery can save me a lot of money at the cheapest price. This tool is definitely worthy of your consideration.


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