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How to Restore Deleted Contacts on iPhone 8 with 3 Solutions

Q:"My little nephew took my phone and played with it when I didn't notice. Painfully, it was too late to find that he deleted some of my contacts. However, I can't even explicitly know which contacts he deleted. Could you please share me possible solutions to recover all of them? Thanks in advance." - Evan

Indeed, you rely heavily on you contact list to keep in touch with friends, colleagues and families every day. Over time, it's likely that you've saved a lot of contacts on your iPhone, just like Evan. Similarly, it's actually a horrible thing when you get some important contacts deleted or lost on phone and have no idea to find them safely. In this case, you, included Evan, should keep pace with us to learn how to restore deleted contacts on iPhone 8 without damaging data files.

Wonderful Data Retrieval to Recover Contacts – Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery

Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery for Windows (or Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery for Mac) is definitely a reliable tool you can ask help from. It performs as a qualified medium to protect your iPhone data files from being damaged or overwritten during data retrieval process. Moreover, it is able to get deleted contacts back from iPhone with high success rate.

Aside from iPhone 8, Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery can even give full support to a series of other iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) with complete compatibility to the latest iOS version. Certainly, it can do more than you imagine. In addition to directly restore deleted contacts from iPhone 8, it also enables you to find whatever you need from iTunes and iCloud backup securely. To fit for more requirements, this handy software as well makes it possible to recover more than 20 kinds of files from various data loss scenarios.

Key Features of Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery:

Recover deleted contacts with 3 smart recovery modes

Decrypt and preview data files in real time

Fully compatible with the latest iOS version

Have capability to restore 20+ types of iOS data files

joyoshare iphone data recovery win

Part 1. How to Retrieve Deleted Contacts on iPhone 8 without Backup

Next we will guide you to restore your deleted contacts from iPhone 8 straightly. Check out every step in your own way right now.

  • Step 1 Connect iPhone 8 to computer

    connect ios device win

    Initially, you ought to equip your computer with Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery. Then launch it and head to "Recover from iDevice" recovery mode. You will be asked to connect the device. To do that, remember to turn on your iPhone 8 and "Trust" the computer.

  • Step 2 Scan data files from iPhone 8

    ios scan process win

    Once your iPhone 8 is connected and recognized without problem, Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery will automatically detect it and display device info as well as deleted & existing data in your sight. You can uncheck all of them but only get "Contacts" box ticked. Afterwards, go to click "Scan" button to start to scan deleted or lost contacts on your iPhone 8.

  • Step 3 Preview and choose required contacts for recovery

    recover contacts iphone win

    It will take you a while to end the scanning process. When it is done, all previously selected data types will be listed orderly on the left column. Preview them and follow your heart to choose desired items. You can also filter out unnecessary data by accessing option of "Only show the deleted". After that, press the "Recover" button to save your contacts on computer.

Part 2. How to Recover Deleted Contacts on iPhone 8 via iTunes Backup

For the one who have regularly synced iPhone data files with iTunes, there is more available chance to retrieve deleted contacts. Read on to see following in-depth instruction.

  • Step 1 Run Joyoshare and switch recovery mode

    recover from itunes win

    Likewise, get Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery opened. This time you are supposed to choose "Recover from iTunes" on the top menu bar.

  • Step 2 Extract files from iTunes backup

    scan itunes backup

    All iTunes backup files will be shown in the list for your reference. Opt for the one that perhaps contains your deleted contacts and meanwhile tap on the gear icon gear icon behind it to confirm data types. Only tick "Contacts" or do no change for the default selection and then hit the "Scan" button to scan data from iTunes backup.

  • Step 3 Retrieve deleted contacts from iTunes backup

    scan result itunes

    Wait for a moment until Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery finishes scanning data from iTunes backup. You should now look through all found contacts and select whichever you want. Continue to click "Recover" button at the right bottom to export these files on computer.

Part 3. How to Restore Contacts on iPhone 8 from iCloud Backup

Some users are accustomed to backing up important iPhone data files to iCloud. If you are the one as well, jump to the content below to learn how to recover deleted contacts from iCloud backup.

  • Step 1 Access Joyoshare and log in iCloud

    recover from icloud win

    Keep Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery run and choose recovery mode "Recover from iCloud" from the top navigation bar. Get down to signing in your iCloud account with Apple ID and password. Be relaxed. Joyoshare will not retain any privacy info and content.

  • Step 2 Download and scan iCloud backup

    When you successfully log in your iCloud account, Joyoshare will bring up all iCloud backup in your sight. Pick up a designated one and press "Download" button to produce temporary files. Hereafter, you will have to select specific data files for further scan.

    extract icloud backup files
  • Step 3 Find deleted contacts from iCloud backup

    scan result icloud

    No sooner than the scanning process comes to end, all recoverable iPhone data files will be presented and classified in different category. You can preview them carefully and selectively choose necessary contacts to restore. Then go for "Recover" button to output them on your computer's local folder.  


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