iMessage, a strikingly convenient instant messaging service, makes it completely possible for any Apple users to send not only texts and documents, but also videos, audios, photos, location, emoji and more attachments over Wi-Fi or cellular data. Definitely, the richer the content transferred, the more important the data is. In this way, it is particularly essential to back up your iMessages to prevent sudden data loss. As usual, you might immediately think of iCloud backup, which however only shows limited free 5GB to store iOS data. How about learning here to know how to backup iMessage without iCloud easily and comprehensively using 2 available solutions? Take a look now.

Part 1. How to Use iTunes to Backup iMessages without iCloud

As a matter of fact, iTunes is a great tool that you can apply to back up iMessages on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch free of charge. It combines "Back Up" and "Restore" options together to better facilitate you. Let's see how it performs.
backup imessages itunes

Step 1: Get iTunes updated to the latest version and simply open it;

Step 2: Connect any of your iOS device, like iPhone, with computer;

Step 3: Tap on the device symbol and go for "Summary" > "Backups" > "Automatically Back Up"/"Manually Back Up and Restore";

Step 4: Encrypt backup as you wish and click on "Back Up Now" to initiate backup process.

Note: iTunes will back up the entire iOS data files, iMessages included, to its new backup. Besides, there is no access for you to view what exactly contain in iTunes backup content.


Part 2. How to Use Program to Backup iMessages without iCloud

With the exception of iTunes backup, you can also take advantage of another professional tool to help you. Here Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery is a well-liked and all-round software that backs up iMessages safely and independently in a special way. With the aid of it, it's unnecessary to create a backup for the whole iOS data. You have right to only retrieve and back up iMessages, which saves much storage space at the same time.

What's better, this excellent iMessage backup program also makes it workable to preview iMessages before recovery. In addition, your iMessages backup file can be viewed whenever you want. Any of your previous backups will not be replaced and affected. Sure, it's available to use this program to restore and back up other iOS files to computer, such as photos, videos, notes, reminders, Safari bookmarks, contacts, calendars, call history, etc.

Key Features of Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery:

Back up iMessages from any iOS device

Retrieve and back up iMessages selectively or fully

Support recovering and backing up more than 20+ iOS data types

View iMessages before and after backup without time and storage restriction

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