Recover Snapchat Messages on iPhone? 3 Tips to Try

recover snapchat messages iphone

As a user who hangs out on Snapchat all day, do you sometimes feel any inconvenience when your message is deleted? Relax yourself. To recover Snapchat messages on iPhone the most, we are here with three best solutions. Before going through all these easy methods, you are suggested to learn when your messages will be deleted by the server. Always keep this in mind and you can avoid some unnecessary trouble.

Things to Know: When Does Snapchat Delete Chats/Snaps?

One thing to note, especially for new users, is that the Snapchat server doesn't hold your data forever. Both your chats and snaps can be removed under certain circumstances.

For chats (messages): once the messages are checked and read by you, the server will delete immediately by default. However, you can go to "Chat Settings" > "Delete Chats" to set "24 Hours after Viewing" so that they will be erased at this specified time. If you haven't opened or checked the messages for 30 days, Snapchat server will trash them automatically.

For snaps: the snaps from Snapchats will be deleted automatically likewise once each recipient opens and reads them. However, if they are left unchecked within 30 days from the data of sending and receiving, the server will trash them too.

Part 1. How to Save Messages on Snapchat Manually

Even though Snapchat server will clean your messages and snaps automatically and permanently, you can get a simple way here to save these important messages. So, your Snapchat messages will not be erased.

snapchat save messages iphone

Step 1: Run Snapchat app on your iPhone and log in your account;

Step 2: After you're directed to the screen where you can send a snap, find the chat list by scrolling right the screen;

Step 3: Touch on "Chat" at the top-left corner, confirm the person you'd like to chat with, type in a message and "Send";

Step 4: Long-press the message you want to save, which makes it in bold text and colored grey, so that the server is unable to delete it.

Part 2. How to Recover Unsaved Snapchat Messages on iPhone - File Manager

Have you ever wondered how to recover Snapchat messages on iPhone without computer if they have deleted by server already? To be honest, all your deleted and unsaved old messages in Snapchat are renamed as .nomedia extension, which are invisible for other apps. You can find them in your iPhone's memory by using a file manager.

snapchat data nomedia extension

Step 1: Download and install (jailbreak) a file manager app on your iPhone;

Step 2: Launch the app and continue to find files with .nomedia extension;

Step 3: Choose each and every file with this .nomedia extension;

Step 4: Now remove the .nomedia extension to rename all files so that you can view all unsaved old Snapchat messages.

Part 3. How to Recover Deleted Snapchat Messages on iPhone - Data Recovery

Another solution with a higher success rate is using a third-party Snapchat data recovery tool, such as Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery. Under its help, you can get the deleted Snapchat messages back from iPhone, iTunes and iCloud backups. What's better, it's applicable to diverse scenarios, including virus attack, mistaken deletion, factory reset, jailbreak, water damaged, etc.

Key Features of Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery:

Recover messages, photos, videos and documents from Snapchat

Support Kik, WhatsApp, Viber and more possible social apps

With three ways to restore from device itself, iTunes and iCloud backups

Strong compatibility to iPhone 11/11 Pro, iPad Pro, iPod touch 5, iOS 13, etc.

Superb option to preview data before recovery and selectively find messages

  • Step 1 Set "Recover from iDevice" mode

    connect iphone to computer

    Follow the instructions to quickly install Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery on your computer. By default, you will start with "Recover from iDevice" mode after it launches. As prompted, connect your iPhone and authorize "Trust" device.

  • Step 2 Scan data from iPhone

    scan deleted snapchat messages iphone

    After your iPhone being detected and recognized, its related device info will be shown. Also, you can see all supported data types. Simply leave all checked as they are, or you can only tick "Messages & Attachments", "App Documents", etc. to "Scan".

  • Step 3 Preview, select and recover Snapchat messages

    recover snapchat messages iphone

    After scanning, there will be a clear classification in the left column. Now it's your time to look through them and mark whatever messages you need from Snapchat. Click on the "Recover" option to save it on the local computer.

    Note: The modes, "Recover from iTunes" and "Recover from iCloud", are available to apply as long as you have backed up Snapchat data before data loss.


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