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Extract iPhone Notes from Backup with Ease

Using the iPhone to create notes has become one of the newest trends in this digital age. iPhone Notes can be used to make quick notes to yourself, whether it be shopping lists, lecture notes, or to-do lists. All in all, they cannot be lost!

However, losing notes is quite common and expected these days. Important notes can be lost for a variety of reasons. Failure to update your software failed jailbreak or damaged devices. In any case, for whatever reason you lose your notes, you can recover them if the device is damaged or a note is accidentally deleted.

Even though backup files cannot be accessed directly. Your notes can be retrieved by restoring the backup completely. Here is a detailed description of how to retrieve notes from an iPhone backup. Therefore, feel free to go through it from top-to-toe!

Part 1. Things Need to Be Attention after iPhone Notes Loss/Deletion

Tip 1. Go to the "Recently Deleted" folder on your iPhone "Notes" app to see whether there are useful notes you'd like to undelete. Do it as early as possible considering this folder is only available for 30 days or up to 40 days. Thus, all deleted notes will be permanently removed after the deadline.

Tip 2. Don't sync iPhone with iTunes after you lost or deleted your notes, which will update iTunes backup to the latest one and overwrite the previous one. Otherwise, it's will hard to restore possible recoverable notes from iTunes.

Tip 3. Stop operating your iPhone after data loss. If there is not enough space, your deleted notes will easily be overwritten when you install a new app, download an online file, create a big video, etc.

Part 2. Professional Data Recovery Tool Would Be Necessary

You will be aware of the importance of a dedicated iPhone backup extractor, therefore, which can perform as a medium to prevent existing data being damaged, lost or overwritten. Meanwhile, it takes you to a list where all synced iTunes backups are shown orderly and facilitates you to selectively get iPhone notes off backup, which, to a large extent, economizes large amounts of time.

Among a wide range of data recovery tools in the market, Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery can perfectly live up to your expectations. Compared to its rivals, it comes with amazing searching and recovering speed. Best of all, not only notes but also more 20 kinds of iOS data, such as photos, reminders, Safari bookmarks, WhatsApp/Viber/Kik messages, contacts, videos, etc. can be supported without hassle.

Key Features of Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery:

Restore iPhone notes securely in different cases

Offer 3 recovery modes: recover from iDevice, iTunes and iCloud backup

Preview 20+ common and encrypted files in real time

Fully compatible with the latest iOS 15 and the newest iOS models

recover iphone data with joyoshare

Method 1. Extract Notes from iTunes Backup

  • Step 1Choose iTunes Recovery Mode in Joyoshare

    Get Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery launched on a computer and navigate to the top menu bar to switch mode to "Recover from iTunes". This program will smartly and automatically bring all local iTunes backups for you.

    choose recover from itunes mode
  • Step 2Scan Notes from iTunes Backup

    Think deeply which backup file you create before keeps the deleted iPhone notes. Afterward, continue to hit the "gear" icon gear icon behind it to select data types. Mark "Notes & Attachments" and click "Scan" button to initiate a scanning task.

    scan itunes backup
  • Step 3Extract Notes from iCloud Backup

    Soon after, Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery will finish scanning iTunes backup and display recoverable notes in your sight. To improve efficiency, you can tick the "Only show the deleted" option and output all items you want with the "Recover" operation.

    recover selected notes to computer

Method 2. Extract Notes from iCloud Backup

Following is what you need to implement to extract the notes you want from the iCloud backup file with ease. Remember the precondition is you've backed up your iPhone to iCloud.

  • Step 1Log into Your iCloud Account

    Launch Joyoshare and connect your iPhone to the computer via a cable. Then, choose the "Recover from the iCloud Backup" option on the screen. Then enter in your iCloud account and password. Take it easy, it will never infringe on your data and privacy.

    how to recover notes from iphone backup
  • Step 2Choose Backup File to Download

    On this page, Joyoshare will start to detect all the backups from your iCloud. You see all your iCloud backup files. You can find the backup file containing the lost notes, choose them and click Download. Click on the Next button to scan those data.

    scan notes from iphone backup
  • Step 3Preview Notes from iCloud Backup

    Time to recover your lost notes. After the scan process is finished, choose the notes you want to recover. Next, simply click the Recover button to see this program shows its magic. Your notes will be back on your computer immediately.

     recover notes from iphone backup

Part 3. Apple's Ways to Extract Notes from iPhone Backup

Way 1. Restore Notes from iTunes Backup to Your Device

iTunes proved to be a great tool for backing up iPhone data, with which Apple users can execute syncing data automatically or manually. Else, iTunes is also developed with an option to "Restore Backup" for you. Next, we are going to show you how to make full use of this function at every step.

restore iphone notes via itunes

Step 1. Run iTunes on your PC or Mac and connect iPhone with the computer via an original USB cable. Click "Trust" on iPhone if it requires you to trust your computer;
Step 2. Once the iPhone is detected, you can click on its device symbol in the upper left corner. Go to "Summary" → "Backups" → "Manually Back Up and Restore" and tap on "Restore Backup". Or you can click "File" → "Devices" → "Restore from Backup" at the top menu bar;
Step 3. You should confirm your "Restore Backup" request in iTunes. Then this program will retrieve a selected backup file for you. Make sure there is a good network connection in the process of restoring.

Way 2. Extract Notes from iCloud Backup to Your Device

Additionally, if you have an iCloud backup on, you can also extract those backups onto your iPhone. In the case of old phones, you will need to erase all data by going to Settings → General → Erase All Contents and Settings → Erase Phone.

The setup assistant will appear once your phone is erased. To restore your phone from an iCloud backup, follow the on-screen instructions and click "Restore from iCloud Backup".

Once your iCloud account is logged in, wait for the process to complete. Afterward, your iPhone will be restarted and your iCloud backup will be accessed.

restore iphone notes via icloud

However, Apple's approach is actually not the ideal way. Apple's way to restore notes works from time to time. In some cases, it may not be accessible, acceptable, or advisable, because you may not manage to recover your contacts successfully via iTunes backup for some unknown errors.

  • The First Reason – As backups grow larger, restore processes take longer, there may be interruptions or crashes that result in data loss during the process, and backups tend to get bigger and larger.
  • The Second Reason – The iTunes backup restoration works, but Apple's way only allows you to restore the entire backup, not a specific part.
  • The Third Reason – Apple iTunes cannot export content on a damaged, lost, or stolen device to your computer, because the backup file format is not readable.
  • This is why we said Apple's method is not the best. Recovery tools for iOS, like Joyoshare, can be very helpful in such cases.

    Part 4. Summary

    The above methods that help you extract notes from iPhone backup already show the power of Joyoshare. It is your best bet to revert almost all data from your device without leaving a single byte of the missing files behind. What's more, you still have another option, which is recover deleted notes from iPhone directly in case you don't have backup files. So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for an efficient and guaranteed tool, go for Joyoshare for your benefit.


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