Q:"My iPhone has been in use for years. It was completely disabled the other day. I think it's thoroughly dead. Even when I charge it, there's no reaction. In fact, I am not going to fix it but need the data inside. Do you have any ideas?" - Kuck

iPhones can cause all sorts of unpredictable problems over time. Sometimes, it is not because of improper operation done by you that data loss happens, just like Kuck's dead iPhone. But it might results in further data damage if you don't adopt reliable methods to recover data from dead iPhone. Wanna avoid such a depressing situation? You are supposed to read on.

Part 1: How to Recover Data from Dead iPhone with Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery

Sincerely, dead iPhone can do nothing for you. The only thing that matters is the data stored in the phone rather than the device itself. Without doubts, you must be very helpless in the face of a dead phone. How about turning to a professional dead iPhone data recovery for assist? Among various options, Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery is surprisingly ideal.

This amazing tool can cure you from different data loss disasters, such as system crash, virus attack, accidental deletion, factory reset, water damaged, device stolen, screen broken, passcode forgotten, upgrade failure, etc. In addition to scan iPhone data directly, it can also be applied to fetch desired data from iTunes or iCloud backup. Best of all, it is capable of supporting up to 20+ kinds of iOS data, like videos, photos, notes, reminders, call history, contacts, WhatsApp/Kik/Viber messages, voicemails, etc. You can even selectively restore data in a flexible manner.

Key Features of Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery:

Include full support to recover more than 20 iOS data types

Execute 3 smart recovery modes with 100% safe guarantee

Preview data (audios/videos/photos/...) in real time

Available for all iOS devices and compatible with the latest iOS version

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