While you're happily fiddling with your new iPhone XR, you suddenly realize the notes that matter are gone. It's a mood-breaker, isn't it? If you're experiencing this kind of data loss for the first time, this article will be your guide. Here, we'll share four worth-learning ways, including the basic and the advanced, to help recover deleted notes from iPhone XR as fully as possible.

Part 1. How to Recover Deleted Notes from iPhone XR - 3 Basic Solutions

The following three methods are the most frequently used and are completely free of charge. You can keep reading to try as top priority.

Solution 1: Recover from Notes App "Recently Deleted"

Just like Photos app, Notes app allows you to revert the deleted notes to the normal folder within 30 days via "Recently Deleted" option. Therefore, you are able to make it on your iPhone XS directly.
recover iphone xr deleted notes from recently deleted
Step 1: Open "Notes" app on your iPhone XR and locate to click "Recently Deleted" section;
Step 2: Go to the top right and press on "Edit";
Step 3: Confirm your wanted notes items, mark them and click "Move To..." option to save on a preferred folder.

Solution 2: Restore from iTunes Backup

iTunes is also a good choice if you don't mind erasing and replacing your iPhone XR's data with backup files. One more thing to note is that it offers no way to only restore your lost notes but take the whole backup data back to the device.
restore backup itunes
Step 1: Run the latest version of iTunes on your desktop and connect iPhone XR;
Step 2: Tap on iPhone device icon after recognition and go to "Summary" - "Backups" - "Manually Back Up and Restore" - "Restore Backup";
Step 3: Choose a backup contained with your deleted notes to "Restore" and keep iPhone XR connected all the time.

Solution 3: Restore from iCloud Backup

With the exception of restoring factory settings to reset iPhone XR and extract iCloud backup data, you can also use the iCloud website online to recover deleted notes. These're the steps.
recover iphone xr notes from icloud
Step 1: Navigate to iCloud.com online official website and log in iCloud account with Apple ID;
Step 2: Find "Notes" to click and check "Recently Deleted" folder;
Step 3: Read all available notes, select them and hit "Recover" button to transfer to iPhone XR.

Part 2. How to Recover Deleted Notes from iPhone XR - Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery

If you fail to find deleted notes from iPhone XR by using the aforesaid common workarounds, we recommend that you take this advanced and professional approach, Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery, a step further. It's powerful enough to help rescue notes on any iDevices, even iPhone XS/11/11 Pro (Max).

Expediently, you are able to take advantage of the real-time preview and selection features to quickly decide which note you desire. In addition, Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery has proven to have a high success rate with other iTunes and iCloud backup recovery modes.

Key Features of Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery:

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iphone notes recovery joyoshare