You will most likely use your Voice Memos app to record something interesting or important on your iPhone and want to transfer them to computer for better management. Or you may sometimes possibly keep meaningful voice memos on your family or friend's iPhone. Whatever the specific situation, you should not miss the useful three methods in this post if you'd like to get voice memos off iPhone without iTunes and copy them to computer by yourself. Hope you can find your own way after reading all mentioned tips below.

Part 1. How to Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone without iTunes - Email

You might as well transfer memos directly to your computer via email sharing. It is a pretty easy method as you can straightly operate on your iPhone without installing other software. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that you have to repeat the same process over and over again to share different voice memos. Therefore, you're suggested to use this solution only when there are a small number of voice memos on iPhone.

Step 1. Open "Voice Memos" app on iPhone and tap on the one you want;

Step 2. Press the "Share" icon and choose to send via email;

Step 3. Type in the email address to send voice memo;

Step 4. Access the email on your computer to download the received voice memo.

Note: You can also click the "AirDrop" icon to download voice memos from iPhone without iTunes to your Mac's downloads folder. Or it's available to share with "Messages".

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