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iOS 13 Data Recovery: Recover Lost Data on iOS Device Quickly

recover data on ios 13

When a new iOS version is released, it's no surprise that many Apple users can't wait to try out the new features and improvements it brings. As the latest version, iOS 13 is no exception. However, after you update, unexpected data loss may occur due to unknown errors, compatibility problems, software glitches, etc. On this occasion, what can you do to recover deleted data on iOS 13 device without wasting a lot of energy? In this article, 3 solutions to rescue lost iOS 13 data are shown completely.

Learn More about iOS 13:

If you're an iOS 13 user, you should know in advance what versions of iOS 13 are available and what devices are compatible with it clearly. This information is important, and it's something you already learn every time you upgrade to a new version.

Developed by Apple Inc.
Initial release September 19, 2019
Versions 13.0, 13.1, 13.1.1, 13.1.2, 13.1.3, 13.2, 13.2.1, 13.2.2, 13.2.3, 13.3, 13.3.1
Compatible devices iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPod Touch (7th generation), HomePod

Brilliant iOS 13 Data Recovery - Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery

Despite the fact that you can retrieve lost or deleted iOS 13 data directly from iTunes and iCloud without utilizing any medium, considering the security and professionalism, a tool that adopts advanced recovery techniques is essential. By all measures, Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery for Windows (or Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery for Mac) is highly recommended. Not only is it extremely compatible to iOS 13, but it also has three modes to recover, a fairly high success rate, fast scan speed and real-time preview.

Recover lost data on iOS 13 from iDevices, iTunes and iCloud backups

Be compatible with all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and iOS versions

Preview recoverable iOS 13 data in real time to better restore in a selective way

Support photos, videos, call logs, Safari history, WhatsApp messages, contacts, notes, etc.

Solution 1. How to Recover Deleted Data on iOS 13 Device Easily

Pay attention to stopping using the iOS 13 device after loss to possibly avoid overwriting the current data. As long as your device can run to work, there is no problem to get deleted data back without backup.

  • Step 1 Connect iOS 13 device to computer

    connect ios 13 device to computer

    Download from the official website to finish a quick installation of Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery. Afterward, get it simply run on the computer and meanwhile connect your iOS 13 device in the default 'Recover from iDevice' mode.

  • Step 2 Scan chosen iOS 13 data

    scan ios 13 data from idevice

    Right away after recognition, this program will show all device info as well as data types in your sight. There are 20+ data in the right section, which are marked by default. You can directly scan them or only select your desired file types to 'Scan'.

  • Step 3 Check, select and recover data from iOS 13 device

    recover ios 13 data from idevice

    Once the relatively fast scan process ends, Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery will place all found iOS 13 data in the results page to let you preview. Browse them in related categories in the left column and then you can handily choose whatever type you need to 'Recover'.

Solution 2. How to Recover Deleted Data on iOS 13 from iTunes Backup

In general, you might think of iTunes' Restore Backups feature the first time you lose data. It's undoubtedly viable. Nevertheless, compared to that, Joyoshare's Restore from iTunes option is more flexible, which allows preview and partial recovery.

  • Step 1 Begin with "Recover from iTunes"

    recover from itunes win

    This time you just have to run Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery on the computer where you sync iOS 13 data to iTunes. Next, change to a new mode 'Recover from iTunes' and continue.

  • Step 2 Start scanning iOS 13 data

    scan ios 13 data itunes backup

    Your local iTunes backup files will be displayed neatly under the second mode you choose. Hereafter, you can check all info, like model, backup date, iOS version, etc. to make sure which one is relevant. Locate on it in the list and hit the gear 'Setting' icon to confirm data types. When all is ready, you can initiate 'Scan'.

  • Step 3 Restore iOS 13 data from iTunes backup

    restore ios 13 data from itunes win

    The data extracted from your required iTunes backup will be shown after scan in corresponding categories. Have a preview in the way you like and head to designated data types to mark items. Lastly, you can click on the 'Recover' option to save on computer.

Solution 3. How to Recover Deleted Data on iOS 13 from iCloud Backup

Hopefully, the iOS 13 data backed up to iCloud account previously can be found and retrieved when data loss happens. The way to recover is also easy and efficient.

  • Step 1 Sign in iCloud account

    sign in icloud win

    Get Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery worked on your desktop and toggle mode to 'Recover from iCloud'. You ought to log in the account with your Apple ID and correct password. If two-factor authentication is enabled, additionally type in the random code to verify as well.

  • Step 2 Download and scan iCloud backup

    The backups linked to your applied iCloud account will be detected and displayed. Choose one to 'Download' and then select data types you wish. Next, press on the 'Scan' button to search iOS 13 data.

    scan donwloaded icloud backup files
  • Step 3 Retrieve iOS 13 data from iCloud backup

    retrieve ios 13 data icloud

    Once the scan gets over, you can preview all synced iOS 13 data. Display them in the way you like, filter out files or make a quick search. You are able to select all to restore or just pick up needed data to 'Recover'.


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