How to Restore KakaoTalk Chat History on iPhone? Fixed!

Q: "Is there any way of how to recover deleted KakaoTalk messages on iPhone? I accidentally deleted my KakaoTalk app. All my chat history and messages in KakaoTalk were lost. I don't know how to get it back. Anyone can help me?" -- from Merrill

how to restore kakaotalk chat history

KakaoTalk, as we all know, is a popular messenger application attracting millions of users around the world. Like the person who seeks help above, you are very likely to use it to chat with friends and relatives every day. Therefore, a lot of memorable records have been stored in your iPhone. But unfortunately, you deleted the important KakaoTalk messages inside your iPhone by accident. Or owing to water damage or system crash, all of your KakaoTalk messages disappeared.

What if you wonder how to recover deleted text messages in KakaoTalk quickly and easily? Any solutions? The answer is certainly yes. In this article, I would like to share two helpful ways for you who have encountered this problem and want to recover it as soon as possible.

Method 1: Restore KakaoTalk Chat History via Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery

As a professional data recovery software, Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery is able to recover deleted KakaoTalk messages in your iPhone. It is also capable of restoring your lost messages in various situations, like accidental deletion, iOS upgrade failure, device damage or stuck, locked or forgotten password, jailbreak failure, etc. As a result, it is still hopeful to get your deleted KakaoTalk chat history back.

Besides, Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery is able to recover over 20 types of files from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, such as missing viber chat history, lost WhatsApp messages, deleted Safari history, etc. Most importantly, three kinds of recovery modes are available, namely "Recover from iDevice", "Recover from iTunes" and "Recover from iCloud". Even if you don't have backup in your iPhone, deleted KakaoTalk chat history can still be recoverd. And since it supports the latest iOS 14, you don't need to worry about whether this software is compatible with your iPhone anymore.

Key Features of Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery:

Able to recover deleted KakaoTalk messages safely and quickly

User-friendly, with clear interface and simple steps to follow

3 recovery modes selected at will

Recover over 20 kinds of lost data

Steps to Recover Deleted KakaoTalk Messages from iPhone

Step 1: Launch Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery first before connecting your iPhone to your computer. And then your iPhone will be automatically detected.

run joyoshare data recovery

Step 2: Move into the software. And then choose the first recovery mode, namely "Recover from iDevice". Once your device is detected, information stored in your device will all be shown on the screen. Then you can click "Scan" button to start to find what chat history has lost.

scan all deleted data stored in iPhone

Step 3: After all KakaoTalk chat history has been displayed, you can click buttons to find what you want exactly. For instance, you are allowed to preview deleted KakaoTalk messages by separating out "Only show the deleted". Or you can look for specific KakaoTalk chat history according to the category. Meanwhile, if you want to find out several specific messages, it is quicker if you type keywords in the search box.

select deleted kakaotalk chat history

Step 4: After you have finished selecting what you do want, please press "Recover" button to start. Wait for a while patiently, your selected KakaoTalk messages will get back soon.

recover kakaotalk chat history

Since Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery has three different recovery modes. Therefore, you can recover your data from iPhone, iTunes and iCloud.

Steps to Restore KakaoTalk Chat History from iTunes Backup

If you like to backup KakaoTalk chat history regularly in your iTunes, then it is of great help to extract your iTunes backup via Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery. Steps are in the following.

Step 1: Connect iPhone to your computer and choose "Recover from iTunes" on the top window. Then Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery will scan all iTunes backup files and show them on the screen. And click the "Gear" icon and confirm what files you want to get back. Notice if your messages are encrypted, you should enter the password to decrypt. Otherwise, you can't recover deleted KakaoTalk messages.

choose recover from itunes mode

Step 2: Next select deleted KakaoTalk messages that you want to restore and press "Scan" button. Wait for a while until all iTunes backup is extracted.

scan kakaotalk messages in itunes

Step 3: After selecting what you want, you can preview and start to restore the deleted KakaoTalk chat history. Just click "Recover" button. Again, you are allowed to recover your deleted KakaoTalk messages fully or selectively.

recover deleted kakaotalk chat history via itunes

Steps to Recover Deleted KakaoTalk Messages from iCloud

If you still wonder how to recover deleted KakaoTalk messages via iCloud, then there is one question for you. Have you ever backuped KakaoTalk chat history in your iCloud time to time? If the answer is yes, then it can be fully used now. You can download the specific backup in iCloud via Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery to get deleted KakaoTalk messages back.

Step 1: First you need to launch Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery and select the recovery mode "Recover from iCloud". Then you are supposed to log in iCloud account.

log in iCloud account to recover kakaotalk messages

Step 2: Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery will show you all iCloud backup files, just choose what you want to recover by clicking "Scan" button and then tap on "Download" button. In this process, you can restore deleted KakaoTalk chat history selectively or select them all by one-click "Select all".

scan and download deleted kakaotalk messages

Step 3: It's time to preview KakaoTalk chat history in your iCloud account. Just select what you want to recover and click "Recover" button.

recover kakaotalk chat history from icloud

Method 2: Official Method to Restore KakaoTalk Chat History

Apart from solutions via Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery, in KakaoTalk, recovering deleted messages can also be realized through an official way to get your deleted messages back. Before the instructions, you must notice that this kind of method only works when you have chat history backup in KakaoTalk app. If you have backuped, then you can come to the detailed guide in the following.

Step 1: You should log in your KakaoTalk account and have your number verified so as to recover your backup messages. If you don't comply with the rule, it is very likely that you are regarded as a new member. Therefore, all of your backup messages will be deleted completely;

Step 2: Since KakaoTalk cloud server has a backup of your message history, you just need to enter your profile information and check the OS information to backup your messages. Then, click "restore" button to begin to recover your deleted messages;

Step 3: You should enter your password that you set up before to encrypt your backup messages. But if you forget the password unluckily, then you can't recover the backup message history anymore. Thus, you'd better write it down to make sure you have no chance to forget it;

Step 4: It will take a few minutes to restore deleted KakaoTalk messages. Just wait patiently before it is completed. After the restoring is finished, choose the option "Get Started". In doing so, you are able to chat on KakaoTalk once more.

Extra Tip: How to Backup KakaoTalk Messages

To avoid any accidental deletion and lost or stolen iPhone, it is of great necessity to backup KakaoTalk chat history. Below is a step-by-step guide to backup important messages. Before the steps, please notice that do not install any applications during the process of KakaoTalk messages backup and it is better if you are connected to WiFi.

Step 1: You need to open your KakaoTalk app first, and then move to "More" > "Settings" > "Chats" > "Chat Backup" in order;

Step 2: Second, please tap on "Chat Backup" once more;

Step 3: Please set your password so that the messages can be encrypted. Do remember your password. Otherwise, you can't get your messages backup back anymore;

Step 4: Wait patiently for several minutes before the backup is finished. Don't forget to save your backup data before the expiry date.


Above are both convenient ways about how to restore KakaoTalk chat history. If you have backup in your iTunes or iCloud, or you forget to backup on iPhone, then Joyoshare iPhone data recovery is a great choice. But if you just backup on KakaoTalk app, then the official method is more suitable. Or if you are available, why not try both of them to compare which one is better. Comment below if you have other excellent recommendations.


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