How to Fix and Recover When iPhone Notes Disappeared

Q:"All my notes disappeared on my iPhone from Notes app. I need to retrieve the lost notes. Please help!" - Tracy from Google Community

Are you wondering why your iPhone notes disappeared strangely? Like Tracy, you may want to restore these lost notes right away, but you don't know where they go or which way you can turn to. Don't make yourself afraid the next time you take notes. Calm down and see what solutions are available. We've got 5 tips in this article and offer full guides for reference.

Part 1: Fix Notes Disappeared from iPhone - Email Settings

Have you used a 3rd-party account or email service to store and sync your notes, such as Yahoo, Gmail, etc.? If so, you are suggested to get disappeared notes back via checking account settings.

passwords accounts email account

Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone and go for "Passwords & Accounts";

Step 2: Touch on each account there or add another mail provider you've used to check;

Step 3: Turn on "Notes" for each one, go back to Notes app to refresh and check whether the disappeared notes are restored.

Part 2: Fix Notes Disappeared from iPhone - Recently Deleted

Are your notes synced and stored to iCloud? In fact, the lost notes are available for 30 days or up to 40 days on the "Recently Deleted" folder. They will be removed and deleted permanently after that specific time. Hence, before the automatic cleanup, check with the following steps.

recover deleted notes recently deleted

Step 1: Run Notes app on iPhone and press "Folders" > "Recently Deleted";

Step 2: Click on "Edit" to choose your deleted or disappeared notes;

Step 3: Tap "Move To..." to designate a folder you'd like to save it.

As we mentioned in the first part, you are able to store notes on another account or service. In this case, your deleted notes will be kept in Trash folder. Similarly, you should have a look at the Trash folder in your Mail app and copy & paste it to a created new note.

Part 3: Fix Notes Disappeared from iPhone - iTunes

Are there any accessible backups in iTunes that you can get disappeared iPhone notes from? Actually, it is easy to be done and is proven to be a common workable solution. Therefore, you can operate here.

restore backup itunes

Step 1: Connect your iPhone after launch iTunes/Finder on computer;

Step 2: Tap the iPhone icon and move toward "Backups" > "Restore Backup...";

Step 3: Choose one backup that contains your missing notes and hit "Restore" to wait for its completion.

Part 4: Fix Notes Disappeared from iPhone - iCloud

Likewise, iCloud can help create a backup if you enable "iCloud Backup" option on iPhone. This makes it possible to retrieve disappeared notes from iPhone by utilizing iCloud backups.

restore from icloud backup

Step 1: Reset your iPhone to factory settings by pressing "Erase all content and settings" under "Settings" > "General";

Step 2: Reset the phone according to the directions and stop until you see "Apps & Data" screen;

Step 3: Click on Restore from iCloud Backup to sign in account;

Step 4: Specify a backup to restore and confirm the operation to wait.

Part 5. Recover iPhone Disappeared Notes - No Data Damage

Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery, a trusted tool here, is able to recover what no longer exists on your iPhone but isn't overwritten yet. Adopted the cutting-edge data recovery technology, it can also restore from iTunes or iCloud backups without affecting the current files.

There are full compatible devices to scan data from, even the newest iPhone XS/XR/11/11 Pro (Max). Better still, Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery is completely applicable no matter what situation your notes are disappeared in, like iOS update, jailbreak, virus attack, water damaged, etc.

Key Features of Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery:

Recover deleted notes from iPhone no data erasing or overwriting

View, decrypt and restore from iCloud/iTunes backups

Amazing compatibility to iOS 13 and iPhone 11/11 Pro (Max)

Fast scan speed, selective recovery and high success rate

Cover 20+ iOS data: videos, pictures, WhatsApp, call logs, etc.

joyoshare iphone notes recovery

Step 1. Install and start the program after downloading. You'll see three recovery modes out there, "Recover from iDevice", "Recover from iTunes" and "Recover from iCloud". To find your disappeared notes from iPhone, you can select the default "Recover from iDevice" and connect the phone.

recover from idevice mode

Step 2. The iPhone you plug into your computer will be detected, along with the data saved in it. Now, unmark all file types and only choose "Notes & Attachments" to have a quick "Scan".

scan disappeared notes iphone

Step 3. After the scan, both disappeared and existing notes from iPhone will be shown under Personal Info section. Go to preview them in relevant category and tick items you really need. Next, click on the "Recover" option to get notes off and save on your computer's local folder.

recover iphone disappeared notes


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