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Professional Guide: How to Crop FLV File

There are many situations where you need to crop FLV file. Maybe you just feel like deleting something redundant from the FLV video. Also possibly, you are required to crop an FLV video so as to make it fit a social media platform or crop it to highlight a specific part. No matter what purpose you hold, this article can give you a leg up, as an easy-to-use yet first-rank FLV cropping tool is recommended in it.

Part 1. Something about FLV Format

Get a simple recognition and understanding of FLV format before discussing how to crop FLV file with Joyoshare FLV cropper. FLV, the abbreviation of Flash Video (Animate Video) is commonly used as the format of internet streaming videos, like YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, Hulu, etc. Basically, an FLV file contains a header, interleaved audio, video, and metadata packets. If you have downloaded a video file with .flv extension and want to play it, it is suggested that you use VLC, Winamp, MPC-HC, or other media players that are compatible with FLV format, free JoyoPlayer, for one.

Part 2. Top Video Cropper - Joyoshare Media Cutter

To crop FLV file in a professional manner, a robust FLV video cropper like Joyoshare Media Cutter is indispensable. As an all-featured video cropper with broad compatibility, besides cropping videos with the format of FLV, MOV, MP4, MKV, VOB, WMV, ASF, H.264, OGV, and many others, it also has a knack for trimming, splitting, converting, and even merging media files. Attractively, it is provided with advanced editing options, like embedding image and text watermarks, adding special effects, adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation and hue, etc.

Key Features of Joyoshare Media Cutter:

  • Crop, trim, cut FLV video in lossless quality at 60X speed
  • Support multiple media file formats and device-compatible formats
  • Enable to customize video parameters and extract audio from any video file
  • Gather the function of cropping, trimming, editing, converting, and merging together

Part 3. How to Crop FLV File by Joyoshare Media Cutter

  • Step 1 Upload FLV file to Joyoshare Media Cutter

    Make sure that the latest version of Joyosgare Media Cutter has been downloaded and installed on your PC or Mac. Then, go to import the FLV video by either dragging and dropping or choosing from local file folder with "Open" icon.

    add flv video to joyoshare media cutter
  • Step 2 Simply choose encoding mode

    Afterward, go for the format interface with the "Format" button. Then, opt for "Encoding mode" and select any desired output format under "General Video". Also, you could click a gear icon to customize codec, resolution, bit rate, frame rate. On completion of format settings, touch "OK" to proceed.

    choose encoding mode and desired output format
  • Step 3 Crop FLV video

    Back to the main interface and hit on the "Edit" edit icon icon to enter the editing window. On it, please navigate to "Adjust" - "Crop Area Size" to set up width and height to crop or manually move the white frame line to crop your FLV video. If you intend to edit the FLV file with additional elements, do it in your own way after cropping.

    crop flv file
  • Step 4 Save cropped FLV video

    Remember to preview the cropped FLV video. If you are pleased with it, lastly tap on "Start" to output it. You can easily manage it with the "Open The Output Folder" button next to this segment list icon icon.


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