Editing an MP3 file is always necessary. For instance, shortening a song to create a ringtone for Android or other mobile phones; cut the large MP3 files to save space on your computer or share it to the social media with friends or family; add special sound effect to enhance original MP3 clips if you are a music enthusiast, etc.

No matter what reason it is, if you want to edit MP3 music files or other audio files, you need a reliable MP3 editor, whether it is web-based or 3-party audio editing program. Now we will show you 2 simple methods to edit MP3 online or offline in just a couple of clicks.

Part 1 Edit MP3 Files with Best MP3 Editor - Joyoshare Media Cutter

Joyoshare Media Cutter for Windows (or Joyoshare Media Cutter for Mac) is not only a video cutter editor, but also a simple-to-use yet wonderful audio cutter joiner and editor. With the program, you can easily trim your MP3 files into segments, and merge plenty of audio clips together without losing any quality at a lightning fast speed. Alternatively, you're able to adjust the volume and weighting of audio file, insert a new audio clips to your MP3 files, add special voice effects to make your audio fantastic, and so on.

Besides MP3 formats, Joyoshare Media Cutter supports a wide range of other audio file formats including WMA, AAC, M4A, OGG, AIFF, RA, M4B, WAV, APE, FLAC, M4P, M4R, MP2, MPA, AC3, MKA, RAM, AA, AAX, etc. You're also allowed to export your polished audio file onto many various popular portable devices like iPhones, Android phones, Windows Phones, smart TVs, etc, in other audio format like WAV, APE, FLAC, and many more.

Why Choose Joyoshare MP3 Editor:

Cu, trim and join MP3 and other audio files fast and losslessly

Contain many other audio editing tools

Support plenty of audio file formats and devices

Real-time pre-hear before you make any change

Available for both Mac and Microsoft Windows

Step 1 Launch Joyoshare and add MP3 file

joyoshare media cutter main screen
After download and install Joyoshare Media Cutter on your computer, you can start to edit MP3 files now. Launch the program and import the MP3 file you want to edit by clicking the "Open" button or just drag and drop it to Joyoshare.

Step 2 Cut and join MP3 clips

cut and merge in Joyoshare
If you only want to do the basic editing such as cutting, trimming and merging, Joyoshare will help you realize it quickly without any quality damage.
Click the "+" button to add more original clips. Let's just say, if you want three important parts of the audio file, you need to click "+" button for three times. Drag the yellow sliders to determine the parts you want to keep or accurately enter the start point and end point in millisecond-precision level. Do the same operation for another two parts.
After finishing trimming, tick the "Merge Segments" option to prepare for combining these audio clips together.

Step 3 Add more edits on MP3 file (Optional)

edit audio with joyoshare
If you want to do more advanced edits for your MP3 music file, you can click the edit icon edit icon beside the clip and then a new window pops up. Hit the "Audio" tab on the menu bar, you are now freely to adjust the volume and weighting of the audio source to a suitable degree; add one special audio effect to improve the file; or even incorporate a new audio file into it by browsing the local folder, especially in some sound recording cases. Then click the "OK" button and close the window.

Step 4 Choose an output mode and save it

output formats
If you only split and combine audio clips, you can select the "High-speed mode" by clicking the "Format" button, which allows you to cut and convert MP3 files losslessly and fast.
Otherwise, please choose the "Encoding mode" and opt for a suitable output device as well. Click the gear icon gear icon on the top right corner to change the codec, channel, sample rate and bit rate if necessary.
Then click the "Start" button to begin to trim and convert your audio. After a while, your polished MP3 file will be saved on the hard drive of your computer. You can click the destination folder converted files to get it.

Video Tutorial - How to Edit MP3 Files with Joyoshare Media Cutter for Windows