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Remove Watermark from Photo in 13 Solutions

You will come across different photos that you like to save from a website. However, these images have watermarks. In this topic, you will be studying the different ways to remove watermark from photo. Most of the discussed programs in this article are free and have a simple process to remove a watermark. In other words, once you finish reading till the end, you can choose the one that fits your requirement and begin converting watermarked photos to the desired output.

remove watermark from photo

Part 1. Joyoshare VidiKit

Joyoshare VidiKit, a brilliant watermark remover, provides multiple functions for you to remove watermark from images and videos as you want. It allows you to designate an area where a watermark locates via many solutions like freehand selection, making rectangle selection, polygon selection and using a pen to customize area. Also, you can save your completed photo to various formats, including TIFF, JPG, PNG, WEBP and many more.

Key Features of Joyoshare VidiKit
joyoshare vidikit
  • Best watermark remover on Windows and macOS
  • Remove watermark from photo and video in batch
  • Support multiple watermark like JPG, PNG, TIFF, WEBP, GIF and BMP
  • Provide various functions to highlight watermark
  • Offer compare tool to find all changes
  • Step 1Run Joyoshare VidiKit and Add Photo

    Download and install Joyoshare VidiKit from your search engine and you can go through its advantages on its official website. Activate this program and select Repair > Watermark Wizard > Remove watermark from image to get the following image. To add your photo, you can click Add Files or drag and drop it into this program.

    run joyoshare vidikit
  • Step 2Highlight Watermark to Remove from Photo

    In the menu bar, there are several tools provided for you to designate watermark area, including Rectangle Selection, Freehand Selection, Polygon Selection, and Pen. The Eraser button enables you to erase unwanted area. Click the Apply button in the upper right corner to start the watermark removal when you are ready, then it will detect and get rid of the watermark automatically.

    select watermark area
  • Step 3Save Files

    This tool also allows you to find all changes using its Compare button in the lower right corner. Click Format to customize output format and hit the Output button to change the output location. Hit the blue Output sign to save your photo if you are satisfied with your completed files. Click the folder-shaped icon to locate your clean and refined photo.

Part 2. Wondershare Fotophire

If you wonder how to remove watermark from photo, then Wondershare Fotophire is here for the rescue. This all-in-one photo editor helps you get professional photos in a few simple clicks.

wondershare fotophire
Wide-format support
Before and after views
Tone curve
Filters and effects
The free version leaves watermarks
It might seem a little expensive for regular users
Only available for Windows
Step 1: Press the upload image button to select the picture from which you like to remove the watermark.
Step 2: Select unwanted objects. Brush them and press the Remove Objects button.
Step 3: You can download the new image that does not has the watermark.

Part 3. Photoupz

Photoupz is an amazing retouching image software. You can use Photoupz to remove watermark from photo online with a few simple clicks. Additionally, you can use it to repair the images, erase unwanted data, objects, and others from a picture.

Simple to use
No prior experience required
High-quality results due to inpainting algorithms
Personal or business license
Erase watermarks easily
Enhancing process is weak
Difficult to remove undesired objects at times
Slow processing
Step 1: Drag and drop the watermarked image.
Step 2: Mark the pixels that require reconstruction.
Step 3: Fix the imperfect results. You will have to repeat the reconstruction process depending on the results.

Part 4. Photo Stamp Remover

You can remove watermark from image using SoftOrbits watermark remover software. This software helps remove watermarks, people, date stamps, and much more. It uses surrounding pixels to remove the marked pixels. It will blend the region as if there was no watermark.

photo stamp remover
Remove transparent watermark
Smart filling of deleted area
Remove watermark automatically
Save watermark mask
Add own watermark for the output
The license cost is high
You cannot learn a few features without a tutorial
Step 1: Upload the image into the watermark remover tool.
Step 2: Use the marker to highlight the watermark.
Step 3: Click the remove button to remove the watermark.

Part 5. Fix the Photo Watermark Remover Online

With the help of Fix the Photo Watermark Remover Online, you will have the easiest answer to how to remove a watermark from a photo. The software is an online tool, which makes it accessible from anywhere. There are different options provided by the tool that helps create a perfect image.

fix the photo watermark remover online
Advanced features for photographers
Professional color grading
Advanced layers
Helpful textures, plug-ins, filters, and overlays
Support drawing tablets
Complicated at times
batch work possible
Step 1: Upload the image on the website.
Step 2: Select the appropriate editing tools.
Step 3: Use the tool across the watermarked region.
Step 4: Start the watermark removal process.

Part 6. Apowersoft Watermark Remover

If you wish to remove watermark from photo free without spending a fortune, then Apowersoft Watermark Remover is a good choice. It will help you remove unwanted text and images from an image. You can also batch process at once.

apowersoft watermark remover
It supports different file formats
It has a user-friendly interface
No prior photo editing experience required
Batch processing of watermark removing is available
You must purchase a license
It has limited editing options
Step 1: Add image to the watermark remover tool.
Step 2: Choose regular for files from computer and AI watermark removal for cloud.
Step 3: Use marquee, polygonal, or brush tool to mark the watermark.
Step 4: Click the red X mark to remove the watermark from the image.

Part 7. GIMP

GIMP is an open-source image editor. You can use the software to remove watermark from images in a few simple steps. It is a cross-platform program to which you can change the source code and redistribute the same.

It is open source
You can make changes to source code
User-friendly interface
Have different editing tools
Not expensive
No built-in tutorials
Few features are difficult for beginners
Step 1: Add image to the interface.
Step 2: Use the clone tool.
Step 3: Select a similar region or the watermarked area.
Step 4: Start painting.

Part 8. Inpaint

This image watermark remover online free is an excellent tool to eliminate unwanted objects and text from an image. Inpaint is a simple program and helps in removing watermarks in a few simple steps.

It is easy to use
You can like multiple things at a time
Low cost for a lifetime license
No additional features besides removing objects
It fails to work with complex backgrounds
You cannot edit images in batches
Step 1: Upload the image.
Step 2: Select the watermark area, text, or object.
Step 3: You can select multiple things at a time.
Step 4: Click the red button to remove the selected objects.

Part 9. Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover Online

How to remove watermark from image? If you are searching for the answer, you are at the right place. Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover Online tool gives you the freedom to erase unwanted objects from your pictures.

aiseesoft free watermark remover online
Maintain original quality of the image
Have good editing features
You can erase multiple watermarks
Support different file formats
Do not store the image on the server
Fail to work multiple editing
Do not deliver good results with multiple watermarks
Step 1: Browse and upload the photo with a watermark.
Step 2: Mark the area that you want to remove.
Step 3: Remove the watermark by pressing the erase button.
Step 4: Save the file to your computer.

Part 10. Watermark Remover

You can remove watermark from image online by using Watermark Remover tool. It is free and a simple-to-use program. You must upload, select the unwanted object/text, and delete the same. You can then save the image.

watermark remover
You can remove unwanted elements from images
Support all file formats
Perform batch work
Save files in high-quality
You can further revert to the original format
Fail to process for complex backgrounds
Slow processing
Good internet speed is essential
Step 1: Click Click or Drag & Drop Images Here to select the picture.
Step 2: Use the market to highlight the area that you want to remove.
Step 3: Press the "Run" button to remove the selected region.

Part 11. Photoshop

How to remove watermark from photo online? If you need an answer, then Photoshop could be a good answer. It provides different options to remove watermarks from images.

It has numerous editing options
Business quality results
Benefits for batch production
Generate high-end graphics
Can use readily available templates
Not suitable for beginners
Less support for vector graphics
Step 1: You can upload the image to the software.
Step 2: Use marquee tool or background editor to remove the watermark layer.
Step 3: Save the file in the required format.

Part 12. Pixlr

The answer to how to remove watermark from images is by using Pixlr. This online tool helps you remove unwanted objects, texts, and backgrounds from your pictures. You can use other features provided by the program to enhance the output of the images.

User-friendly interface
Several useful features
Good customer support
Value for money
Not suitable for beginners
Expensive for personal editing
Step 1: Upload picture for which you want to remove watermarks.
Step 2: The Pixlr AI tool senses the unwanted objects automatically.
Step 3: Remove the watermark at the click of the button.

Part 13. Photofunny

With Photofunny, an image watermark remover, you can easily edit all your pictures with watermarks. This program helps you remove the unwanted content in a few simple steps. It is also useful for batch editing, making all your images free from the watermark.

Easy to use
Simple interface
Useful features and editing options
Recognize multiple file formats
Benefits for batch quantity editing
Slow processing
Fail to edit images with complex background
Step 1: Upload the photo online.
Step 2: Select the watermark you want to remove.
Step 3: Save the image on the desktop in the required file format.


Photo watermark removal is an excellent tool to remove watermark from photo. The thirteen ways mentioned above are the different ways you can remove watermarks from your images. Each of the programs that you have come across here has both advantages and disadvantages. The selection of the software depends on your requirement - personal or professional. Irrespective of what you have selected, it is possible to erase the watermark of any size and shape. A few of the programs enable you to make changes to selective areas and remove unwanted people and objects without compromising the image's original quality.


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