Best Methods to Record Audio from Computer Windows 10

When browsing through the Internet, watching videos or listening to the podcast, every Windows user has stumbled upon some music or lines that worth saving as an offline recording. While most PCs have a built-in recorder to record the sound from the microphone, many users may not know how to record computer audio on Windows 10. Therefore, we have concluded the 2 best ways to record audio from computer Windows 10 with high-quality and various formats in order to help those in need.

Part 1. Windows 10 Record Audio from Computer with Joyoshare Audio Recorder

Joyoshare Audio Recorder is a mighty audio recorder that is able to record sound from the computer, the microphone, the speaker or other audio devices connected to the computer. The recording is of excellent quality, and can be saved in more than a dozen formats, including MP3, AAC, AC3, AIFF, ALAC, APE, AU, CAF, FLAC, M4A, M4B, M4R, MKA, OGG, WAV, WMA.

It has a multi-functional audio editor that is able to trim the recordings, edit their sound effects and ID3 tags. In addition, the ID3 tags will be matched by the program if you record music playing on the computer. The automatic split of the recordings will increase the recording efficiency dramatically.

Key Features of Joyoshare Audio Recorder:

16 audio formats available

Powerful audio editor with multiple functions

Record high-quality audio from computer Windows 10

Automatically split the recordings

  • Step 1 Launch Joyoshare Audio Recorder

    Download Joyoshare Audio Recorder from the links above and run it. In the main interface, press the input source icon to the left of the Start Recording button, and set System Audio as the input source. In this way, Joyoshare Audio Recorder will record the system sound from the computer.

    main screen
  • Step 2Set the output settings

    Click on the record format icon to open the Format menu. Here you can adjust the format, codec, channel, bit rate and sample rate of the final recordings. If you do not know the jargon very well, you can simply choose High Quality or Small Size in the Preset option. The rest options will be automatically changed in accordance with the Preset. Next, click on the Preferences icon in the upper right corner to open the Preferences menu. Here you can choose the folder you would the recordings to be saved.

    In addition, the automatic split function can be turned on in the Preferences menu. After you open the menu, go to the Convert column and tick the box under the "Split the Recordings Individually", then set the time to at least 2000 milliseconds. Next, tick the Recording Is Silent option under the "Delete Recordings Automatically". What we just do is make Joyoshare Audio Recorder split the tracks when it detects silence of over 2 seconds. The time can be changed according to your own needs.

    output settings
  • Step 3Record audio from computer Windows 10

    Now, prepare the audio you want to record first, but don't play it yet. Press the Start Recording button and then play the audio. Now Joyoshare Audio Recorder will start recording the audio. If you need to record multiple audios, it would be better to play them one by one in a playlist, which would be more convenient. After all the audios finished, press the Stop Recording button to stop the recording process. The recordings can be found in the folder you previously choose in the Preferences menu.

    record sound from computer windows 10
  • Step 4Edit the recorded computer audios

    Tap the edit audio icon beside each track to launch the audio editor. With this tool, you can to trim the tracks, adjust the equalizer and add sound effects, making the music more enjoyable. Additionally, you can edit the tags on your own.

    edit audio from the computer

Part 2. How to Capture Audio from Computer Windows 10 with Freeware

This freeware we are going to use is Audacity, a time-honored brand. It would be a perfect audio toolkit if you are willing to invest time and effort in learning how to use it. Audacity is able to switch recordings from the microphone to the sound card, and then save it to some common formats. Its compatibility surpasses other freeware in that you can use this software on Windows, Mac or Linux. Follow the tutorial below to record internal Windows 10 audio with Audacity.

  • Step 1

    Search "Audacity" in Google, then download and install this software from its official site.

  • Step 2

    Launch Audacity. Click the audio host menu, which locates in the upper-left of the main interface and usually has MME chosen by default. Select Windows WASAPI in the menu, because this option sets Audacity to record sound from other programs on the computer.

  • Step 3

    Move the mouse from the Windows WASAPI box to the right, skip the microphone icon, and open the audio input menu. Click Speakers (loopback) or Headphones (loopback), so that Audacity will capture your computer's internal audio instead of external audio.

  • Step 4

    Tap on the recording button to start recording. When finished, tap the same button to stop recording.


These two audio recorders introduced above are both capable enough for you to spend time or even money on them. While Joyoshare provides you with more functions to explore and a perfect learing curve, Audacity still ranks the top among recording freeware. Nevertheless, which one would be the better choice is totally up to you to decide.


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